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  1. LTE

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    You're doing great. Just keep moving forward.
  2. I'm so confused, reading all your posts here.
    Don't know what to do.
    I'm also in a flatline, but since I started my reboot, I never had such a deep flatline as I'm experiencing now...
    It's been a month since I'm indiferent about sex.. and that's scares me so much that I will never have a wife...
    Earlier when I was no PMO but still looking at women, I could have some desire for females, but now... it is so scary... now it's worse.. no small sign of a libido... I had earlier some weak morning woods, but now I don't have any of them...
    It remains to have faith in God... but how? Since I've failed so much time with my reboot
  3. Guys, some celibate guys from a forum I make part, told me that through all the history there were celibates that gave birth to children after long journey of being completely chaste in mind and body.

    that means, their male instinct came back to normal even after long years of total abstinence, brahmacharya... call it as you wish.

    Notable celibates of the east like, Vishmawitra and King Mongkut of Thailand.

    Both had long periods of abstinence due to their monastical life in their early life...
  4. LTE

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    Don't worry about flatline. You will retain your libido even if it's less intrusive in your everyday life. Libido is to perpetuate the race and to facilitate bonding. When the right person comes along your libido will do its job.
  5. abyss

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    Gabe had his worst flatline during 7th - 11th month into his reboot. it's different with everyone. hang on there, patient is the key.
  6. abyss

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    i am having flatline again, i am in my 8th month of reboot, the different this time is my dick doesn't feel itch, first time when i encountered flatline my feel lots of libido but no major erection, but this time I have no libido, no morning wood or erection during the day.
  7. pilj

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    Except abstaining from PMO i suggest you focus also on others things and ask yourself where you can improve

    T levels (tried cold shower? Hiit training?)
    Good diet
    Reduced internet use
    getting some sunlight
    reading (its very good for the brain)
    good sleep quality

    I only watched porn once in almost 11 months, my libido is still low, but its winter here in france. But i do get hard when with a girl.
  8. Cod5000

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    Very intersting thought, as there seems to be no "secret formula" for each one of us. Each person is different, the path followed, the personal circunstances around us... and so is what led them to be addicts in the first place.

    One can hardly expect to same "treatment" to work with so many different test subjects: a) the teenager who has been into porn since the beggining and has never been into a relationship and b) a more adult person who has had many realtionships and has been on-off porn. I guess there are as many categories as people.

    For me, to believe that a 90 days or 360 desert is the cure for your PIED is rubbish, unless that same time is dedicated to figure out why you came to be an addict and to reconstruct your relationship with women and sex, in the more abstract sense of the words.

    I my case I have now been some 10 days of porn and have not MO I have not had sex also, but not because I think it will trigger off something, but rather because I feel I am not ready.

    Getting over the addiction to porn is only one of many things...

    At the end of the day, I do feel that there is one non negotiable ground rule: no porn. The rest.... well, ver y much like the Jedi, you need to find your own path.
  9. CasperBird

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    I back into deep flatline after 8,5 months of reboot and impresive progress. Went out two weeks later after 2 weeks of no MW and depressed and probably first time in my reboot felt very high libido for 2 days (MW back, fell purpose of life, no need sleep all day, very energetic, lots of thoughts flows through my mind. After that 2 days my libido back to normal= no depression and normal mood but still fell no attraction to women. Kissing give me 50-60% boner and hope try to have sex soon (first time in my reboot).
    Keep fighting and do not give up hardmode.
  10. abyss

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    so you mean you 11 month into the reboot and you can have sex with girl no problem but you don't do it often?
  11. abyss

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    not just no P, should be no P or M. quit porn and masturbation for good.
  12. abyss

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    from gabe's experience, from month 8-11 is the worst time of the reboot, i think our brain just don't know what to do! either real woman, mo or pron don't work for our sexuality.
  13. pilj

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    yea pretty much, but my morning woods are back and my DE are gone, i used to last two hours now barely 20 minutes; i can have normal sex but my libido is low in general. On good days its back and simple look at a girl makes me horny...but like i said its winter here
  14. abyss

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    thanks pilj. just couple more questions:
    how old are you? and when you had 1st sex after reboot? do you have much experience of sex before PIED?
    thanks very much
  15. pilj

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    I never had Pied, but DE and hocd and of course PMO addiction. Im 29, had sex with more than 30 girls. I started my reboot on the 1st of frebruary 2014, i only watched porn once since it was just to check to be honest but im not addicted to it anymore nor to MO.

    Before i had PE and anxiety. During i no longer had PE but still anxiety, ocd and morphing taste after almost 10 years of heavy use.

    My original plan was to give my brain a year, but i realize although i made huge progress i will need more especially with my internet addiction.
  16. abyss

    abyss Member

    thanks pilj, that helps
  17. pilj

    pilj Guest

    Every time i O, a week after i have the urge to do it again but if i resist this point im back automatically in flatline.

    Anyone else like that?

    I will soon change my location/way of life..i will be surrounded by more people, will see.
  18. Anch

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    I've been in a flatline since day 5 (around 8 months). Day 2-4 were absolutely amazing... I dream of one day just waking up and actually feeling attraction to life again. It's like being in a nightmare in this state. I was depressed, angry, suicidal and exhausted half the time before NoFap, now I'm like this all the time. No signs of morning wood or any random erections. The little libido I have left feels wired to porn. The flatline in one sentence: total disconnection from reality. It's so hard to focus on anything else but myself and my problems (like I'm doing right now!).

    I hope one day things work out.
  19. pilj

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    yea plus winter is not the proper time to expect a skyrocket libido.

    8 months of flatline for ya? try to MO once a week, of l tyrosine 1000 mg a day.
  20. abyss

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    I am 281 days into the reboot and I am having 2nd flatline right now. it doesn't go away! i am like back to day 70.

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