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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Striveforpurity, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Striveforpurity

    Striveforpurity All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    What I mean by this is if the stakes are high enough, you will have all the self-control you need to conquer any sexual temptation.

    Let's say if suddenly a black-hooded ISIS member drags your best friend or your spouse into the room with a knife at his throat or her throat and says, “If you look at that website, I will slit this throat,” you will have self-control.

    Or if a man walks into the room and says, “If you look at that nudity, I will not give you the million dollars that I have in this bag, tax-free. But if you do not look at that nudity, I will give you a satchel with one million dollars in cash,” you will have total self-control.

    Yes, you will.

    Addiction is a relative term.

    It's all in our head.
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  2. freeman35

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    I agree - it wouldn't even take that - if I was staying in a hotel where the only computer was in the lobby I wouldn't be using it to look at porn. The prob is that most of our lives are private and many of us spend a lot of time secluded from the world, with access to the internet. If you wanted to raise the stakes for the average PMO addict how would you do it?
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  3. sower

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    Addictions are rarely about the thing one is addicted to lol.

    For some it is too much freedom combined with a lack of discipline and for others there is a big old void they are trying, very unsuccessfully, to fill with porn.
  4. GreyHeron

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    Our problem is not stopping the use of PMO, rather our problem is staying stopped. In the example above so long as I think that I am being watched I can stay away, I might not cope with reality very well but I can stay my compulsions. When I think that I can look and get away with it, even if this means risking my million dollars or even risk the life of a loved one then I have my breaking point.
    As I see it we come here to work on extending our power over the compulsion at the same time giving ourselves a greater purpose to life to reduce the power that the compulsion has over us.

    Soar Well
  5. Imfree

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    All the conditions are in place to make PMO the expected outcome. If I get started on a binge, I think "The surprising thing is not that I'm PMOing. It is that I ever stop". Constant private access to unlimited porn of ever increasing "quality", no accountability, society trivializing the behaviour (if not tacitly promoting it). The positive side of this situation is that any resistance to porn is incredibly heroic. Just now I had to open a private search engine and disable the "family filter" to access this site, exactly what I would do before starting a binge. I could ask somebody I know to monitor my computer activity, cancel the Internet at my house, etc. to make it impossible for me to access porn...However, I achieve the level of sainthood by opting out of porn when society is saturated with it, when nobody cares but me if I opt out. It's always just a few keystrokes away. We have to give ourselves some credit. The streets are filled with smartphone zombies as we rush towards this post-human future which is nightmarish beyond imagining. You have to say "goddammit, I deserve better than this!"

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