[VIDEO] The effect of facebook on your relationships and self worth

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by TylerDurden, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Member

    I've been familiar with all of these concepts for years... but I've never heard them tie in together so well. I thought this video was really profound; it actually made me sit and think "Hmmmm...." for a good while today. Although I don't think I will delete facebook, it's definitely made me take a second look at how inflated social media really is

  2. OnTheBall

    OnTheBall New Member

    Thank you I am glad I do not have Facebook.

    Do you have the URL.

    Stay Strong
  3. Demon_In_Me

    Demon_In_Me New Member

    I love being reminded of the 'fight-club' philosophy. All this consuming is unessential to our hunter/gatherer human instincts.

    ''Only once we have lost everything are we free to do anything''

    ''The things you own end up owning you'' - Tyler Durden

    Thanks for sharing this video, I can proudly say I have been off facebook for a year now.
  4. BilboBagins

    BilboBagins Through adversity, there is redemption

    Whilst I can't quit facebook, because I'm abroad and I speak to my "true friends" using it. I love the video and the points it makes, especially about narcissism and consumerism. I feel like acknowledging the points it presents is enough to understand and stop doing them. For example, I deleted all pictures I wanted people to "like" and I just have pictures that represent me, I deleted all people I don't talk to or have no real connection with. I only have people on facebook I WANT to know about and have an interest in their lives. i.e my friend had a baby and I'm really happy for them the baby pictures are lovely to look at.

    It's all about your state of mind and knowing what is happening/you are doing.
  5. ram

    ram New Member

    Totally agree with this video, Facebook relationships are no substitute for real-life relationships and if one is not careful using facebook you can easily fall into narcissism and comparing yourself with others trap. A

    Although facebook is not completely to blame for this behavior of their users I do believe the design their site to promote this type of behavior. If you watch the movie "social network" prior to creating Facebook Zuckerburg had a web-page called "Facemash" the whole purpose of that was to rate peoples attractiveness. Also if you use Linked-in for example you dont see people behaving the same way as FB due to the different design and motives of the site.

    In the end we are all responsible for how we use FB, I decactivated about 2 weeks ago because I did notice my self starting to compare with other people and getting negative insecure feelings which I do not need specially when trying to quit PMO.

    One of the most annoying things on FB is when girls post "I miss you" on eachothers walls....lol If you miss someone just pick-up the phone and call or go visit them!!!

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