Weekly Challenge (Week 4) (16-01-17 -- 22-01-17) (Sign Up for Support/Encouragement)

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by NatureHeals, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    Monthly Challenges are to long imo.
    I'm setting up weekly challenges.
    This is week 4 out of 52 weeks in the year

    This is the format of my weekly challenges.
    well its more like weekly targets
    you post on this thread a target of what you want
    e.g. no PMO
    <2 PMO
    <3 MO
    no shemale porn but softcore
    no hardcore porn but only softcore

    and tell my how many pmo you've done this week

    There are no failures just passes. If you pass a weekly you get 1 weekly pass badge that I will write in the next weeks challenge. The goal is to monitor your progress week by week, much more manageable than a month.
    You set your goal, and try to achieve same goal next week or better it. Lets take each week at a time and never give up.

    Please leave your target if you want to join the weekly challenge (4)

    NatureHeals - Target (no pmo rest of week) Amount of PMO this week (0)
    RestlessVoice (1 weekly badge)- Target (no P M.O or M.O & more karezza with my S.O) Amount of PMO this week (0)
    NewTerritories - Target (<5 hours no pmo) Amount of PMO this week (0 so far)
    niskanen91 - Target (no pmo rest of week) Amount of PMO this week (0)
    Wabi-sabi - Target (no sexual fantasy)
    TheLongWalk - Target (No PMO, No peeking)
    Hope2Overcome - Target - NO MO

    Previous week (3) badges

    Congratulations to Restless voice for passing the challenge the previous week you have earned a weekly badge
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  2. NewTerritories

    NewTerritories virtual

    My target for this week is: make it better than last week.

    And use the weekend purposefully. Plan something productive in advance. Use free time for reading my paper books, nonfiction and classics.
  3. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    I initially was going to write down that I need a target related to some sexual addiction like porn or masturbation but then released that Im taking a passive approach to beating this whereas your taking an active approach and looking at the bigger picture, nice!
    But if you want to take part on the challenge I would still need something related to either pmo or mo or whatver
  4. NewTerritories

    NewTerritories virtual

    Ok, I'm spending less than 5 hours on PMO.
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  5. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    I'm in, my goal is no PMO. I didn't PMO this week at all.
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  6. Wabi-sabi

    Wabi-sabi Imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete

    No fear. No hiding. No procrastination.
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  7. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    Welcome and added. Work hard and resist the urges.
  8. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    Welcome and added. Work hard and resist the urges.
  9. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    awesome dude! but I will need a goal related to pmo or any sexual addictions to put you on the weekly challenge :)
  10. Wabi-sabi

    Wabi-sabi Imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete

    So I can't have win the lottery and move to Hawaii as goal?

    OK, then, I'll have no sexual fantasy.
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  11. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    only if you get me a ticket to once you win the lottery LOL
    Welcome and added. Work hard and resist the urges. (not that you need the motivation, 176 days is awesome!)
  12. FreakyButPractical

    FreakyButPractical it isn't personal

    Thanks for my badge :D Does it look anything like that emoji?!

    Anyway I've entered week 4 with renewed confidence and the targets of
    no P M.O or M.O & more karezza with my S.O.
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  13. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    you should be thanking yourself for being strong. :)

    Really good to see everyone not just focusing on beating the addiction but forming a new fulfilling life. your giving me the push I need :)
    I've added your targets on first post.
    work hard and resist the urges.
  14. TheLongWalk

    TheLongWalk Guest

    Count me in. Target: No PMO and very important no peeking because it always leads to relapses.
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  15. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    Welcome and added. Work hard and resist the urges.
    I agree, keep a strict control of what you feed your brain especially early on in your reboot :)
  16. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    Challengers what are your thoughts?

    I'm not sure of adding it this week but I've thought of a scale to measure your progress

    Each week you achieve your taget and pass the challenge you will get 1 point
    You will lose half a point if you trip over just once in the week
    You will lose a full point if you trip twice in the week
    You cannot lose more than 1 full point, even if you trip over more than twice a week
    You do not go into negative numbers

    Points are carried over to next week

    This measuring scale measures long term behaviour not just short term and doesn't discourage if you trip over, you still have momentum so stick with it.

    Let me know if you see this as useful for motivation and to track your progress.
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  17. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    so how is everyone? hope your staying strong, almost mid week!

    I'm also adding the weekly measure scale as detailed above, this is in addition to weekly badges. And I want my badge and 1 point this week!!!!!
  18. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    “Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell.” – Carrie Fisher
  19. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    still going strong, don't think I would have got this far if not for this thread
  20. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    No PMO here :)
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