Using food as a crutch. Anyone else struggle with this?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by sm24153, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. sm24153

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    Over the past few winter months, I've gotten into a bad habit of using food as a crutch. It seems to provide comfort for the depression and anxiety that accompanies rebooting. Tomorrow is my day to start back on my healthy lifestyle, but I was just wondering if anyone else struggled with this?
  2. Newnes

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    Yep. Addiction switching is a risk.

    I second trainmill favoring the Paleo / Primal approach, which I follow too.

    However it won't solve your addiction problem. By essence, addiction / comfort food makes you want to eat beyond satiation, so diet can't be the answer by itself - it's just a piece of the puzzle.
  3. breath

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    sugar is not really a food. It's not somthing that humans ever ate historically. cut it out totally or almost totally if you can. The natural fruit sugar form WITHIN THE ACTUAL is OK (not the juice or processed forms) fruit's something our DNA is ok with. It'd b a stretch set yourself back using fruit as a comfort food.
    I imagine someone will want to argue that too much fruit is bad. Pulling up rare unlikely examples is th only way to argue that fruit is dangerous, while I'd assume that almost all comfort food lifestyle problems involve processed sugar.

    Cakes an candies are one side side but also fluffy brands of bread or pasta sauce etc ..(foods where sugar is used instead of higher quality, more expensive, better tasting ingredients. Better brands more often don't use sugar to substitute better more expensive ingredients).

    Sugar free diets (processed sugar) are not any less yummy, and if on finds it a challenge to find yummy food outsde of the sugary mainstream it's just a sign of habit and lack of skills in acquiring the good stuff.

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