Vices to the past. Victory for the future.

Discussion in 'Ages 30-39' started by PrepDad, Feb 20, 2019.

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    This is probably my 4th journal and 8,726th time trying to quit porn. I will also document here my quitting smoking as well since they're demons cut from the same cloth.

    Quick bio: 37 years old, married, one young son. I'm college educated and work in a conservative professional field. I identify as bisexual but am married to a woman and have never had an experience with another man (at least that was consensual on my part. Nothing terrible, just an overly aggressive guy in Vegas.) I deal with anxiety, depression and ADHD.

    Porn has been in my life since I was in my late teens, and I've been more or less a daily consumer of it with the exception of a few stints of sobriety. It's become, like Dunhills, my quick way of handling stress, anger or frustration. It's also just as destructive, and just as much a secret from my wife.

    My marriage isn't in the greatest shape and hasn't been for some time. I love my healthy, smart and cute son more than I can imagine but him coming into the world caused a ton of upheaval.

    This is a short post since I'm at the office. I've been about 12 hours porn free, and put down my last cigarette about 15 minutes ago. I want my life back, my joy back, my health back, and my confidence back. Tired (exhausted) living in the shadows of porn and smoke. If I'm to keep all that I've worked my ass off for my whole life, things need to change. And I'm starting here.
  2. @PrepDad Welcome! I too am new here and hoping to get over the demons. Keep your mind clear and free. As each day goes by with success, try to keep in mind how that wake up knowing you resisted the urges. So far that has been what has helped me..knowing that if I cave I will feel worse than if I simply go to bed, or start a project, or go for a run. Replace the vices with positive activities, projects, workouts etc. I know I know...easier said than done, but that is why we are here. Best of luck staying free from your demons and vices
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    Thanks deepblue - we got this.

    Well, we will. I lasted about 6 hours on the PMO front yesterday. Wrench got thrown in my routine along with a wife that is very, very stressed out which comes out at me (I'm guilty of the same at times I'm sure). So I used twice. I'm still thumbs up on smoking though.
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    Not to be mean or superior.

    Dont even post until you make it past a month.

    No one wants to hear how weak you are.

    Seriously. Im sick of it.

    Man up or gtfo

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