Was it a one-way trip to hell?

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    What keeps triggering you lately?
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    I think horniness (lots of weight training and soccer as well) and also loneliness. Almost zero human contact in recent weeks.
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    Yeah I hear that. Loneliness is really tough to work though.
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    That's true. I had some good streaks during the lockdown though so that shouldn't be an excuse.
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    Day 1 today. :)

    I was thinking a bit yesterday about the strategy that I need to apply, in order to win. Recent year has provided some very important lessons (long streaks, visit to dommes) etc. It's been over 4 years of writting this journal and while I've made some significant progress, I wasn't able to build a proper relationship with a woman, despite the fact that "on paper" I consider myself attractive. So here's the plan for the next year. I've written it down in points also with some explanation. So far only 3 points are written down but I will make a complete list soon. Mostly to inspire myself but hopefully it also helps others.


    1. It's not about beating femdom. It's about fantasy versus reality.
    This is a very important thing that I wasn't aware of for the most of my life. You see, after having very unfulfilling adventures with women in my life, I blamed it on the fact that they are not "femdom enough". Last month visits to the dommes (second was attractive and exactly my type of a woman), has proven me wrong. The moment when I was with her, she was playing domme role very well, she was acting out my fetishes and I didn't even get hard was eye-opening. My sexuality is out of sync with reality. My sexuality feels comfortable when using porn. My sexuality uses reality as a fule to fantasies (my natural instinct when I see hot woman isn't to approach her sexually but to wank to that memory). I know it's weird but being honest with myself is the only way to go.

    I don't think that "femdom" is an enemy per se. "Femdom" in reality feels very different than in fantasy. Of course, there are risk attached to it but I think that including this in sexual reboot from porn helps. There's also a problem of relapsing right after visits to escorts (probably due to the lack of satisfaction reality provides) but I can't fix my sexuality without trying real women.

    2. No porn.
    If the first point is about fantasy vs. reality, then the plan has to include eliminating all artificial stimuli. Timer for no porn streak has to be all the time updated in my signature (it already is for few years so it's not a big deal). Using porn not only affects my sexuality (by completely destroying it), it also affects virtually all other areas of my life, e. g. by killing my motivation, making me feel weak, emasculate, beta etc. Because of that I also tend to withdraw socially when using porn.

    I think that porn is the most harmful variable of all that exist within my problem and removing porn is sine qua non condition of the final success. All other points of this list could be kept but if I keep watching porn, it doesn't matter. Quitting porn is necessary to move my sexuality entirely from fantasy land into reality.

    And since I consider porn a drug, the same rule that I've applied to cigarettes applies here. The rule is that a single application of the drug will reactive all addiction related pathways and send me back to square one.

    3. "Porn" doesn't only mean porn movies (in multiple tabs).
    Those are of course the worst but following things also have had the similar (albeit much smaller) effect on me:
    a) posts on fetish forums,
    b) captions,
    c) pictures,
    d) stories.

    Those either worked as a soft version of porn or led me to full binges later. They have to be removed entirely, even if their effect is much less than the effect of porn movies. All of those things will count as a porn relapse.

    Fetish events have to be accessed with "text only" browser add-on and profiles of escorts have to be visited only when I actually plan to visit (not to see what arouses me for example).

    To be continued...
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