Want to be Clever And Smarter Again!!(58 Days Streak Ended :(

Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by weir, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. pushthru

    pushthru New Member

    Re: Want to be Clever And Smarter Again!!

    Congrats on your marriage and all your progress brother.
  2. weir

    weir Member

    Re: Want to be Clever And Smarter Again!!

    Thanks bro...


    As I said yesterday I am getting strong urges to watch P.This time I failed to control it.


    Yep, I have relapsed on my day 58...

    Main reason inactivity on this site, become lazy towards reading info articles, Not updated daily..

    One of the key factor behind My relapsed is Not updating daily....

    My last screenshot of my Achievement before I am gonna Hit the reset button.


    Edged for almost 10 hours & Then My Body Cant Resist for Masturbation..

    From 58 stairs to Directly Zero
  3. pushthru

    pushthru New Member

    Re: Want to be Clever And Smarter Again!!

    Sorry to hear that bro. Even with your binge you haven't undone all of your progress. You've been set back, sure but your not all the way back to the start. Your brains been changing for 58 days. One binge won't undo it but you gotta pull yourself out of it now.

    One thing that a lot of people don't talk about is that there's really two challenges to this. The first is quitting porn for a while and rebooting. But you brain still associates an orgasm with porn. The chaser effect is a bitch after sex and an orgasm. It makes you crave porn again so you gotta fight thru it without relapsing. Every time you have sex and don't go back to porn you take a productive step in getting porn out of your brain wiring. It's tough but necessary.

    Best of luck man. Try not to beat yourself up. And get back on that horse
  4. my.last.attempt

    my.last.attempt Dream the impossible dream!

    You made an impressive progress @weir, don't let yourself down, just keep trying and keep improving!
  5. weir

    weir Member

    Again Failed Mate
  6. weir

    weir Member

    Starting New Journey From Today Wish Me Luck
  7. Letscrackthis

    Letscrackthis "He is not here, for he has risen!"

    Good luck bro. You can do this. Don't look back at your old streak, look ahead to your future.
  8. weir

    weir Member

    New day New Goal
  9. weir

    weir Member

    OK ...Start Again
    Will Update daily
  10. weir

    weir Member

    Today Morning in my dream, I was watching full length porn via pirate, And felt morning wood too

    Just 1 day passed from my last relapsed
  11. weir

    weir Member

    Ok day 2 of reboot, today in my dream extreme pornographic I saw, and as I stopped masturbation from last 20 to 25 days ago, I had extreme wet dream too.

    But I am hoping this time I will not fall into this trap and will not relapse
  12. weir

    weir Member

    Day 3
    Had sex with wife last night, My penis erect 25% below semi erection, I just tried very hard to get it erect, I ejaculate within a second, which is very embarrassing.
    After sex while sleeping I still saw dreams of online pornography movies which i saw many times, The dreams of pornography stayed for long.

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