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    Can you state your point?

    Since it's difficult to understand a true point you're trying to make besides trying to make me look bad or whatsoever to please your ego or whatsoever.

    Due to the fact that you agree with the topic itself, because I don't see a point in discussing any longer.
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    Fair enough you did say that it was suggested, so I take back that point about you putting words in mouth and I apologise.

    To be honest I didn't know what you were talking about and even when reading the article laurynas posted, I didn't take much notice of the picture. I don't think you're meant to take it literally, it's an purposeful exaggeration in order to get a point across by the author of the article. To focus on that image to support your point is quite laughable reallly.

    I shouldn't have to say anything beyond pointing at that, you keep telling me I am using fallacies, no I am not. I am simply doing 1 thing and one thing only:

    Ok maybe not in all instances have you alone put words/arguments into people's mouth. However you did imply that somewhere in this thread I was against the internet and cellphones. I don't know where the hell you got that idea from.

    Modus also took other people's points in this thread out of context and painted them in their most extreme. So forgive me if I'm a bit defensive when it comes to people making up arguments.

    Do you think I'm 2? I know what control means and influence. It seems you don't understand their definintion. You seem to think when someone says control, then the person is who being controlled has no more free will. When that is not what control, means as it directly relates to influence which television definitely possesses. It would be completetely retarded to suggest tv has no influence. For you to have influence you must have some sort of control. Anyway let's look up the definition for ourselves as per request;


    The power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events.

    to exercise restraint or direction over; dominate; command.

    Hmm that sounds like what media is capable of doing. I remember distinctively last summer in the uk, the pm(prime minister) appeared on television and said there ''may'' be a strike from the drivers who deliver gas to the petrol stations and it might be prudent to stock up. He didn't say there was definitely going to be a strike, but the fear and tone he used incited panic in everyone. So everyone went out with their green plastic petrol cans to fill up for the entire week. There was an absolute frenzy on the roads, and really there was no strike. People filled their tanks and petrol cans for nothing all because the pm said there might be a strike and used fear mongering tactics to whip up a frenzy.

    There are many more examples of televisions influence to direct peoples behaviour or influence them.

    So even if the title was exaggerated(big deal btw) it certainly isn't incorrect.

    Right. But you see when children are watching tv, they're minds are more impressionable. Their minds haven't seen the thing a thousand times to know better. The mind is like a clean slate, a empty field of grass with nothing yet planted on it. Compared to an adult's mind which is like a field, but with many objects and ideas already rooted so it's much harder to get through. Understand?

    Clearly then a more experienced individual will provide more resitence to subliminal suggestions. However it can see get through, as it's covert, the conscious mind doesn't read it but the subconscious does. The person has no choice and we both know the subconscious is far more powerful than the conscious. So even if that person didn't think he was influenced, the thought if not outright rejected is there embedded in the subconscious

    Let's not restrict it to solely ads, but look at television programS, the music industry. Why do we have so many women today who feel the need to have work done on themselves? Why now are there so many gangs carrying weapons and calling their suburbs, hoods when ten years ago it was only restricted to the most hardcore of slums?

    Why is it today so many think the ideal goal in life is to become famous? You in the states have shit like jersey shore influence the easily led sheep into thinking that degenerate lifestyle is ideal. While we in the uk have a program called TOWIE, which is just like that program. Then you have shit like teen mom and teen dad glamourising teen pregnancy. I've read accounts of teens who's goal it is to get pregnant to appear on those programs .

    These are not 12 year olds, I've got a fucking 20+ year olds dumb girls in my class who follow and look up to everything what kim kardashian does. Are you telling me without the media companies promoting these vacuous entities, then people would interdependently seek them out to mimic them?

    If you say no, then we cannot have an honest

    If they promote her enough, then yes the majority will think she's beautiful. If you keep reinforcing the idea sooner or later the sheep will come to accept it even if it's a lie. One of hitlers technique that is.

    Another example, men have been programmed to believe big plastic tits are beautiful and many women have been led to believe they can only be beautiful with big plastic tits when in reality they;re ugly and disgusting.

    Exactly, so my concern is how can you be objective when you are actively promoting that which we are fighting against? It would be like a porn director coming on here and arguing that porn doesn't have an effect on erectile function, it's merely the user that is choosing to have dysfunction. While we who are actuallyt he victims of what the director has been peddling is showing him studies, showing ancedontal evidence of many people experiencing the same symptoms. He instead of accepting that what he is doing has had a negative effect, prefers to bury his head in the stand and absolve himself of any guilt and responsiblity by denying the negative effects the industry he works in has on people.

