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    9/11 video? Yeah, I will just discredit the witnesses present on the streets during the attacks, or are they a part of the conspiracy too? If you had told me there were factors other than the planes and proved that? Well, then we might get to talking. But there were definitely planes, the fact you believe that video.... I might as well just ignore the dumb shit posted here.

    The other ones are clearly propaganda. If you can't see that, oh well.

    Yeah, I know, US is such a bully, "We're trying to find a way to make nuclear energy, we aren't trying to make missiles in Iran, not at all. Although we hate the US we would never think of doing that." Give me a fucking break. At least North Korea is honest about what they want to do.

    You didn't answer number four, you covered your eyes nah nahd me and posted. I wonder if people realize those birth deformities happen naturally, the kid with the huge stomach? That is a type of protein deficiency, look it up. Or maybe these women are being exposed to chemicals used to make IEDs? Ever consider saying that?

    Thanks for posting about Dorner, yet another conspiracy theory. I for one know he didn't kill those people, but let's be honest here, you have no idea what the full story really is and neither do I. Why did that crazy shit happen to that poor guy? I don't know. The whole truth will come out sooner or later. The Rizzo point still stands, like it or not. I could post the conspiracy theories on the Newtown shooter, 86 lb autistic kid blind in one eye wielding an assault rifle. But as you guys have said before the truth is often stranger than fiction.

    Depleted uranium rounds are used in AK 47's. Not in American weapons. 90% are innocents? Ok, stop the video now, propaganda is written all over that statement. Totally leftist shit being posted.

    Nice dodge on number 9.

    Spying drones? LOLOLOL I believe the UK has cameras watching every street, every corner in major cities. I am positive there isn't a place in London you can't go without a camera being up your ass. What do you have to say about that?

    Not gonna bother on the Hollywood type productions you posted. The Tesla video is a movie, not a factual documentary. No thanks.

    Metal, I made it clear what I think about the tin foil hat crap people say about tv, as for the water? I already made a statement on that.

    I drink natural milk, no preservatives or GMO. The worst I am going to get is calcium deposits, but thanks for the concern. I told you I was done on the debate, I posted my opinion, my view on it. It was charged by common sense, but you like to ignore the things that matter I guess.

    I shouldn't need a study to tell people that it isn't mind control, its just a tool used to push ideas onto you, not plug them into your head. I guess dumb people are easily impressionable, they will shop, surf, and do whatever with material shit/technology to distract themselves. Too fucking bad for them, it is their choice, their fault. Stand on your own two feet.

    Stop trying to be antagonistic Metal.
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    So you are basically calling scientists and doctors who've run studies on the effects of television as tin foil hat merchants? What arrogance you have for someone who is merely a lackey for a corporation company and one who drinks tap water religiously with all its heavy metals.

    I'll take their word over your basement opinion and I'm sure others would to. We've established the fact that you know nothing yet think you know everything. The fact that someone had to tell you how detrimental tap water is shows your ignorance about he world you live in along with your dependence on cow's milk.

    Another display of arrogance to label everyone who fails victim to the influence of television as dumb. Were they're fully informed that they were to enter an altered state when viewing a program? Would you say your entire family were dumb for mistakenly believing that tap water and fluoride is harmless?

    Some were probably placed in front of the television from when they were a child, and have been influenced since then into adulthood. I wouldn't be so judgmental towards them. I'd be more judgemental towards people like you who work for those kind of corporations who take advantage of others.

    Let's be honest, you're only in here defending the negative effects of television because you directly work with producing subliminals and so want to selfishly absolve yourself from any responsibility. You're one of these people who would do anything to keep their job even if it meant destroying someone else's livelihood and you would justify it by saying you were only doing your job or you were just following orders like a piece of scum who has no integrity

    You're a apart of the problem this is why you don't like this topic and refute all the facts which have been presented and even try and change the meaning of the word control to suit your pathetic point about exaggerations.

    I've shown you studies showing the hypnotic effects of television, I'll now also show you quotes of former British prime ministers confirming there are hidden forces at work, people who's name are greater than yours and who's reputation is held in far greater esteem for what they endeavored to achieve in this world rather than simply living blinding and feeding the machine.

    “The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.”

    Governments do not govern, but merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand.

    ― Benjamin Disraeli
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    I just provided information, I don't really care what you do with your lifes since you feel the same for me.

    Argue all you want, but as I've said before - it's a choice to choose what to believe.

    I won't bother discussing it due to the fact that it's on your own free will to choose to believe this, and as I can see someone chooses just to yell propoganda after watching a few minutes of a video due to the fact that even before starting to watch the video - either way they know that they will call it absurd and propaganda because it doesn't match their beliefs.

    I could argue about where's the pictures of the 9/11 plane leftovers or how cow's milk is not suitable for human, but heck, sorry, it's a waste of time for me and I got better things to do since in the end you'll still have your own beliefs and will defend them at all costs.

