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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by Porn_Fiend, May 12, 2014.

  1. Porn_Fiend

    Porn_Fiend New Member

    I think i probably know the answer but are too much video games bad for you in the same way as porn, well not int he same way but does it have consequences on you from playing them all the time. Ever since quitting PMO I've replaced it with video games.
  2. nemo333

    nemo333 New Member

    Porn does more damage. BUT everything can be addictive, replacing one addiction with another will not help.

    I also recently started gaming, but I keep it under control. Only play a few hours a week.

    Play it at socialable hours, enjoy the game, (it is only a game). Keep your room clean and tidy, eat healthy.

    I treat the game as though I am watching a movie, as though I am in a movie.

    Also most games now can have sexual themes and maybe a trigger.
  3. Ashuvain

    Ashuvain New Member

    Video game addiction was a much bigger issue for me than porn addiction. I used to spend 5+ hour playing video games before. My life has always been like this since I was... oh around 13 years old, when I started having acne. Honestly it's just as bad as porn for your life, if not worst, because at least if you fap too much your dick hurts but you can always play more video games your body won't necessarily warn you of what you're doing...

    Then I started playing League of legends, I took the game super seriously and decided it would be the only game I would play, but then I got so committed to it that it reached a point where playing that game was even more stressful to me than going to work. And that's how I cured my video game addiction. Pretty lame, yeah, but hey I went from spending 5+ hours a day on video games to not playing video games at all anymore in 1 month! Honestly I highly advise you to stay away from video games or to highly limit how much time you spend on them, I've lost more than 5 years of my life on them.
  4. Mistakesweremade

    Mistakesweremade New Member

    It depends....

    LOL & Wow and just about any other blizzard game is the worst out there. Trust me, I've played them all and all I felt was completely devoid of life. The damage it can do to you both mentally & physically is far greater then what porn can ever do to you. (Unless, you jerk off like every 5 mins, then heck yeah! Porn is worst!)

    If you really want too improve your health & well being then you really need to quit video games as well or ONLY play them occasionally.
  5. BATFE

    BATFE New Member

    Many say replacing PMO with video games is a good thing. Because it will atleast keep you off PMO. I don't agree. Video game is just as bad.

    And besides some video games are no different than porn. In porn you only get a linear story. But in video games it is interactive. Like for example rockstars GTA, hitman series, skyrim, sims....

    wait I just listed quite a lot of games with P content. :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  6. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    Don't create another addiction to fight this one! I quit gaming over the summer and I'm so glad I did. To be honest I stopped fighting PMO to do it because I knew that otherwise fighting PMO would have just resulted in more gaming. Seek out all of your addictions and crush them one by one that is the only way!
  7. ls558

    ls558 Member

    The worst are MMORPGs. I have avoided those because I know what will happen to me. I've seen coworkers lose their job over MMOs. I've seen marriages collapse. I've seen people drop out of highschool.

    Modern one-player games are just as bad, with so many tasks to complete, and now "Achievements".

    Stick to the old games. Get yourself an NES or a Sega Genesis and you'll be just fine. Most of the games on those systems can be turned on, gameplay starts within seconds, and turned off whenever you want.
  8. SwimAddict

    SwimAddict New Member

    Or just sell all the gaming stuff and use it to start a real world hobby! A console and games is more than enough to fund a pretty decent first guitar!!
  9. Greeley

    Greeley On a mission to win.

    I literally get home from work on my 9-5:30 job and instantly go on my game (World of Warcraft) ive been on it for 6 years but i love it. I wouldn't say im addicted as such since i can easily stop when an event comes up.

    I think the main problem for me is that i have so few hobbies that gaming and browsing the internet is literally the only thing i enjoy doing. I do it out of boredom and i have far too much free time.
  10. Mazead

    Mazead New Member

    I would also like to join with everyone above and say the same thing, if you replace PMO with other addiction, as long as its "an addiction" it is bad for you. I had done the same mistake and wasted countless hrs playing games which i could have put to good use and even make some money.
  11. Life

    Life Member

    Video games are detrimental once they start being used to escape the hardships of real life. Otherwise, they are great stress relievers.
  12. Borges08

    Borges08 Member

    Video games become a problem if you're playing past the mark of fatigue which is usually about 1h30min-2h at a time with a healthy brain.
  13. jimlee

    jimlee New Member

    video games help me probably cause i get bored after the main story
  14. msport

    msport New Member

    Well, I don't know for sure how bad or good video games are but I try to stay away from them. I don't need another vice while there's so much good things and hobbies to do in the real world
  15. Borges08

    Borges08 Member

    It's not worse than porn addiction..I used to spend 5 hours playing video games too, but that was BEFORE I was rebooting from porn. Now 450 days into reboot, playing video games has a huge effect on my brain and perception and I usually shut it off after 1.5 hours max. I also quit playing online multiplayer first person shooters since they lead no where, and online RPG's. I enjoy playing single player games now more to be honest, as they're much less stimulating.

    The problem is that your brain can't feel the effect of video games when you're addicted to porn, which is why you can play 5 hours straight and not feel any different because the dopamine from porn is so much higher than video games.

    Video games aren't even close to porn addiction and I wish people would stop comparing both of them. Playing video games stimulates your brain artificially and leads to changes, but no where NEAR the levels of high arousal hardcore sex videos PAIRED with jacking off. It's like comparing video games to crack or meth. No. In fact, when you STOP playing video games, your brain returns to natural levels fairly quickly.

    If you quit porn, then you will decrease video game time. It's as simple as that. Being on digital screens and the internet itself hits my brain hard, all because it's so sensitive right now. This will change in time.
  16. highway

    highway New Member

    Watching porn drives you away from real life... and playing videogames, guess what.. it drives you away from real life too!
    It's probably less dangerous than porn because videogaming shouldn't rewire your brain so strongly as porn does, but it's still a way for your mind to escape reality and create fantasized scenarios in your head.
    It's NOT good, we need to learn to live the real world in every single aspect.

    Also, considering that it can be addictive, it might bring to desensitization just like porn does.. you don't want to defeat your desensitization from porn and find yourself with a still numbed reward system from games.

    Maybe you can try with live in-person role-playing games, where you actually wear fancy fantasy dresses, meet people, sleep in tents, etc...?
    Definitely more healthy!
  17. BATFE

    BATFE New Member

    Ummm no. May be it can make your recovery easy from porn. But these are not a load of bullshit. And who would want to play mmorpg with no graphics these days. I don't know but I always liked to play as a female character so that I can gawk her ass all the time. Even in non mmorpg games like skyrim. It's so tempting to take of that armor.
  18. Borges08

    Borges08 Member

    This is the problem with video games. During pmo reboot, playing hours of video games at a time will not help you. It will prolong recovery. This is why I quit online gaming.

    Playing video games for an hour or two after a day of healthy activities will not prolong recovery, unless they're extremely stimulating.

    Movies aren't as stimulating as video games.
  19. Life

    Life Member

    Sounds like reality avoidance to me. How is everything with your life?
  20. Life

    Life Member

    Facing reality is the best option in my opinion because games only provide temporary relief. Once you find reality to be enjoyable, there wouldn't be any need to escape it via porn or video games. I see withdrawals as the body trying to cope with reality and by playing video games, you are slowing down this recovery process.

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