Watching the woman you want get f by another man should be your BIGGEST TURN OFF, not your TURN ON

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by ultrafabber, Sep 11, 2019.

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    The problem is not that you watch porn, but that you CAN watch porn and even more so, that you get AROUSED by it.

    You are given two completely opposite stimuli - one that should be completely arousing to you (sexually available solo woman) and one that should completely turn OFF your arousal - a competitor for that woman that got that woman.

    You should not be aroused when you "lose" to your competitor. You should be pissed off and/or lose interest in that woman. You either kick his ass and take the woman for yourself or you go find another woman, one that is available to you.

    It makes absolutely no sense to be aroused by "mainstream" porn. It is, like I said before, cuckoldry. You get the exact same perspective. You can't even tell apart most of the cuckold and "straight" movies unless the title lets you know.

    Think about it for a second. You are interested in a woman... she gets with another man. How utterly humiliating it is to sit next to them to watch them have sex? You just lost her, why would you enjoy it? Now you whip your dick out and start masturbating next to them, she looks at you (at the camera)? Can anything be more humiliating than that? Yes, and it does happen a lot in porn. You get CLOSE to the man's penis penetrating her. Literally the vast majority of porn clips include extreme closeup shots of penetration.

    I explained in another recent topic how you were brainwashed to accept

    Stop focusing on streaks, they do not mean much if the desire to watch porn is still there. It's not supposed to be so hard, you don't need to live the rest of your life running away from porn. It's something that should just turn you off, like a clip of zoophilia turns you off.
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    You're supposed to be pissed off but actually that woman in the movie means nothing to you. She is just an object, a sex object, for you to wank on.
    In porn, you see women getting humiliated and raped but still they enjoy it.
    I remember a few years ago when I was watching a porn movie of 2 dickheads having really rough sex with a girl that I liked, and by like here, I mean in a lustful way, I only liked her looks and body.
    At the end of the video something I didn't expect happened, she started crying, and I was like what the fuck I thought she was enjoying it.
    I started to have feelings that I never had before for a porn star. I felt sorry for her and at the same time really pissed off because the two motherfuckers left her as if nothing happened. I think if it happened and I came across a video of her again , I would really be pissed off, just like if I would see a girl that I'm crushing on having sex or even in love with another man.
    Porn presents women in a way that the only emotion you could have towards them is lust. I believe we should at least try to change the way we look at those girls, because after all they're humans and not sex objects.
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