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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by missionnofap, Jun 12, 2015.

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    Sooo many of your questions either have nothing to do with porn addiction (heartbreaks, preoccupied about sex, looking at pretty girls, having been asked about your sex life by a friend) or are culturally biased (don't you think gay people have faced rejection due to their sexuality? are gay people all sex and/or porn addict? I think not) or just too obvious (if you have a porn blocker, or have told a friend you have problems with porn, you probably already know you are a porn addict - what's the point?). Plus, you're confusing porn and sex, they're different.

    I understand you're trying to help with your blog, but perhaps your posts you be of better quality if you didn't do it on your own. Nobody can think of everything just on their own. We're human, flawed, biased. I'm sure Noah, Gabe Deem, Gary Wilson didn't do their thing right on their own. They reached out for helped, looked at scientific literature, checked many anecdotal evidences, etc.

    Last thing, do you have to make 5 threads in a row, one for each blog entry you made? I was under the impression there was some spamming going on when I saw it.
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    If you happen to be a gay. :D

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