UnAmericanized Women In The Phillipines?

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by ted93704, Jan 2, 2016.

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    If you have been paying attention the last few decades, things have become really bad for men in this country. If you get married, you could end up paying alimony and child support for the rest of your life. If you are a single guy you could end up putting up with the games of American women for God knows how long. Or, another option, you could try to find a woman from a second or a third world country! These women are not spoiled. Many of them have lead hard lives and many would love to find a man who would be their savior! While you are working on your ED issues try to cultivate a long distance relationship with one of these babes. If you have the money..if you are broke, dont even bother..but hey, maybe you'll find love!
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    I'm struggling to find out your point here really and any point I can drag out is a bad one.

    While exotic women can be bad as hell, what makes you think a women from a second/third world country won't treat you badly like these American women, it's like you're implying that only American women can treat you badly and while we are on that topic, explain americanized to me? Because then we are implying that all American women are a certain way which is a generalization
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    There are gold diggers everywhere bro.
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    what makes you think they wont treat you well? gratitude is a beautiufl thing
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    the thing about being homosexual is that ones prospective partners share similar hard wired agendas - a huge generalization - yes - but the huge range of individually aside - there are forces of nature/evolution at play.

    there is a joke:
    What did the gay guys do on their second date?
    what second date?

    what did the lesbians do on their second date?
    what second date?

    *** I in no way think that any man or woman need prescribe to these or any stereotypes, yet there are inate reasons - hunter gatherer related reasons - why certain patterns are hugely common.

    why are men far more interested in porn in general? they are hunters and sowers of seeds biologically.. they are also providers as the ones that shared with their mates and offspring successfully passed on their genes while those who failed to do so would have had utterly less successful offspring survival rates.

    Woman conversely nurture and gather to ensure their offspring survival.

    If as men and women we can't embrace these polarities we are forever bound for frustration.

    While women have different general patterns in sexual / marital relations in different lands the underlying the same old commonalities with humans worldwide are indeed quite there.

    In terms of ones frustrations with the other sex's agenda (seeming quite contrary to ours) I would say that looking around for a different culture as a better option, will reward you with only a fairly limited difference. Of the few relationships I've had with woman that lasted several years one of those woman grew up in the far east and emigrated to N America as an adult. While cultural differences (similar to what you have described were there (in some respects) the age old underlying male vs female challenges were indeed quite there. More like it's the same old gender agendas disguised in a different human language or dialect than anything profoundly different.

    Grass is always greener .... they say.

    I started being a lot happier when I accepted this as a beautiful part humankind and how its 2 genders work together from opposite poles

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