Unsure if I even have PIED

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  1. Caller97

    Caller97 New Member

    20 years old. Been PMOing since 12 years old have pmoed lying down 90% of the time.

    I am able to get full erections lying down and sitting down without porn and to touch. However sitting down erections fade quicker when sitting.

    I get morning woods most days however is not always 100%

    Standing up I cannot get a strong erection whatsoever. Which is a common symptom found in pied. However it could also be due to many years of conditioning. I'm thinking this is more likely and thinking I should condition myself to masturbate standing up by standing up during sessions 2 times week if I chose this route.

    I have abstained from porn for over a month and MOed twice in that period.

    What are peoples opinions ?
  2. FritzBrause

    FritzBrause “You dogs, do you want to live for ever?”

    Conditioning yourself to masturbate standing up won't do you any good when that then means failing to become erect sitting or lying down.

    Can you get erections with women to have satisfying sex?
  3. Caller97

    Caller97 New Member

    As I said in the original post I can easily maintain strong erections when sitting and lying down without porn or fantasy. Sitting down takes a bit longer and fades quicker but still possible.

    I can get erections for sex however in standing positions I go soft

    That is why I think it is mainly a conditioning issue as I have MOed lying down since a young age. But there may be a component of PIED as well. Which is what I wanted peoples opinions on.

    I have stopped watching porn but don't know whether to do no MO or practice M in standing and kneeling positions
  4. Caller97

    Caller97 New Member

    UPDATE : been getting spontaneous erections as well so I think I know what my problem truly is now
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  5. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Active Member

    What was your problem could you explain?
  6. simon1986

    simon1986 Member

    Spontaneous erections and MW are a good sign of recovery, however... I was having them for a couple of weeks recently and then when I had a gf round nothing happened in my pants. It was so annoying, not anxiety, I just wasn't able to get horny anymore and haven't had mw or spontaneous erections since. Why???

    I've no idea, but it seems whilst I was horny I was thinking of sex a lot, normal sex (is this not normal?) And by the time it came to it my brain was in sleep mode again.

    Very frustrated.
  7. Etwin

    Etwin New Member

    What if you have morning wood, but no spontanious erections? What would be the problem?
  8. Mickeymouse

    Mickeymouse Active Member

    Thank you buddy. I m on my day 150. I also feel the same one cannot make out the exact reasons behind the problem. Focussing on problems to eleimate them is the only option.
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