    Some people are more stubborn and some people are more flexible at thinking..

    I provided alternative information - you get to choose what to think because in the end I'd like you to be able to think indepedently, but if that's possible - I don't know whether you will be able to look it at a more flexible point of you instead of the stubborn must protect my own beliefs that I have from before to stay "right".

    And no, there's no arrogance or offense intended in this post.
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    a good example of the thread title..

  5. J.P.

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    Don't drink tap water.

    Politically charged agendas ftw

    Didn't read your antagonistic post. But I lol'd when I noticed you talked about metaled tap water hahaha. You have the same water in Eu...

    And I said I don't drink it.....

    Seems like you don't read much either. I'll take after you, because you're really smart.
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    Aww diddums, was the truth too much to take?

    Now you want to cry about antagonistic posts, when you were the first person to start flaming just because I systemically explained what control means to you and you preferred to stick to your made up definition of the term.

    And so much for not reading my post - that you managed to decipher that I was talking about heavy metals in the tap water without even reading any text :eek:

    I highly doubt you didn't drink it along with the rest of your family, just like I doubt you didn't read my post. Anyway what kind of water do you drink then, kiddo?

    I mean even if you were telling the truth, it would be pretty cruel of you to be drinking clean water while you let the rest of your family drink from the dirty tap.
  7. J.P.

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    It was an encarta definition

    How could I be hurt by someone who is self-inflated?

    No, I drink bottled water.

    Metaled water was in the first sentence I think

    Yeah, I lie on an anonymous forum
  8. Metal

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    I never said you were hurt, just asked you if some home truths were too much to take. Maybe you will learn to respect the person who you are debating with in future, but I doubt it considering your infantile attitude.

    Going back through the thread you'll see I had shown you respect and even apologised on one instance if I unintentionally accused you of something which you didn't do.

    However all that respect was gone once you resorted to personally insulting me, yet you have the audacity to call me self inflated.
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    Even though David icke talks a lot of shit, in this video it makes sense this relates to the op


    A good watch
  11. Metal

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    You do realise I said those things AFTER you insulted me. Remember, I said the respect I showed towards you went out the window the moment you got personal.
  12. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    I don't really entertain david icke, however on some topics he is actually spot on, and in that video he's actually said the same things I've said yet have been laughed off because some idiots seem to believe corporate america is great and television has them done no harm.

    A really good video, with some good satirical humor in there to boot. Thanks for posting.
  13. Metal

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    No you can't say wars are a direct result of us being distracted, I'd say it's more to do with humankind's spiritual immaturity.

    I only agree on icke's points that television serves as distraction and is used as a hypnotising tool to lead people away from questioning certain things and being more productive with their time.

    I mean even recently when the uk and states were preparing to go to war with iraq, there was still mass protests against war, because it's ingrained in a lot of people just how destructive war can be and how much of a domino effect it can have on the nations involved.

    But getting into the debate about wars is going off topic and there is too much to go into such a broad spectrum.

    I liked the video because it demonstrated how television leads us away from important matters and how much of a crazy world we live in.

    I mean today on the news, they reported on some actress falling down at the oscars, and how bad it must have been for her to slip. I mean there are tensions growing between north and south korea as north keep testing out nuclear weapons, yet we're focused on an actress slipping(neither seriously hurt) and how embarrassing it must have been for her.

    I couldn't give a shit about fucking actors playing acting in front of a camera. I want to know what's going on around the world that actually has a important effect on the population or individual viewing.
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    Oh, there's so much relevance. See, porn addiction and excessive tv watching have a lot incommon. Both are useless, unreflected and harmful comsumption.

    I like this cartoo soooo much. Here is one translated into English:
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    I see a lot of deflecting going on with this thread for the sake of winning a message board debate. While its good to be aware, arguing over stuff like this and being so defensive about it doesn't win the other side over. Just look at political arguments for example.
  16. I heared that we can use our OWN subliminal messages to induce in the brain new thoughts new ideas, anyone else heared?
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    @temple_of_peace How?

    If there is agenda to control us with TV what is the purpose of that control?
    To spend more money? Experiment?
  18. Metal

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    The purpose behind control of television is to keep you dumbed down so you don't question the status quo and those in power. it's really that simple.
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    One question that I keep asking myself: Does television shows reflect what the media want us to watch or it reflect what people really want to watch?
  20. Joo

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    A bit of both I think. People are drawn to sensation, but for a part they've also been conditioned since youth to like all this crap that's on television.
    Mainstream news = Perception management.
    With watching tv is the same as with watching porn, the only way to experience the benefits of not watching it, is to try for yourself and start tapping from other information sources. I haven't watched tv for 2 years, turned to some alternative media on the web and it definitely changed my worldview on a hell of a lot of subjects. For me it was like taking a look behind the curtains of world theater. Of course there is also a lot of misinformation in the internet jungle, but that's only good; it might stimulate your own critical thinking.

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