Was it a one-way trip to hell?

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by niskanen91, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    Hey @fedmom , I have checked it. Not sure how this method could help though?
  2. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    Relapsed on Dec, 02 2019.

    Shortly after that threw away masturbation toys (as they indirectly lead to PMO).
  3. fedmom

    fedmom Member

  4. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    @fedmom I'm sorry but the solution you are suggesting seems crazy and could, in my humble opinion, lead to mental issues.


    Surviving the hardest weekend of this reboot, the first one. So far, so good.
  5. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    8 days so far. Life's getting better.
  6. fedmom

    fedmom Member

    I seriously doubt it would cause mental damage. You cannot stop getting turned on by it by stopping masturbating.
  7. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    I don't expect to. The plan is to give up porn and replace it with real life sexual interactions.
  8. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    2 weeks survived since Dec, 02 2019.

    The biggest problem the constant physical tension that I feel from not orgasming. I'm a bit frustrated and easily get angry.
  9. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    Masturbated without porn on Dec, 17 2019.

    It relieved physical tension, I feel much better now.

    I don't know if I'm able to give up MO completely, albeit I realize that reboot may be impossible while masturbating. Gotta keep hands off the porn though.
  10. baywalker

    baywalker Active Member

    Yeah, mood swings are expected.

    By the way, do you use the method HALT?

    It's really helped me.

    HALT stands for


    Whenever you feel you've lost your balance (that's like about a minute or so before you decide to MO), ask yourself, are you hungry, are you angry, are you lonely, are you tired?

    If you are hungry, eat something.
    If you are angry, take a nap, distract yourself with something else.
    If you are lonely, call someone.
    If you are tired, well, take a nap.
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  11. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    Hey @baywalker , that sounds reasonable but I'm 100% sure that my tension was caused by lack of orgasm as MO led to sudden relief (however since it was only 1 orgasm, it's a partial relief). Basically, I was so tense and frustrated that I couldn't really have any positive interactions with people at work.
  12. baywalker

    baywalker Active Member

    I get it. So initially separating porn and masturbation is a good start if you are going to continue masturbating. In my experience there will be a period of discomfort when you cease masturbating.

    Over the past year I ceased masturbating first while continuing to watch porn (which is something I don't recommend, I would recommend jacking one off if I'm horny rather than watching porn).

    Yeah man, interactions are going to lose quality first while you are dealing with this stuff. But then they will improve at a greater level. It is worth the sacrifice.
  13. forlorn

    forlorn Well-Known Member

    @fedmom You should stop reviving every historic femdom related thread on this board. I'm sure your intentions are honourable but please understand that your 'solution' is purely speculative. You stumbled across a technique which you believe has reduced your masochistic tendencies - and then you found a bunch of scientific links which loosely fit that narrative. It's good that you are offering support but I would recommend doing it in a more balanced way. I'd suggest it would be more pragmatic to attempt to address the underlying causes of our compulsive behaviour, to understand ourselves better, to learn emotional management. And to discuss things with a trained professional who specialises in porn addiction treatment.
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  14. fedmom

    fedmom Member

    Don't tell me what to do. Like I've said it's only low serotonin that causes masochism. http://www.clinicaleducation.org/downloads/Summary Symptom Neurotransmitter Doc JL.pdf
    Unfortunately medication is only prescribed when the fetish is life-threatening such as asphyixiation. And it amazes me that the solution on the nofap forum and yourbrainrebalanced is to stop masturbating for insane lengths of time which any doctor will say you shouldn't do.
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  15. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    Few points here. First of all, even if the table that you've provided was true, how are you sure that masochism that is described there relates to how person builds relationships with other sex rather than cutting oneself with razor blade? Second of all, the list that you've provided involves a lot of hormones and I think that literally everyone of us is in the sort of imperfect balance of those hormones. But does this knowledge help with, let's say, depression? I don't think so. It may help medical industry but the patient won't benefit from the knowledge about his hormones imbalance.
  16. fedmom

    fedmom Member

    Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the nervous system. I found the science links because I was curious to know what swearing had done to me and also so others know I'm not trolling. I used to have severe anxiety and depression which I don't have now.
  17. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    Masturbated today. 23 days without porn though.

    Last MO - Dec 25, 2019
    Last porn - Dec 2, 2019
  18. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    After 26 days without porn, 2 orgasms in between (to fantasy only) and reading this few times https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/too...m-porn-addiction/rebooting-basics-start-here/ , I am now sure that it's porn that is the culprit, not masturbation. I will provide the update later (after 2 or 3 months without porn) but as of now, the arousal to vanilla women even in non-sexual setting is coming back.

    Some things aren't certain regarding my reboot but one thing is sure, I have to 100% eliminate porn from my life.
  19. Chammorrow

    Chammorrow Member

    I agree. While there may debates about the role that masturbation has in one life. I believe with certainty that porn does more damage than good and must be eliminated.
    Good luck on that journey.
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  20. niskanen91

    niskanen91 Active Member

    Another MO. Quality of erection during MO is perfect or near perfect, femdom fantasies are still there though. Some of my fantasies are vanilla ones about girls from real life so that's a step in the right direction.

    Last MO - Dec 29, 2019
    Last porn - Dec 2, 2019

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