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    Presenting, an alternative to 'The PERFECT Spreadsheet Format'.

    Updated 2017: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1eO3O0PweopNQ1KOonnUa5ZxWadzqK_71j1QVleCmG7s/edit?usp=sharing

    I actually like that old spreadsheet format. But now I've decided what matters for me is time duration: reducing the time wasted on porn. Not the number of discrete 'times' I PMO'd. I don't so much care how many orgasms I had. A long binge is worse than a very brief PM session, and I want my tracking to reflect that.

    So I've made something to help me. I'm sharing it with all y'all. This spreadsheet is for tracking time spent on porn.


    Click in the top menu bar: 'File' -> 'Make a Copy' -- or 'Download as'.

    That's time spent engaging with porn in any way. Watching videos, reading escort ads or reviews, searching for porn or porn-related info online, sorting through porn files, or tidying up a magazine or VHS collection.

    Say, in a moment of weakness you 'peek' at listings on a tube site for 5 minutes. That's about 0.083 hours. Put it on your sheet. Don't fret about whether it 'counts' as a full 'unit' of porn. Don't debate about whether or not to reset some counter. If you wanna go actually watch one for 5 more minutes and finish, it's your choice, dude. That comes to 10 minutes, or 0.167 hours. Put it on your sheet. Binged for 2 hours on Saturday night? Put it on your sheet. (Maybe you want to plan ahead, and put some (hopefully short) time down in advance. Then when it comes to it... either leave it there or delete it, up to you.)



    Here, I've got 15 minutes on Tuesday. And a whole hour on Friday. The 4th column shows that week's total. That's shown every Sunday (or the last day of the year).

    The weekly count interval is important. We all live on a weekly cycle. Comparing your progress week by week makes more sense than doing that monthly. You can probably actually remember the past 7 days. So take some weekly time to evaluate. Is progress up or down, how have you felt day to day, how successful have you been in the task of continuous improvement in all areas of life?

    Maybe use the 5th column as a journal!

    Right at the bottom, is a yearly total.

    Here's the code I wrote to generate the sheet:

    Save the output as a .csv file, then import that into Google Drive or your spreadsheet program of choice.

    This might replace some other tracking method. But it doesn't have everything you might want. No orgasm counting. Nothing here to track masturbation time separately. No keeping track of 'streaks'. I don't intend to add any of that.

    I'm actually going to use this in addition to my PERFECT format sheet. At least, until next year.

    Feedback appreciated. Please tell me if you find any bugs. Feel free to improve it, make a version with tons more features if you like...
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    I stopped using the 'traditional' spreadsheet. I think this alternative is better, so I don't need the other one any more.

    As for my personal progress... recently, it's been okay. Clean for 3+ days. But there have been low points in the recent past.

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    Can you make a 2017 version
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    I can definitely relate to this. I've also thought that time duration is important, and weekly tracking is more important than monthly.
    thanks for sharing
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    How do you measure time you spent watching porn? It's very important issue, considering your method of tracking.
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    Dear NewTerritories...
    Real good effort. You are an example of my claim that many PMOers are achievers and confident people whose values are hijacked by the peddlers of PMO.
    In my hackbook I talk about this time wasting on PMO..
    I request if you are reading the hackbook to only go chapter by chapter and not to jump. The numbers to unlock the combo should be used in sequence.
    I wish you well on your journey...
    An excerpt..
    ... If I had attacked him instead on health grounds or on the social stigma, he would feel at a disadvantage, which will trigger resistance from him. But on time….

    --' Oh, I can afford it. It is only x hours per week and I think it is worth it. It is my only vice or pleasure,' etc.

    --’I still cannot believe you are not worried about the time spent. Say at a minimum half an hour a day on an average including the physical ‘drain’ time of dopamine withdrawals, you are spending approximately one full working day of 8 hrs every fortnight. So in a year that will add up to a working month. Have you thought about how much time you are going to spend in your lifetime ? What are you doing with that time ? You are not even developing real relationships and not even virtual one with the porn stars for that matter - you are throwing it away!!!. Not only that, you are actually using that time to ruin your physical health, to destroy your nerves and confidence, to suffer a lifetime of slavery, a lifetime of pain, stress, melancholy and peevishness. Surely that must worry you?'

    It is apparent at this point, particularly with younger PMOers, that they have never considered it a lifetime habit. Occasionally we work out what we waste in a week, and that is alarming. Very occasionally (and only when we think about stopping) we estimate what we spend in a year and that is frightening, but over a lifetime it is unthinkable. However, because it is an argument the confirmed PMOer will say, 'I can afford it. It is only so much a week.'
    He does an 'encyclopedia salesman' on himself.

    Will you refuse a job offer which pays you your current annual salary and also gives you a month off every year ? Any PMOer would sign up for this job offer and would get busy finding vacation deals to exotic places. How to spend one full month with no work would be the biggest problem now that he has to solve.

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