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    "NoFap is like trying to quit smoking but you always have a packet of cigarettes in your pocket."

    Some of us have risked breaking their streaks and even relapsed while testing the blockers. So if you know better ways to block porn, please, let us know.
    Why should you be using porn blockers?
    Because it’s really hard to quit porn when it’s just a click away.

    There will be times when willpower will fail you. Say for example, you were very tired or had poor sleep one day.

    What if you were having a bad day and you're thinking that watching porn might be a good idea?

    We know very little about willpower. But we now know that the prefrontal cortex of the brain is primarily responsible for willpower.

    So what damages your prefrontal cortex?

    1-Not getting enough sleep.
    2-Chronic stress
    3-Masturbating to porn.(Most importantly)

    That’s why when you relapse once, it becomes easier to relapse again and it becomes much harder to control yourself as you have temporarily damaged your prefrontal cortex. You have probably read this on YBOP, that masturbating to porn decreases the grey matter in your prefrontal cortex. Grey matter represents the cell bodies in the brain. So porn literally kills your prefrontal cortex where your willpower lives.

    What happens when your prefrontal cortex is fucked up? This gets us to an important function of the prefrontal cortex: Concentration, that's why you get the worst brain fog ever when you relapse.

    (Other diseases of the prefrontal cortex: Attention deficiency (ADHD) & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder(OCD). )

    When you start watching porn notice how your heart rate goes crazy. It will remain high for a few minutes but will eventually fall back to normal. I’m one of the people who believe that the heart is the center of emotion and not the brain. Maybe the brain is involved but the heart is the master of your emotions.

    What does that have to do with anything?

    That rush your heart gets when you watch porn, numbs your heart, it makes it insensitive to other emotions.

    A family member may die, and you won’t feel shit, you will try as hard as you can to cry, but you just can’t feel anymore, your heart is dead.

    Things that used to get you excited in the past, like hanging out with friends can’t get you excited now. At this point, only porn can.

    But not even “average porn” can get you excited now, the old porn doesn’t make your heart go as crazy as before, you have to watch novel and weird porn to get the same effect.

    We need to stay away from this drug as much as we can. If all what a porn blocker can do is to increase the number of clicks between you and watching porn, so why not give it a try? Why not give your willpower an aid?

    Porn filters are there to stop you when you are thinking you can’t take it anymore, it can stop you when you’re about to do something you’ll regret.

    DO NOT use porn filters as a crutch, they are just there to help you when you’re weak.

    If you depend on them too much, you will always end up finding a way around and watching porn.

    Porn blockers should buy you time, allow you to use your will power in achieving more important goals and provide accountability(if possible).

    Saving your passwords
    The best method is the last.

    1-You could let a friend or a family member to directly enter the passwords and it's very important to tell them to save it somewhere, for example, using the "Note" app on their phone.

    2-Another option is to type a random password in notepad e.g. lsfdjaljfalsjfaljf8y7ysfy7

    then copy that password and paste it in the application you want to lock like forticlient for example, then paste it again in a message to your friend, then finally delete that message on your end so only your friend could see it.

    3-Use lockbox.pluckeye.net
    Enter a random password in notepad: jasfjdhashf87ahfa8f78a7fhas

    Then copy this shit and paste it in the application you want to lock e.g. Forticlient.

    Paste the password again in lockbox.pluckeye.net


    An alternative to pluckeye's lockbox is ptimelock (from @IR254 ):
    It's exactly the same as lockbox. You could use it instead of lockbox or together with lockbox, if you think you need to.

    Why I think this is the best way?

    because people, I mean kids, could trick their friends and tell them that they need the password urgently while they only want to watch porn. But here, you will have no choice but to wait.

    Tips from pros

    A) Telegram contains some NSFW content. If you want to filter those and have a whatsapp-like experience on Telegram use Cloudveil messenger:


    Thanks @skaterdrew for sharing this!

    B) Teleteens: (Android and iOS)
    It lets you allow your safe groups and channels and block the rest. You could lock its settings using self-lock or by adding a parent (supervisor).

    C)TelOchat: Another safe telegram client with all bad channels and groups blocked automatically. If you want to allow a group or a channel, you could request it.
    Only Android:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.telochat

    D)If Cloudveil desktop version is still allowing bad content, you could remove it and use Telegram Web version (https://web.telegram.org/) and filter it using pluckeye or cold turkey:


    You will notice in Telegram web that each chat has its own unique URL, so you could just allow images and videos on safe chats that you want:
    Say for example that the following URL is for a safe chat:

    so you add to Cold Turkey exceptions:

    Repeat this with chats that you need

    Now, you need to add any of the safe chats that you have allowed to your bookmarks (ctrl+d), use this bookmark to access telegram as the next rule will block access to telegram web home page. You don't need to bookmark all safe chats, only one is needed.

    Now add the following to your blocked sites:

    This one is an accountability software that allows adding up to 3 devices for free. If you visit bad sites, it will send notifications to your friend/wife phone showing them what you have visited. It will make you think twice before trying to open porn.

    This one is different because most accountability softwares are not free.

    credits: @Mostly harmless for researching and sharing it.

