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    What term?
  2. ModusVivendi

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    Uh, I don't know if you're reffering to the quoted post (my last post), I don't mean to derail characters or what have you, from it. I mean everything I said in it, they are beta's, not making fun of you there.

    I watched the first 2 minutes of the first video posted on there, and gave my thoughts on it somewhere in page 2. I can't be arsed to watch all of those videos. Besides, it's all spun with a bias... anyone can fucking do that. And like I said, I watch 20-60 minutes a day (usually comedy) on average, quite the contrary of the target you 3 are aiming at.
  3. ModusVivendi

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    Come on, that's a completely different beast. We almost had no idea of the effects.

    Comparing the tv thing would be more accurate comparing it to heroine, alcohol, or any drug (imo, at least).
  4. Metal

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    Well why do you feel you have to compare it to yourself? This isn't all about you lol If you only watch 60 min comedy fine, it's not a competition to see who watches the least amount of tv.

    Do you even know what point you are trying to make in this thread? Because I'm not sure you do.

    I mean you say you watched 2 mins of one video and then you assume that you know all the other videos lol. It's very hard to take you seriously, even though I'm trying.
  5. Metal

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    No way, you're completely wrong, tv's effects, are just as subtle as porn's ability to distort your mind and place your brain in an altered state, to the point where you feel hooked.

    Some people cannot fall to sleep without the tv on. Television shapes, peoples idea's of what constitutes reality, there are subliminal and it has been used as a form of guerrilla warfare on the human psyche, to shape their views and keep them going in a particular direction.

    How many people are aware of that do you know?
  6. ModusVivendi

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    Do I need to watch all of the videos he posted? Can't I understand the general sense of the thread after reading an ALL CAPS title, reading the images, and the text he and JtF have typed? Along with the others?

    My points were all made in my first post.
  7. ModusVivendi

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    Lol, get real. The first world problems that those in the first world create are some of the most comic things to read.
  8. tsmith1302

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    You really think that's what this is about for me? That I feel threatened by somebody attacking mainstream media? That I'm sitting at my computer saying "HOW DARE THEY BAD MOUTH TELEVISION!!"

    I couldn't care less if somebody watches 0 hours of TV a week, or 150 hours. Same goes for wasting time on the internet, or if sitting in their room watching paint dry. It's their choice.

    I do think however, that vilifying mainstream media as "a tool to zombify people" is a rather extreme stance, and we're putting the onus on a scapegoat.

    If I'm not happy with my life, I need to fix it. If I'm addicted to pornography, it's my job to get unaddicted.

    It's not TV's fault. It's my fault. Whining that I've been brainwashed by the media won't help a damn thing.
  9. ModusVivendi

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    THANK YOU! But wait! According to JtF, since you live in America, you're not as free as you think...so you probably don't have the freedom to not listen to what they tell you on the tv :[ or to turn it off :[[[[[
  10. Metal

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    Obviously not falling to sleep without tv is not one of the most important problems. I'm just highlighting it's addictive effects. It's influence to shape the mind of the individual to pattern in the brain what is reality telling them what to aspire to achieve, what to buy, what is normal and abnormal. The majority of our beliefs have come from the television and only some of us are now realising how unhealthy those belief patterns are.

    You can bury your head in the sand and pretend everything is fine, but it doesn't change that fact that the television is basically mind control. You can bring your kids up on it for them to become mindless zombies of weak character who rely on what the tv tells them to believe, or you can teach them the real values and essence of life which is timeless and isn't some fad/phase that is cool for the time being.
  11. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    Woa woa woa, who is saying it's all of television's fault for us being addicted to porn? Does highlighting the brass and incessant advertisement of alcohol in the media by the alcoholic lead it to mean that he's blaming all of his addiction on advertisement companies ? Such black and white thinking is for the simple minded.

    In fact you're being disingenuous by putting words into people's mouth and come up with ghost points that no one has made just so you can come up with a counter.

    To deny the influence of such a thing as tv and it's ability to zombifying people is to live in ignorance.
  12. tsmith1302

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    Dude. When you use a word like "zombifying" it implies that our freedom of choice is being taken away. When our freedom of choice is taken away, we aren't responsible for our actions. You do realize that, right?

    If somebody made a thread that said "Watching too much TV is a bad thing" I would support it wholeheartedly.

    Instead, the tone of this thread is (using all direct quotes):


    "It's a tool, a tool to control people, a tool to zombify people and to tell them what to do, what to wear, what to eat and what to think."

    "Television is the greatest scientific indoctrination tool ever devised."

    "It's no secret television is a mind control device"

    "Not unlike the shitbox that tells you what to think."

