We have all been lied to (The real cause of ED)

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    hello fellow ED victims.

    so recently (7months or more) i from one day to another lost my very hard erections . i used to get hard just from scratching my balls, it was a pleasurable feeling. i would MB (Mast**ate, or is the abbreviation MO?) every single day without fail max was like 6 days (busy) . the sight of a shirtless shawn mendes would send me to the bathroom to enjoy the gift that god gave me (Mb) . just being with a close friend and a sexual comment was made would get me rock hard. i was just a super sensitive person to anything sexual. P or a man , it just made no difference both would get me going in a matter of seconds.

    losing my libido and my easy erections has been one of the saddest and disheartning things i have had to experience, at times it feels as though there is no hope. your orgasms are not the same at all as how they used to be, your morning erections are barely there, and if they are you can feel as if you should be solid hard but really youre just 60 percent there when u go and check... it is just a terrible thing, if everyone had ED the world would just collapse.

    now i stumbled upon this site after researching the agonsist cambergoile, not to be confused with antgist (or w.e) . so i see many of the frequent users of this forum speak against it, fishy af boys (whats this website without the denial of something that possibly works ??) anyway im just gonna assume (not really) that they are confusing a dopamine agonist for a dopamine antagonist (blocks pleasure receptors,aka d2 antagonist). i have not used an agonist yet for my problem but here is where i conclude that you have all been lied to/misinformed by this "science of PIED" BS.
    i with all of my soul believe porn does not cause any sort of ED, instead what causes ED , or the made up term " PIED" is... bacteria (mostly e coli) or a virus that is in your intestines/ stomach right now that is not yet treated with the right medications (basically Ibs,ibd,basically gastro-intestinal issues) . remember all disease starts in the gut. what else do you get ill from (hyperbole LOL) .

    7 months ago is when my stools completely changed overnight, from a medium brown hard banana stool to a constant yellow tinted stools to this day(usually unformed, kind of like diarreah but not at all), i realised changes in my body/ self i the day of infection... i am pretty certain but not really that this was from a slightly uncooked salmon that i barely reheated (biggest mistake of my life). after this ingestion of the tainted food, or water i had crazy stomach gurgling throughout the night. i even woke up a family member as i was so freaked about it, which led me to thinking i had intestinal parasites, i bought everything you could think of so far. as far as buying anti helmenthics (anti parasite drugs) . So far i believe i have self misdiagnosed myself with chrons diseases(shit made up term just like PIED),gastroparesis, gallstones,hepatits,celiac,and giardia.

    desperate to resolve my ED (not very hard erections) and the odd stomach/intestinal noises i have tried about all anti helmenthics (albendazole,mebendazole,tinidazole,nizoxanide,metronidazole(aka flagyl), piperazine, fenbendazole, and more that i will add when i edit this whole post). now i am certain it is not a parasitic problem.

    Now i dare you to check on your next bowel movement the color and shape / consistency of your stool with your phone flashlight. i bet you if you have ED problems that your stool is more in the yellow range than that of a light to medium brown (please reply to this part)
    if you dont know what im talking about just google yellow stool giardia toilet,

    the ED/ change in orgasm feeling, is due to your body being in survival mode, at this point a lot of the food (especially fruit) takes a toll on your body, you are bloated or semi bloated almost all day. it takes about 10 hours for your body to debloat (a good nights sleep) . your bodys proority is for you to be alive right now it and mother natures priority is not for you to have a rock hard erection nor to reproduce.

    i have faith that i will find either the solution to my ED and/or my minor digestive issues (bloating, burping, uncomfortable stomach /liver feeling while lying on my back) kalthough sometimes it get shattered as i see no major improvements
    anyway im here to tell you guys that i have not yet found the solution as i have only tried anti helmenthics.

    i have 5 different antibiotics on the way right now so i will definitely keep you guys updated. i am awaiting (ciproflaxcin,ampicillin, levofloxacin,azithromycin,and pyrazinamide).

    if you have ED you probably acquired it after food poisioning. trust me. i have done so much research on this i truly believe nothing else is the ROOT cause of this / many other health diseases. from the food posining comes a body in havoc thus creating DIS - Ease in your body, .

    if youd truly like to resolve your ED problems please research more into this, and if you guys would like i could order more meds but i seriously am broke so the solution will be a while.

    only after truly getting rid of what is wreaking havoc in your body will you begin to heal, without you needing to do anything! (do NOT take probiotics ever.)

    also look into human mothers milk and how it can cure many things yall might wanna try that too if youre desperate. (i havent , no money)

    yall can message me privstely or reply to this post if you relate in any way and please leave your thoughts below. i have so much more to say but i dont really have the time right now to write so many things i probably will add on to this randomly!

    edit: i am 20 years old,
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    be as condescending as you want buddy as long as its not useless attacks ehich u didnt do. yes i know about how humans are natural herbovores . not reallt sure swhat youre trying to say in this part... are you showing me what i should eat (animals) in order to fix my microbiome.

