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    Short version:
    I have been in hard mode for 58 days so far and today, while I was getting a HJ from a girl my dick wouldn't get hard. It stayed limp and non responsive but I could finally ejaculate. The very same day I tried looking up porn and got instant rock on! fuck me? This is reverse progress. Read on.

    I had gone on hard mode for ~71 days (ending on Feb 13 2018).

    Note: When I went hardmode for ~71 days, I experience crazy withdrawal symptoms. I ended up crying to sleep - but this time around withdrawals were not too hard and I was happy and more motivated than ever. I have been going to gym regularly and dieting (losing fat), working hard, learning piano. My motivation has been pretty strong - I have experienced many of the no fap benefits but one thing that is missing is that during the first reboot - there was a point where my erections came roaring back and it was solid hard ( around day 65). I hadn't experienced this kind of hardness in my fking life. Then it went away as well (I had a testicular strain due to intense excercises) which gave me ball pains and to relieve that pain I fapped and relaped (at day 71). Yeah, back at the time I thought the pain was due to hardmode. After I went to a doctor a couple of weeks later I got to know what it really was (due to excercise).

    Since then I had relapsed (say 3x every 3 days) but I spaced out better and better (going to 14 days) till April. In April I was able to orgasm to handjobs easily. In may I attempted sex ( ~6 times) and came twice (first two times). The remaining 4 trials I couldn't because I was probably exhausted (sexually). I tried having sex again after 2 weeks - this time I could get hard but I could not cum anytime. And then I lost interest in all sexual activity..(because I couldnt cum or get really hard).

    After all this I decided to go on my current streak but when I tried to test the waters - it seems I lost all the progress I had made o_O . This time even my own hand couldn't get my dick excited today.

    What's up? Am I doing something wrong here? Did my libido just say fk it and go hibernating?

    Regardless I'll be resuming hardmode but I would love some perspective as to why it looks like my progress got eroded? Will I need to keep practicing having more sex to build up those neural circuits?
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    I would like to add - I have been watching porn since I was 21 (2013). I indeed masturbated when I was 21 for the first time (lol). I watched hentai at around 16 till 21 (but very infrequently). I would say I have been addicted to masturbation. I use porn just as a tool to masturbate. I can fap to other things (such as static pics, imagination etc). I would say I haven't missed porn since I quit it. But oh boy, masturbation is a different story.

    Things about my second reboot that I did better than my first one:
    1. Cut out video games and Netflix and deleted instagram + facebook.
    2. Dieting
    3. Gym regularly (I am seeing results but its too soon yet).
    4. Been checking out girls more.
    5. Reading books

    Things about my second reboot that aren't going so well (or so I feel)
    1. No comeback on erections.
    2. No wetdreams or morning woods.

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