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    Hi all,

    I am posting this same thread across each sub-forum in hopes to unite members (of different ages) together and work towards a cause, should anyone be interested!

    It's fantastic there are dedicated sub-forums to discuss issues with our peers. I'll openly admit I personally find there is something a bit more comforting speaking to someone of a similar age about my issues (easier to speak, relate, similar circumstances, ect). Perhaps you feel the same? Regardless of preferences, we all face the a similar problem.

    An idea struck me this evening.

    My idea is this:
    Collaborate our efforts, to generate visual material aides for the desired outcome of:

    • Creating truthful, accurate, easy to read information.
    • Further educating ourselves through our own personal journeys.
    • Provide material for those whom are new to the struggle.
    • Providing directly/indirectly effected partners/spouses with material to help them understand what thier loved one is experiencing.
    • Provide a fresh perspective to those whom wish to understand the cycles in detailed depth.
    • Help prevent younger internet users from consuming porn at a young age and falling victim.
    • Provide visual means to aid teaching/ education/ therapy.
    • Unite the members of the board to contribute efforts towards a common goal.

    Im sure one, or more of these goals are achievable.

    Given, I'm very aware there are novels, websites, fb groups, reddit groups, other forums and services such as Youtube providing content on porn addiction.

    But why not take experiences from the source itself (us) and create something for the greater good?

    I have started a thread here:


    I hope you take a moment to jump onboard and provide input!

    In the meantime, I wish everyone reading this the best of luck with your struggles and endeavours! And will more than likely speak to you soon as I plan to endulge more in the forums.

    Long read I know - but thank you.

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