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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by al1234, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    OK, I've made this thread before but here goes again. I've quit TV and videos a few times before but it's never lasted more than a month or so. I'm thinking if I approach it the same way as porn addiction I can get the same results. Lets's see.

    I'm not going to write a long post explaining why I think excessive TV is bad or why I think it's addictive. I could, but I don't want to waste my time. You can google it if you want but most people either agree or disagree already.

    So here goes. As of today I would like to limit my viewing to a maximum of one show a day, that's 30 minutes max a day. I know I should try and cut it out completely, and I'll try to do that at first, but there are still shows that I enjoy and I'm not ready to completely give up. Will that make this harder? That's what she said. I mean, probably. We'll see.

    You're welcome to join me in this too.
  2. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    Yep that pretty much describes me too. I don't have a TV, just a netflix subscription, and I also binge when I discover a new show that I really like. It keeps me hooked. It's annoying really.
  3. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    I've finished work for the day and my first instinct is to watch Netflix. I don't want to so I'm sitting here quite bored, listening to the radio. That's the thing, I'm choosing boredom over videos. That's the deal.
  4. nomorefapalexander

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    Do you think everything on TV is bad? I don't watch TV but I downloaded South Park episodes and I watched them. Is there anything wrong with that?

    TV can be a total time-waster though. I used to watch on avarage 2-3 hours a day, even more.
  5. al1234

    al1234 Guest

    Bad for me.

    I'm not trying to start a movement here. Make your own decisions.

    I went three days with no TV shows at all. But then Saturday night when I got in I just wanted to watch something for a bit, so I did. Maybe I should just not watch at all during the week but relax a bit at weekends. I'll think about it.
  6. NorthByNorth

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    I got rid of cable back in 1998. I then used my TV only to watch DVD & VHS movies.

    I finally got rid of the TV back around 2006.

    Now, when I want to watch something from my DVD collection, I just pop it in my laptop, or I'll go to youtube and watch documentaries.

    As for withdrawal symptoms.... I went through about two weeks when I cancelled cable. For unplugging the TV, I had none.

    I agree with others, TV sucks your time up. I watched some great programs (mostly documentaries), like on A&E, Bravo, History channel, Discovery, etc. But I woke up one morning and thought of the life I had. I was planning my evenings based on what was on TV each night.

    So, I decided to get rid of cable and start reading more.

    Now, I read about 3 to 5 books a month. Aside from reading more, the greatest benefit from not watching TV is that my attitude is so much more positive. I even limit what news I consume from the web. Face it, all news is bad news, whether it's the truth or not (and it's usually not).

    Good luck to all who are getting rid of the no-life box. :)
  7. Fapper3

    Fapper3 Guest

    just as long as you are aware of the mind programming and how TV influences your beliefs.

    I am the same! I quit watching general TV but still have a few drama's i like to watch

    I watch family guy and thats full of B.S to control your mind..... i am just aware of it.
  8. Gil79

    Gil79 Seize the day

    Maybe an important question is why you're watching TV.

    I'm often using TV to stop thinking or worrying. The problem is then that when I finally turn off the TV and go to bed, the worries come back anyway.
  9. Fapper3

    Fapper3 Guest

    TV is background noise for surfing the internet duh :D

    no but really I'll watch very little. TV is boring to me

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