    Etc etc. and I haven't even made it past the first page.

    If you don't understand that the language being used in this thread is too strong, there's no purpose in me continuing this discussion any further.
  13. J.P.

    J.P. Active Member

    I agree with tsmith.

    Fact of the matter is I can watch tv for 10 hours a day and as long as I have my own opinion, ambition, and thought/choice it will not and cannot control me.

    You think human beings that have been educated in general don't know that?

    As far as freedom goes, it isn't the US. The whole world isn't as free as it thinks, at least it was legal to own assault weapons in my state until recently....

    However in a place like the UK for example guns are banned, period (bad idea imo).

    But moving away from politics... I do think the idiots with no ambition and no real drive are indeed being sucked in worse and worse everyday because of media, but that was only after they decided to give into being a lazy zombie.
  14. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    Do you know what the term covert means? Well television is a form of covert hypnosis as the person who is watching is unaware there are subliminals within the programs shown. So yes your freedom of choice has been taken away in that respect because you're not informed or aware that, that factor is in place.

    Language is strong you say?!So what? Has anything in that has been written in those quotes you made wrong?

    If like you implied the op had said ''tv causes porn addiction'' then I could see your point.

    But simply basing your argument that the language used is too strong then I can't say you have a leg to stand on. Neither you or modus have come up with anything to prove any of those statements false, or come up with anything tangible to chew on as to why we've been unfair in our views regarding the dangers of television.
  15. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    I've got a friend, he watches porn every day, has membership to all the top porn site yet, he has no problem performing when he wants to with a woman. Shall we get rid of the PIED movement because one person out 10 is not effected by something which has proven to be detrimental to the majority?

    And I highly doubt you've not picked up some sort of, belief or influence from television.
  16. J.P.

    J.P. Active Member

    PIED will probably happen to him soon.... took me 2 years of heavy use so we will see.

    No I haven't picked up beliefs from tv. Ever watch the news and say "yeah fucking right, I know they're lying?" I have. A lot. I also don't watch much tv.

    What I am saying is it is a fucking fallacy to correlate idiotic behavior and bad life choices to a tv. Or pc. Or anything other than yourself for that matter.

    What did people have to blame 500 years ago? Theater? Ridiculous. It's just plain ludacris.

    I agree, too much of media is wasteful of time. But as far as your comment on Gary? Not like anyone knew what porn use could potentially do.

    Take cocaine for example, people used to think it was ok to spike drinks with it. That it was good.

    Personally, I think anyone who correlates negative behavior or lack of intelligence with "controlling media" is mad. Should we all start wearing aluminum foil hats now?

    Let's be real here. Anyone picking up a remote and watching tv knows it is a personal choice.

    Just like watching porn is as well.

    I actually take classes on analyzing media and subliminal advertising/subliminal messages. Hell, I know how to design them, I know templates for it.

    I can tell you with 100% confidence if you know what you think and believe you will only take on new ideas that you rationalize and that agree with your common sense.
  17. ModusVivendi

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  18. CrazyGopher

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    I used to think that the subliminals in news, TV, movies, video games, porn, etc, could not really affect me that much.

    Lately, I am much more cautious.

    I read somewhere that too much media input overwhelms even the people who are best able to deal with subliminal influences, so it's best to make sure you don't consume much media and choose very carefully what you expose yourself to. That seemed wise, to me.
  19. J.P.

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    After reading this it got me to thinking: Maybe my opinion is really biased because I don't watch tv. I watch maybe a few hours a week, and that is mostly movies or the ID channel (love forensics and investigating).

    But on average I would say I use the tv 2 hours a week. I use the internet a lot more, but that is mostly for playing games with friends or coming here, so I suppose it doesn't count as watching MTV and the news.

    I will stand by the statement that it is a matter of choice though, you don't have to watch anything.

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.
  20. Metal

    Metal Get busy living or get busy dying

    You know nothing, it's that simple. Saying television has a influence is no way take full responsibility away from an individuals regarding their actions.

    What do you study? Are you telling me your credentials are superior to that of a Doctor or a scientist who is carried out studies on the influence of television? Show me proof television has no influence instead of taking the retarded view that only tin foiled hat merchants believe in tv having a controlling effect.

    Don't insult my intelligence again, because you are talking from the highest point of ignorance by saying anyone who believes in the controlling effects of tv is mad. You're only grasping at shredded straws with your pathetic reasoning and highly childish insulting words.


    There are more studies that prove, this I'm just waiting to hear what rubbish you're ready to spout in response to the study carried out by a dr and scientist. Presumably you and mundus seem to know better

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