    3-Media domains of famous sites:
    If you want to block images and videos on reddit, then block those:

    If you want to block images & videos on twitter block those:

    If you want to block images and videos on discord, then block those:


    if you want even stricter filtering, also block this one as it will block profile pictures:


    Android (Still updating)

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    1- Call your ISP and ask them to filter your home internet from porn sites. You could do the same for your mobile data ISP.

    2- Force Cleanbrowsing DNS on your router

    Step by step screenshot tutorial: https://www.flickr.com/photos/183874060@N08/albums/72157710640348857/with/48655167306/

    Stage One:
    Login to your router by visiting in your web browser.

    Username: admin
    Password: admin

    If incorrect look at the back of your router or google your router’s model.

    In the router’s page, look for:
    Primary DNS server
    Secondary DNS server

    (Routers are different, so DNS options could be anywhere, keep looking)

    Change the primary DNS server to
    and change the secondary to

    Then save.

    (PS You could use whatever DNS you like. The DNS above is Cleanbrowsing family DNS. I prefer it because it forces safe search on Google and other search engines, also youtube. You can report sites that should be blocked to this email: support@cleanbrowsing.org , and they will be blocked within 24 hours.)

    Stage two:

    Now all devices connected to your router will have filtered internet. But anyone could bypass the filter by changing the DNS on his device. To solve this problem we will create some simple rules on our router to block other DNS servers.

    Go to IP filter and add those rules: (you can modify them according to your preferred DNS server)



    N.B If your router doesn’t support blocking IP ranges, It won’t work.

    Stage three:
    Put a few drops of Superglue on the router’s RESET button while it’s still on. (to avoid gluing the fan!)

    Change the router login password. (A family member should do this or a friend using Teamviewer for example).


    Tips from @gabriel_sw1

    These are the programs I used to block on the Chromebook:
    Appblock by Mobilesoft
    DNSChanger set in DNS Clean Browsing Family Filter
    Google Family Link (the most important of all in my opinion)
    And I HIGHLY recommend that you try to install TestDPC on your Chromebook. I was trying to download but I had to sell my chromebook.

    The Chromebook has loopholes like Guest Browsing, Factory Reset, Sites that the DNS does not block, etc. Google Family Link blocks things like Guest Browsing and websites that you want. I recommend that you follow the Sinner guide to get started, as I also suggest that you have a chat process with someone you trust and can help you set up Google Family Link

    Appblock is used to block "Settings", "Dnschanger" etc.
    It must be blocked by a pin that a trusted person sets for you.

    I already explained Dnschanger, activate the always-on vpn option in the mobile settings and configure the app.

    I haven't tested it, but I'm 80% sure that TestDPC also works on the Chromebook, and you must have the app to block Factory Reset, things like that. If you are going to download TestDPC do not forget to release the developer mode of the Chromebook and access the USB Debugging.
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    Thanks for posting, man. I hope many follow your advice. Disabling all incognito windows was a huge turning point for me. I needed to do that to overcome the "muscle memory" response of opening browsers to look for P. Gave me time to think about it and make better decisions. Thumbs up
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    Thanks mate. Glad it helped.
    When I get some free time, I'll try to add more good apps for android and PC. I've been really busy + lazy lately.

    Awesome streak btw!
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    I have been trying block porn on my iPad. First I used the iPad Screen Time feature (the built in parental controls). I set it up, put in a complicated password, then flushed the password so I couldn’t change it. A few weeks later I was craving porn and realized I could reset the Screen Time password by logging in to my Apple account. I didn’t act out, but I could have. So then I reset my Apple ID to my wife’s email and the password to something long and complicated and did the same thing - flushed it. To pressure test, I tried logging in to see if I could beat it. When I didn’t have the Screen Time password OR the Apple password, it told me to just put in the passcode to unlock the iPad and it let me in! I tried downloading several 3rd party porn blockers but I can remove every one as long as I know the Apple ID. I called the customer service number of one of these blockers and was told that Apple does not allow 3rd party apps to be password protected - they can all be removed as long as you know the Apple password. They said that is not true with Android devices. Before I throw away my iPad and buy an Android tablet, does anyone have any advice? Can anyone confirm that porn blockers work better on Android? Are there any tablets that come with a built in blocker that can’t be beat?

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    Bro, right now blockers on iOS are better than android blockers. I know my reply is over 2 months late but I have recently updated the iOS supervised mode guide and you could enable the filtering features of Screen Time using profiles and it can't be bypassed without a password, that's a promise.

    I think there is a small mistake that you did there. You don't want to use your wife's apple ID as the main apple ID on your iPad. Only use your wife's Apple ID when setting up screen time. It will ask you to enter a recovery Apple ID, use it there.

    Android is not reliable because each OEM is different. You could buy a Chinese android phone to find that its battery optimization kills all blockers. If you want a blocking system that would work on any android phone then you might wanna try the combination of the following:
    1-Remove all browsers using ADB.
    2-Google family link (to approve new apps and prevent installing browsers)
    3-Filtered browsers like: SPIN browser or Pluckeye browser
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