    So it hit a nerve?! You sound very proud of that fact. I am human not a robot, and words can be very powerful. Was your intention to seek out a reaction or make a valid point? If it was the former then some may accuse of you merely trolling. If it was the latter than I don't see how calling this whole debate a mere tin foil hat consipiracy brings any validation to the point that it is exaggerating. No one has said aliens are coming to get anyone in their home.

    I will go back to the porn director who comes on here and argues that porn has no negative effect. If he came on here, and dismissed gary's studies and people who are reboot as nothing more than repressed Christians or nerdy virgins who were simply afraid of sex, you'd have something to say wouldn't you?

    Like I said I apologise if I incorrecly accused you of putting words in my mouth when you didn't However you made it out as if I was against all forms of media. Listen I'm not into extremes and I'm not discussing to prove that I'm right and you're wrong, I'm merely trying to get the bottom of this issue which i know to be true, so we both learn.

    Yes there is a lack of choice, because there is no disclaimer when you turn on the tv that cites you will be exposed to sublminal messages and hypnotic suggestion? Or that your mind will now go into an alpha state. So I have no problem with me or anyone else sayiing overuse of television can control you or place someone in a zombifying states.

    [td]Still don't get my point about choice?Look at Heroin for example.

    People still find a way to beat it and *not* choose it. How is it your point about the addictive effects of tv or media can hold a candle to the true meaning of the word "control?"[/td]

    Yes people can beat any addiction, that doesn't negate the fact it has a controlling effect or hold on the individual. That's the whole point of addiction. It has a hold, influence or control over the person. It seems you don't understand the meaning of the word control or how it relates to the impact it has on a person.

    No of course you don't need studies to prove everything. I knew porn was addicting before I came across YBOP from my own experience. But what I'm saying is if there are studies proving the influence of subliminal messages, you're argument is that it doesn't have much of an impact. So you would need something to prove against those findings which make them false.

    There are hardly any studies citing that porn has any physiological benefits

    I don't know about it but porn has been gravely addicting for me. I've even broken in a house to get internet access when I was denied it. Porn is addicting, that is a fact.

    You can be addicted to a myriad of things, doesn't mean it's bad. Shopping can become addictive doesn't mean I never shop. I wouldn't have a problem if television was simply habit forming. I'm more concerned with the messages it delievers through the screen. With the internet I'm only subjected to information to that what I choose to type in.

    Of course, I'm not against technology as it's imperative and it's a great advancement for mankind. I've seen developments showing there will soon be bionic retina's which will help the blind to see once again, and there are bionic limbs which will have sensation. That's the type of great things technology is capable, but it is also a double edged. It can be used for good or for evil. At the moment most of it is used for evil sadly.

    I don't think they are truly aware to be honest. Some are naive. Ok let me ask, would you let your teenage boy(if you have/had a son), hang around the older gang loitering around the corner who carry weapons and everyone of them have been involved in criminal activity, even though you've told him they're no good? Even though you've told him and he's like ''yeah yeah I know but I won't get influenced'' Would you still trust him to not fall prey to their influence?

    No one has said anyone can't beat the effects of television, we're just giving information regarding it's effects and the agenda behind it. We're still under Roman Law whether you want to believe it or not.

    When they're covert then yes it can be overpowering, as how can you fight something which you don't know even exists?
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    1 ) Curious, you actually think a small amount of fluoride will do much harm, it is healthy for teeth, and to be quite honest my family has been drinking the tap water for years, with no negative effects to speak of.
    2 ) Prove it beyond a reasonable doubt
    3 ) ROFLMFAO There is no margin of error when I say that all war everywhere at anytime was waged for land, resources, power, or any combination thereof, please stop stating the obvious.
    4 ) Once again, lol..... you fail to mention that many terrorists, Taliban or otherwise are using public buildings and innocents as hostages, you have no fucking clue how war is waged and what it is like to be in a warzone, to be the one to have to pull the trigger as an AC-130 gunner knowing you many accidentally kill someone, show me a single soldier whose killed an innocent for "fun" or on purpose, many of my close friends are soldiers, heed my warning, step off.
    5 ) Really? Sometimes they do, but it comes out in the wash. Anyone remember Frank Rizzo? Google it, thanks
    6 ) Nothing in this world is "free." You should know by now no one will do hard work and research for free. I need money just as much as the next guy, just as much as the guy who can create renewable energy. Yeah I know eco-friendly and renewable energy exists, who doesn't? Europe isn't different, I've been, you guys still use gas. And another point, the US Navy is the first military branch in world history to be using eco-friendly fuel and make a push toward cleaner energy. Read up, please. The entire branch is following this directive.
    7 ) I am sure most people with an education know that, and in fact many people here in America are in support of having GMO removed and insist that if it does not stop there should be labels describing whether or not something is GMO or not.
    8 ) Yeah, I will give you that, most people haven't a clue what it is, but what I will say is research of the ionosphere for military purposes would be an eventuality in the world, no? Everyone has an agenda and just because one country can do something more quickly and/or more effectively is of no concern to me, someone was bound to do this research sooner or later.
    9 ) I know that. It is not actually as secret as you make it sound, I took an entire class on it. And on what happened to women in Bosnia, and in Rwanda, and to the Korean and Chinese women in WW2. The US military certainly isn't the first to be guilty of it, won't be the last, and is minimal in comparison to the horrors that took place in Europe and Asia. Not to say I don't feel for those women, it is wrong, but to villainize an entire military for it is extreme (not saying you are, but I am hoping you don't personally think like that, I am sure you don't, just putting it out there for everyone to read).

