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    Day 34

    It's felt like a long time has passed since my first post, which was only yesterday. It was obvious today even early on that my productive day yesterday was a fluke as there was no planning whatsoever that went into it, it just sort of happened on its own. I've been spending my day today mainly binge watching Youtube videos. All of them centered around self-improvement and NoFap, but nonetheless it should only take one video to surmise enough information to form a daily plan. I have replaced my addiction for porn with an addiction to watching long-form youtube videos and playing windows solitaire at the same time. Solitaire is one of those games whose title reveals the loneliness of the individual playing it. If you're going to play games they might as well be played with others.

    Anyway, it wasn't all that bad. I started getting into some information about the art of sexual kung fu and forming an alternate practice for NoFap, which allows for orgasm, as long as they are non-ejaculatory, but which requires a lot of sexual training. I guess that's why my day marker doesn't include orgasm in the list. Many times on this journey we can feel unbearable blue balls and develop even more compulsive habits because we are not using our sexual energy in a healthy way. The idea of sexual kung fu is centered around semen retention, which is an important element of NoFap, as well as cultivating that energy and training the body to rewire its sexual apparatus to nourish the rest of the organs.

    Personally I like the idea. Hardmode is great, but I don't know if I can go with zero sexual stimulation. I need to be stimulated in some way, orgasms are healthy as long as they aren't conditioned to pornography and centered only in the genitals, releasing semen.

    I think this new sexual practice will help ground me, it is centered around many Qigong practices as well as Taoist philosophy, something I am interested in, so we'll see how it goes. I am looking forward to the energy boost sexual inner training will have on me, since that is the main reason I am starting this practice. I urge all of you to grab a copy of Mantak Chia's "The Multi-orgasmic Man", it's quite a fascinating read, I've only just started but it takes the ideas of no PMO to a whole new level. If you can't get the book just lookup one of his countless interviews on Youtube, he goes through the topic of sexuality with an open mind and a bristling intellect, it's great stuff.

    Anyway, that's all for now, things are going well with staying away from the porno, no urges today, besides binge-watching Youtube, which will be stopping in the coming days and weeks.


    all the best,


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