**Weekly Challenge Thread (Week 6)**

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by NatureHeals, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. Billy B.

    Billy B. PMO is NOT an option!

    Too true. I haven't slipped since I set my counter so it's currently still a good bit of inspiration for me, but if I do... well, I've seen too many times how having to start from scratch (on paper) seems to overwhelm a fella, make it hard to get rolling again when, in reality, they're rolling along fine, only just hit a lil' bump in the road.

    Underdog wrote about spread-sheets being a much more useful tool (though I haven't seen hardly anyone usin' 'em). They seem like a bit of a hassle to set up but I will certainly consider them if my counter becomes irrelevant.

    Roll on, Buddy!
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  2. DMB

    DMB Member

    On day 3. Having some temptations but staying strong. Still in the challenge.
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  3. Caesura

    Caesura Member

    Here's my Friday update. I still haven't PMO'd. Didn't MO a second time yet, either. Was pretty tempted to do both. Didn't eat a lot of vegetables today, but I ate some earlier in the week, and even had to buy more, so I consider that success. Facebook use was around 15 minutes. One more day left!
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  4. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    Have added all the new challengers. I'm proud of everyone really trying hard! thanks for the updates, 2 days left. you can do it.
  5. FuturePerfect

    FuturePerfect Member

    Day 5 and still running. It's the final stretch, one can already see fleshlights and tenga booths at the sides of the track and some comfy toilets afterwards! I gotta stay in the road.
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  6. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    LOL @ FuturePerfect ;) quick question to all challengers, would you rather keep this thread or start a new thread each new week?
  7. Caesura

    Caesura Member

    I'd rather have it all in one thread, I think. It's easier. Don't really see how it would be confusing.
  8. clean

    clean Active Member

    one thread is fine.

    I am choosing to be calm and grateful today.
  9. Mescalito

    Mescalito Member

    One thread!
  10. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    okay you guys win :D I was thinking of getting a new thread but majority rules. thanks guys. two days left!
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  11. jnv

    jnv Active Member

    Staying strong guys! :)
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  12. clean

    clean Active Member

    day 2 ok
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  13. Caesura

    Caesura Member

    So the challenge ends on Monday?
  14. yearofchange

    yearofchange Your actions matter.

    I'm out!

    Did not P or M as those I feel are behind me. I had a slight urge yesterday but I knew it wasn't for me anymore. I did however fail my no youtube/no game-watching part of my challenge. I was very very very very stressed on Friday. I watched the night away because I could not deal with the uncomfortable feelings inside.
  15. NatureHeals

    NatureHeals Active Member

    end of Sunday night
    I think you did marvellously, and the main thing is stopping PMO, was stress to do with work?
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  16. clean

    clean Active Member

    Day 3

    Today I choose sanity over crazy. I choose to take care of myself and my body.
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  17. Billy B.

    Billy B. PMO is NOT an option!

    Better than PMO binge, Brother. Much, much better!

    You'll do better next time. :cool:
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  18. Billy B.

    Billy B. PMO is NOT an option!

    Right, it's Sunday here in Aus and the day is nearly done. I won't have the opportunity to ogle or fantasise much between now and bedtime and I'm not sure if I'll be back on YBR so I'm gonna give meself a tick for Week 6.

    Pretty easy not to ogle women in the street when you don't leave the house (or rarely get out of bed) for three days of it.

    I had a baaaaaaaad week but I'm hopin' it was the three to four month blast of shittiness that a lot of fellas have reported as the worst of the reboot clearin' through the system.

    Next weeks challenge will be much more positive. All about recovery rather than abstinence (more tomorrow).

    I just wanna remind all you blokes that you're doin' great regardless of how successful your challenges go, week to week. 'Persistence not 'Perfection', as some wise cookie once said, is the goal that will get you there.

  19. FuturePerfect

    FuturePerfect Member

    Sorry guys... relapsed at day 6... wasn't on top form to resist.

    On the bright side:
    • Caffeine was limited to a cup in the morning, as set on the goal.
    • To be fair there wasn't social meetings where I'd be put on the no second alcohol servings test, but at least I avoided bringing it on my own in two ocassions were I could easily have.
    • Been getting brewing numbers right. If everything comes out I'll be doing two batches next week.
    • Have tidied up like 25 % of my belongings and freeing space.
    I know I want to set myself for 10 days this time, but I need to set other goals too.
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  20. Yeah I relapsed once this week when I was wasted. But that means in 33 days I have only used P for 10 minutes! // 1 fap

    Next week i'll pass the challenge.

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