    I can imagine, I have seen and experienced injustice, and I do agree mass media and corporations are not great things and are not there to help people.

    I was making a point the language used here is very very strong, over the top.

    To be under "control" is to be under the absolute, unbeatable dominance of another. This is not control. If it were, this thread along with our posts would not exist.

    I was saying there is exaggeration here when it comes to the magnitude of impact caused by the media, and I am right, it certainly influences people, but the difference between control and influence is the same difference that exists between dislike and hate.

    Now do you understand?
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    Metal, control is being under the absolute dominance of another. No way around that. So yes, the language used in this thread is wrong. That is an unarguable fact.

    Second off, I accept your apology, as long as you accept mine that the tin foil hat thing was directed at conspiracy theorists and people who are talking about a push toward "mind control" or that the media is some malevolent masterminded demonic machine seeking to possess people's minds. I admit those girls you are talking about, typical. Why? They think that shit is cool. But if we can see it isn't..... well I think we went over this.

    Using the image is laughable? I then used further support, the very title of the thread. I could use more quotes but that is not useful and is a wasteful consumption of time. No, I have not made up one single argument since I have chimed in. If you "think" so, prove it. If the image is not meant to be literal then neither is the title I guess, nor the quotes which I believe tsmith listed, they are quite sufficient in pointing out just how blind you were to my point that the language used to support the ideas posted here are exaggerated and extreme

    Using ads as an example does not imply I limited the debate to just that, was just using examples. I really don't want to post scenarios to everything.

    Broke into a house? FFS man, I hope you don't have a record now. I mean that, seriously.

    No I would not let my kid hang out near those retards. But that is much more extreme than watching MTV or constantly tweeting about Kimye, it is the most black and white portrayal of what someone would restrict their child from doing. I pose a question to you: Would you prevent your kids from watching tv because of how you perceive it? Think carefully, I agree, everything is skewed to favor someone in life/situations. Everyone has an agenda, I know. But 99% of today's media drunk idiots are spawned by horrible parenting.

    I will agree to this overuse of tv and media is bad, and dogmatically believing news on the tv, the internet, or papers for that matter is a bad idea. But at what point are you able to get the actual story? There are three sides to every story, your side, the other guy's and what actually happened. You need to use the tv and the news etc to gather information, as to how you process it and how you choose to think on it is up to you entirely, no one is telling you what to do.<-----That is what I mean by "control."
  6. J.P.

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    That is basically the what I was trying to say, though you said it in a much more concise, and easier to read manner than I had. Thank you.

    Laurynas and Metal, if you seek to understand my meaning, the quotation above is adequate.

    I still stand by my point that maybe the description and images should be toned down a bit.
  7. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    lol I just showed you the official definition for the meaning of the word and yet you go ahead and ignore it to make up your own definition.

    It certaintly means to exercise dominance over someone,but no where in any dictionary does it stipulate to mean ''absolute dominance''. That is the big difference

    If you can find me a dictionary that explains control as meaning ''absolute dominance over another'' then I'll hold my hands up and say you're right. But the dictionaries I've seen have all cited that it means either;

    maintain influence or authority over:


    able to direct a situation, person, or activity:

    Now I've already explained to you how television can influence and direct behaviour which you've ignored. So whether you think or believe the title of the thread is incorrect or exaggerated, the fact is the use of control in the title is in it's correct usage.

    LOL who said anything about demon machines? It's not a conspiracy theory when it's been proven and there are references from persons who've worked within media and government who have confirmed it's use as a mind control device.

    You might want to deny there are genuinely evil people in high positions who are not looking out for your best interests, but no matter how much you want to bury your head in the sand, it ain't going to change what's happening around you.

