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    Wise words.
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    Excellent thread, I've thrown my television out a few months ago and I've never looked back. It's just a big stream of bullshit, with a few good shows thrown in here and there. I only use YouTube now, to watch some of the pearls that are on television.. although I should still get that under control more.

    Guys, throw your television out!
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    I fail to see the relevance of this thread to the forum. What does this anti-establishment propaganda have to do with pornography addiction?
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    How do I know you are not trying to control me?

    You are flat out trying to tell me what to do...to throw my tv out.

    For me, the formula or way to get thru life is not complicated....

    Alot of it came from what I learned thru my faith and my parents, who were good people, and very good in all the right places.

    As for my faith, much of it makes great sense and has served me well, but I also saw where MAN has bastardized it along the way, and so I decided for myself long ago what makes sense, seems right and wrong, and what is just another stupid act by stupid men and women, or maybe CONFUSED men and women is a better term.

    I look at TV and the media the same way...you can make the argument that tv and media is the new religion..seeing how it sets up so much of the behavior and mindset of so many, but either way I watch and I listen and I decide what makes sense, who is full of shit, and who is not, and whats their agenda...

    And I go from there.

    Throw it out, or censor it? NO.

    Better that they continue to reveal themselves to me so that I know what I need to do.

    Follow their BS like it's come down from the hand of God? Never have, never will.

    I shake my head at how people watch one tv station and are ALL IN on that stations talking points and which way they go politically, then go to the opposing station and HATE on it...and walk away from both believing it's THEIR guy that is 100% straight up and doing the right thing, and the other is the devil.

    Stupid fools...nobody on this planet has it right all the time...they are BOTH lying and carrying on at times.
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    So I log on and see that my thread http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=6940.0 was locked and there's a question at the bottom. I answered the question to clear it up:

    1. If you'd watch Mr. Freeman's clips that are rather thought-provoking you'd realize how it talks about controlling people by mainstream media, TV and porn.

    2. That topic is rather a useful tool for people who are rebooting. Some get disappointed with the results of just not wanking, therefore that educational topic appeared to better understand that you need to do more to achieve more. NO TV + NO or VERY LITTLE mainstream media + NO PORN = a lot of time to improve one's skills and to achieve happiness and satisfaction in life.

    3. There are motivational topics in that section and they're not locked, this one is a motivational + educational, why does it end up locked? Makes no sense to me.

    4. IMO forum should be not only for PMO addiction but to improving life overall, that's what I'm trying to achieve for others to understand, IMO since PMO addiction caused a lot of "trauma" in life and one's mind - it's a must to educate that there are plenty other things that cause "trauma" and negative effects to one that's why in order to trully be satisfied with your reboot - you have to work on a lot of stuff in your life, not just turn off porn and wait for someone to give you 3 magic wishes, it's a process and it needs effort and changes in a lot of things.

    5. If you're a puppet that's being controled - how can you be sure that you won't fall back in the pit of porn? TV and mainstream media tell a lot of things that can make you think about porn (and even fucked-up scenarios of porn, depending on one's fetishes and "favs").

    Considering that those are pretty good reasons that answer the question how it is related with pornography addiction I'd like to see my topic unlocked as I've mentioned in my journal - I'm not sure whether I'll stay long on the forum but before I go I seek to educate people since the majority yet doesn't understand that TV is a shitbox and mainstream media is a tool to control people as well as using porn to control people.

    ~Learn to think yourself, not what the media and TV tells you what to do, what to think and what to buy, become free.

    /End of speech.

    This got it unlocked and should clear things up why I brought up this topic.
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    Indeed. This thread would be more at home in the 'Social Advice' sub-forum.

    However, I should say that I also 'threw my TV out' years ago and I agree with most of what was said here.

    TV is the ultimate control tool. The combination of moving pictures and sound basically has a direct pathway to your subconscious mind. The scary part is that the subconscious mind can't tell the difference between what you saw in real life and what you watched on a screen. As far as your subconscious mind is concerned, every video/movie/show you've ever watched in your life actually happened for real.
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    Don't worry guys, you'll grow out of this rebel late-teens/early 20s phase.


    I fail to see how getting a good laugh for 20-60 minutes a day from characters I find hilarious such as Mark Corrigan or Michael Scott does me so much harm.

    I eat right, I exercise for 1 hour a day outside in nature everyday, I watch my favorite football team's weekly match and no other sports, and thanks to the reboot, I've been socializing quite a lot as much as I would like. If I can fit in 20-40 minutes of shows on my laptop once a day, If I watch a movie a week... are you serious??

    There's not a 100% absolute answer to everything. This extreme theory is just as bad as the other end of the spectrum.

    The modern world gives us so many tools we need. It's our choice to decide which ones are useless and which are useful. We have all the tools possible now in the first world to live a great life, we certainly did not a couple centuries ago... or middle ages... and god no back in our caveman days.

    And @JtF, aren't you the one who boasts about movies you love, and post motivation jpeg's from Reddit all the time?? 300, Fight Club?

    You know what other tool the modern world gives us (one that we have always had)? The option to go live in a cave and do with the ways you oh so romanticize.

    PS: I find it quite funny that 95% of the time those that complain about the modern world are middle-class white kids who have never experienced true hardship. It's like those "Rasta" white kids in my classes, LOL...
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    this too
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    A famous speech made by Charlie Chaplin.
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    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.

    The reason I went into this section because I find it related and I believe that it can solve a lot of problems caused, also, this section is way more effective since way more people read here than the social advice section.
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    Last year I watched a documentary called "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". It changed my life.

    I started eating much better and I lost 20 lbs. I was never heavy to begin with, so now I'm down right slim. A clean diet changes everything. I can concentrate better at work. My skin glows. I have awesome erections too.

    What a horrible, horrible choice it was to watch that movie.
  12. ModusVivendi

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  13. Laurynas

    Laurynas 300 Days+ Experienced.

    You missed the point, that's what I see for sure, but meh, ignorance at some point is trully understood.

    I'm not saying to shut off everything and go live in a cave.

    20-40 min shows with no seperate commercials and a movie won't do you harm, well.. much of it..depends, various factors..
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    The cave part was directed at JtF. He's a big fan of going backwards.
  15. ModusVivendi

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    Like what? Just because somebody tells you to do something or that its the right way, you have to believe them? I've seen Jersey Shore, do you think I believe that that way of living is the right way? That banging skanks is the ultimate goal in life?
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    Did you watch the videos/info posted on the first page?
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    I watched the first video and read the images. I don't become hypnotized to the unending tv stream... as they suggest. The same way the emotion is "supressed" from what we view, we've "supressed" it when our ancestors have told us stories of violence, whether it was the beast they nearly got eaten by, the time they slayed a tiger, etc. There's no point in watching all of those for me. And I find it ironic that in that first video, the very first company they name on there is ENRON haha, totally no bias meant in that video ::).

    My last post was mostly directed at the images you posted of "your life is boring, watch mine" and "what screws us up...". I'm pretty sure I'm able enough to identify how I want to live my life and what makes me happy.
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    Lol, I remember this stuff doing its rounds in my college days.
  19. Laurynas

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    It has way less of an effect if you're consious. I suggest watching Mr. Freeman, although you might misunderstand some parts of it, since it's thought provoking.

    I don't see anything wrong with that image, you either live your own life or dedicate it to moving pictures. :p
    First comes teli, then comes porn then comes PIED at home.. lol
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    Are you being forced to read this topic? It seems not. Don't like it? Don't read it. As simple as it gets. :)

    Go watch some more TV and porn. :p

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