    PIED is not the real cause of the ED, PIED Is ED, thats it. PIED is something added by ungrateful healthy indivduals who later in life will get ED just for denying something that was given to them naturally by mother nature... a sex drive. life is sex. when you are guilty it eventually will come back to bite you, be careful what you wish for is what they say isnt it? its just how the universe works. what you put out is what you get. , if you use your natural thoughts and not the subconciously influenced ones youd easily comprehend and not deny it so hardly, you will get the truth whenever you are truly ready... but u quote a forum of mentally disturbed people quitting Mbation / and /or pO if its actually a permanent cure, sure that first orgasm after 90 days can be magical but youre just back to where you started sooner or later. thats why its so highly advised not to give up!!! oh dont do it or youre fucked! dont look at p*rn! NOO dont do it!!! its irreversible damage !! s quitting the p**n is kind of like fasting it is believed to enhance healing... sure fasting will make you not have digestive issues for the time being but once you get back into the swing of things youre right where you started. same thing occurs with fasting on PO and ED/PIED,.. not eating dairy makes you not get bloated, but you can quit for your whole life and still youd be lactose intolerant? why because your microbiome is not in normal range, this make you susceptible to other autoimmune / other diseases.
    it is thought that introducing milk slowly / other lactose foods helps your body slowly get used to it and your lactose problem dissapears, now theres no actual scientific stuff on that but im sure it can make your syptoms far less worse for a while or forever but not completely rid of the actose intola and maybe some time in your life you will take a drug that will help irreverse completely that
    intolerance unkowingly which is how people miraculously are cured from LI, a drug can alleviate a damaged / irregularity in your body/cells / organs... which is when curing comes in. only after taking the right drug is when true internal cures occur. therapy is for external things. think about it, just like how hollistic medicine doesnt ever truly cure anyone, its just a coping and / or placebo thing. and i am truly sorry that you are one of the victims of the lies...

    i have no agenda so i dont know why youre acting as if im sctuslly intentionally spewing false advice/personal stories.
    from one look at this forum i can tell its the same thing as the pharmaceuitcal world, treating the disease not trying to cure it, its a corrupt forum, and theres no way you can deny that , just like the pharmacy biz, create problems and sell the pill for it, the pill here is removing PO.

    i dont have pied neither does anyone else in the world, its just not realistic think about it. yes my ED problems are duo to my gi being effffed, either virus , parasites(havealready all real meds fs for this), bacterial infection, more. i have only tried the drugs for parasites whivh did nothing at even properly measured doses .

    i ve read these desperate posts by these usually silent sufferes "im on day 45 and i judt have these urges!!, will all my progress be thrown out the drain mr moderator???" , "yes make sure to go for at least 6 months dont give up!!! , doing so will be irreversable and it will be even harder next time" whyyy because it is just a stupid myth/ scam. not acgood method

    i am 20 yrs old btw

    edit: my stool didnt change to a drastic color, it would go unnoticed to someone who isnt as in tune with their body.
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  3. I disagree with just about everything with your theory. Usually I'd just ignore the post and move on, but something you mentioned concerns me. I saw that you have several antibiotics on the way? How are you getting all those antibiotics without a prescription? A couple you mentioned are Fluoroquinolones and they come with some potentially serious side effects. It sounds like you're playing with fire by self diagnosing and then self treating with all those antibiotics so please be careful.
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    Excessive MO, even without P, can cause IBS and numerous other autonomic nervous system disorders.
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    I'm all for discussion. Nevertheless, when you come on a forum to challenge the central viewpoint on which it is based, it might be a good idea to back up your claims with some evidence. Contrary to what you have implied, we are not a cult and we are not quitting porn blindly out of prejudice. There is a wealth of evidence out there that excessive porn consumption can result in ED. It is not the only possible cause, but it is one of the leading causes of ED in a generation of men that should not be having these problems in the first place. I would encourage you to check out www.yourbrainonporn.com for the science behind porn addiction. Not only is this line of thinking supported outstandingly by substantial anecdotal evidence, there is a growing body of scientific research highlighting the link between porn and desensitisation.

    You mention that life is sex, but porn is not sex. It is artificial and our brains were not evolved to handle the high speed internet porn we have easily available in the 21st century. The number of people who have a problem with controlling their porn consumption in wider society is alarming.

    Like We can do this, I would discourage you using antibiotics. They will damage your microbiome and make your digestive symptoms worse.

    Perhaps you would like to explain why it is a 'stupid myth'? There doesn't seem to be anything to this argument, you have simply decided that it is stupid. So, to ask you a question, if you have ED problems why not experiment with quitting porn to see if it helps?
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    I have read something familiar in one of the pharmacy reviews on greyfoxreviews com. So I belie the statement.

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