    It's laughable because it's just an image lol. It may well be exaggerated, but the focus is not meant to be on the image or title of the thread, but the contents of it.

    I've seen exaggerated images on YBOP website and sensationilsed headlines for various topics on the webpage, but I know the purpose serves only to grab the viewer's attention rather than to be taken as literal fact. I'm not going to get up in arms about a image and then connect it with the valuable information that follows.

    What??? Where did breaking into houses come from?

    My kids are not going to have a free reign to watch as much tv as they like, there will be a limit and I'll be making sure what they do watch on television serves a greater purpose to them rather than watching mindless trash where they could get unhealthy ideas from. When they're older and matured they can watch whatever they want as I would trust them to be able to use their own discernment on what's healthy and unhealthy. But as a parent it is my responsibility to protect them from unnecessary harm.
  8. J.P.

    J.P. Active Member

    Encarta dictionary apparently has a different definition then what you looked up.

    The definition I encountered?

    Control: the act or power of controlling; domination or command.

    Dominate: To rule over

    Good enough for you? Or should I have to find a link to some website for that?

    I said "possess people's minds," You go on to say "tool for mind control" uhhh derp.

    You're using the exact language I am talking about. Clearly you're just dense.

    I don't care what people say the government is trying to do with the media, once again if you're dumb enough to be a sheep person (sheeple don't you dare steal my word) then too bad. Not like they're controlling my thoughts/reading my mind. This isn't Orwell's 1984.

    Just an image? Tv is just a series of images mixed with words. See? I can play dumb too. My point still stands. Once again you ignore quotes that have been posted before. "What the shitbox tells you to think." Moving on.

    You said you broke into a house to get porn. Let me refresh your memory:

    I already posted on influence. I refer you to the previous page, thanks.

    You also fail to mention my other posts, I am simply saying that the amount of influence media has is being grossly exaggerated here, believe me or don't I couldn't care less.

    In fact brand loyalty (which was something that corporations in America wanted very badly so as to increase sales) is disappearing, even in the younger generations.

    I don't think an article on YBR about this matters, so I won't be back, unless to talk to Laurynas about something legitimate. Fact is, people know better than to listen to the tv all the time. I wonder how conspiracy theories are even widely spread if things were so suppressed by mass media, or people were "directed away from it" whatever floats your boat.

    Edit: I have the same philosophy on parenting. But you will agree that all people at a certain age have brain enough to think for themselves, right?

    YBOP images/titles. Some are slightly embellished, but not the extent that the language and imagery here is. Of course, that is a matter of opinion, I just feel like this topic is being gone about in the wrong way, I have said before it has validity; but some of the things said here ughhh feels like people are trying to portray a way more extreme picture than what is actually going on.
  9. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    So now you've stooped to insults now I see, because you cannot directly debate each and every point with me. You just come back ranting and raving about nothing like a dog barking at the wind. And then you have the cheek to call me dumb.

    This is all you've been doing for the last few pages


    I've entertained you long enough, where you've done nothing but rant and rave and when challenged to back up any points, you find some shit excuse as to why you have no references and revert to name calling like the silly little boy that you are.

    If you can't handle mature debates that follow a logical order, then do not try and enter them. Because you're clearly out of your depth and I'm wasting my time discussing this issue with you.
  10. J.P.

    J.P. Active Member


    Don't need to reference studies for common sense^
  11. fuzzy_dunlop

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    Fluoride (Hydrofluorosilicic Acid) has many negative effects. It is a waste product of the Aluminum and fertilizers industries among others. In fluoridated areas of between 0.7ppm and 2.0ppm there can be as much as a 10point reduction in I.Q. compared to non-fluoridated areas. It's directly linked to higher rates of osteoporosis, certain types of cancers, alzheimer's disease and early onset dementia. It calcifies the pineal gland which is responsible for melatonin production. It's also responsible for dental fluorosis (have a google of that one to see how nonsensical involuntarily medicating a population with this stuff is). I'd also suggest researching the history of how this toxic substance became introduced in to our water supply.

    By the way, the more the subtle the quality of the control, the better.

    "It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not free - to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think, feel and act. The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free."

    Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley, 1958 -

    Worth thinking about..
  12. J.P.

    J.P. Active Member

    I stand corrected of fluoride. I personally don't drink tap water, but I will be sure to direct my brothers and mother away from it now (I am a milk addict).

    I will think on that. As for the quote? Well, let's just say if what is being said there is true and fully applies, then all of us here on this site and in society are all just saying and doing what our governments want.

    I have said before and will refer you to my 18 font bold quote above your post. Thinking independently isn't hard.

