Very HardCore Reboot

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by weir, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. weir

    weir Member

    Addicted from age of 11,
    Masturbated Since Age 11
    Failing In exams and in life from Age 18
    Anxiety & depression from Age 18
    Imagination & Fantasy Life From Age 18
    Lieing & Deisrespectiong Parents & Family Since Age 16

    I want to change my self, I want to change my brain,
    Right Now My Age is 25

    PMO Failed 2 times

    But Want new start From Today

    Plz Ask Any Question, Or Give Answer to my Questions

    Hardcore Reboot

    1.Wont Watch Youtube Videos

    2.Wont Watch Any TVShow's

    3.Wont Watch Any Movies

    4.Defenetly No Mastrubation

    5.I wont watch any single pic of nude & forget about Video

    I want to test my self, How Long I can survive.
  2. hope2overcome

    hope2overcome No Love, No Sex

    Good luck but there is just two things you need to get rid of and that is porn and masturbation(optional). The rest just minimize use.
  3. weir

    weir Member

    hey thanks man for encouragin me on my journey

    Yeah porn and mastrubation restriction is enough but I also wanna more productive in my work instead of using shit,

    I watched a movie and used youtube a lot, and saw couple of porn pics, and also chat some hot things which I am regret now

    so I am resetting my counter
  4. weir

    weir Member

    saw big videos of porn, which was my big fetish video, but take the courage and deleted the video right away, without even opening it :)

    Today I will buy seacod, and start using it
  5. weir

    weir Member

    Logged to some premium p sites today, watched for few minutes
    Had chat dirty totally fetish chat for 45 minutes
    saw some hardcore porn videos with skipping and few nude pictures and non nude woman pics

    Watched TV show on internet again, Downloaded 3 Movies and watched 1 half, and when i realize how cap the content is immediately deleted 3 of them, Listen to the songs too, Read un necessary celebs gossip too, Watched many YT videos while eating also,

    Not sleep whole night doing same unnecessary shit instead of work, Oh god I am useless


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