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    I think I've been on these sites for five years now...I can't deny I've made progress but I still haven't dropped the habit.

    My record is 30 days of no masturbation, achieved 2 years ago. I haven't had a run like that since.

    The problem for me isn't masturbation. It's porn. It changes what is 5 min of stress relief every once in a while into literally several hours a week of my life gone forever. My new goal is 6 weeks no PMOing. (This will be a "level 1" goal - "level 2" will probably be 60 days or something along those lines.)

    It's funny how strong a hold it has on minute I would be doing quite well and the next minute I would make a conscious decision to physically bring my laptop down to my room and throw all my hard work in the garbage. And of course, when I break a streak, I don't just do it once. I don't beat myself up about it, but I don't seem to learn from it either.

    I had a run of 12 days earlier this month...a benefit that I forgot about was that I could sleep a full night without waking up a single time - I think I had five nights like that in 2016, and three were during the later days of my streak.

    Let's see if I stick to my goal this time.
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