    Have a google at Frank Rizzo, the whole illusion came crashing down due to one journalist wanting to be a good person. There are plenty of guys out there like that, you seem to be one of them, and as condescending and rude as Metal has been to me I have the same opinion of him.
  13. fuzzy_dunlop

    fuzzy_dunlop Member

    No bother pal. I didn't join this site to try change people's minds about anything, I joined to get my libido back. Thing is, the more you do look behind the curtains, the more you start to see the value in the old adage "the truth is often stranger than fiction".

    There's a LOT of shady shit going on in the world, and for most people, cognitive dissonance stops people from peeking behind the curtains. Thing is, if you want to encourage people to have a look for themselves, the worst thing you can do is hammer your opinions in to them. Kind of like what your friend has been doing above.
  14. CrazyGopher

    CrazyGopher Member

    Good point! Getting people to look at things they don't want to see, is a subtle artform. You have to prod the cognitive dissonance just enough so that they become slightly uneasy, but not so much that they feel attacked or choose to invoke denial and refuse to consider the issue.

    A more difficult challenge, is preventing yourself from slipping into denial when others challenge your own invalid assumptions! Or at least, I have found it so ;D
  15. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    Are you sure you've not been drinking the tap water? Sad isn't that now your family have literally been drinking prozac, and you were led to believe it never had any harm. But I guess it's just more tin foil hat stuff right?

    And you know what else flouride does for beyond what they tell it does like keeping your teeth nice and clean? It shrinks the pineal gland. Nice huh? There are studies on that too,but you don't believe in studies right, they're just tin hat conspiracies!

    Drinking large amounts of cow milk is probably fucking you up too but people like you don't research anything, just willing to lap up anything that's sold to you.

    lol And you want to tell me television has had no effect on you when in fact it has made you fine example of what is ignorance.
  16. Laurynas

    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.


    I guess this was already answered, if you're still unaware you can find more info easily.
    I'll just provide a useful link with instructions on how to remove fluoride from drinking water.
    IMO best one out there proving it.

    True, but doing inside jobs to make muslims look like terrorists to keep on attacking them is just too much...
    Covers point 10 as well.
    There's so much shit.. Latest story Chris Dorner, as from your saying I guess you know how to Google? You can even actually Facebook it. They made a page with other stories too. Also when you type in NYPD a lot of things come up about being corrupt and getting away with shit. For example if you type in NYPD (just NYPD) in youtube - you'll see.
    Ever heard of Nikola Tesla?
    Also watch Thrive.
    So for all those readings this - get to know what HAARP is.. Google -> Dangers of haarp or whatsoever and you will get more than enough info of it's potential threats.

    You actually can see these with google earth, here is a few, paste and copy then go on Google Earth and take a look... 11°57'6.42"S 76°52'30.08"W.....13°27'25.77"N 79°10'33.28"E... 0°12'13.01"S100°19'12.81"E... 34°51'15.02"N136° 6'21.79"E... 40°24'12.85"N 93°38'19.97"E.... 51°18'17.19"N 30° 3'58.34"E..... 54° 7'6.30"N 11°46'9.79"E..... 21°48'56.76"S114°10'33.88"E...... 43° 4'51.58"N 92°48'32.33"E.....39°52'40.40"N118°23'54.56"W.
    Yeah and those spying drones, as well as weapon restrictions are for the "safety" of people, freedom, right?
  17. Laurynas

    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.

    Because elite doesn't want people to hear and see this on TV and mainstream media.

    Sir, at this point you're being ignorant due to the fact that I posted more than 4 hours of information at 11:44:39 PM forum time and you reply on 12:32:52 AM forum time, which is less than an hour after my post. You haven't reviewed the information I posted, therefore I see it as an ignorant act, no offense intended but if you want to ask - please review the information gathered above carefully first and if you have questions after then - please do ask.

    Thank you.
  18. Laurynas

    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.

    Now look at this situation from a side point of view.

    You're judging the situation from a video title and a poster WITHOUT WATCHING IT carefully.

    Why should I even discuss anything with you if you ignorantly refuse to watch videos with proven facts and stories that you are too ignorant to watch?

    If you stay that ignorant - I have nothing to discuss with you and for that matter I'll just simply have to ignore your posts.

    Have a pleasant day.
  19. fuzzy_dunlop

    fuzzy_dunlop Member

    I know exactly what you mean! That's why every now and again I like to take the time to remind myself that it's not me who's mad. 8)

  20. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    I agree with Al. Those kind of documentaries are extremely one sided and so you are not getting an objective discussion. Anyone can twist things to suit their argument and it's very easy to just post endless youtube videos citing this and that.

    A better thing would be to discuss your own views and give evidence supporting it.

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