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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Saville, May 15, 2016.

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    Yes, I understand about the situation with the wife. I wish for you that you can hold back so you can amass energy. Sex is one thing but ejaculation control has much benefit for males with energy and well being as I have said before. You know best. Yes, good way to describe Heather " sexual lioness" Ha! She was a mess this am hung over and dragging! I said " I know what will make you feel better I will eat your pussy !" She screamed " omg are you fucking crazy!" Hahaha! Shes at work now texted me that she can hardly stay awake, asked me if we can go to bed early!:p Yup! :DNever heard of sinus iodine treatment can you explain it for me ?
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    You use one of the netti pots or bottles. Put a packet of the salt/baking soda solution in it and then add 10 drops of iodine. The guy suggested Lugol's iodine. Make sure the salt has dissolved first before putting the iodine in. Give it a shake and squeeze the contents of the nose, one nostril at a time. It's very important to use distilled water so that we don't have any bacteria go up there from the tap.
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    Thank you Ive heard of Lugol's before in cancer treatments,and thyroid treatments. I don't use tap water, I use alkaline. Hmm--- very interesting!
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    Are we going to be featured in a made-for-TV movie about our wife with 2 families? ;) My spouse hates cleaning, so it would be a tough call for her, but she doesn't have much of a sex drive. She thinks the PMO is a result of her being less than, and I have to always remind her that I've been doing this since age 12, way before we met. People hear and think what they want to.

    I mention that I've had this habit a very long time, but in the last 5 years, struggling with depression, I imagine it got worse. I know exactly what you're saying here. Straight up addiction. One fap and in 3 days time I'm back to forgetting where the day went and seeing a women's boot in an advertisement (minus the woman) and getting triggered.

    This winter I just tried the salt water rinse, as recommended by a pharmacist. I still haven't worked the courage to use the netti pot.
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    LOL'ing! :D

    I don't like the netti pot, I prefer the squeeze bottle. There's nothing to it. The important thing is to use distilled water so that no bacteria goes up your nose. Most tap water would be fine, especially when boiled, but I don't take the chance.

    April 22nd was my third year anniversary of being off PMO. I missed the date, somehow. Not that it means anything really. My new goal is to be off MO for one year and then the rest of my life.

    I don't really have much to say. School is bullshit, that's for sure. We take beautiful children and turn them into prisoners, killing their curiosity and joy for learning. The medical industrial complex is bullshit. It is, for the most part, directed by big Pharma, which is just a euphemism for Mafia. There are people who have fucked with the Pharmia and lost their lives. They make the NRA look like fucking sissies. The PC shitbags suck, too. They are run by left-wing feminazis who want all men put in their places, which if they had their way would be some kind of pen with their balls cut off. This would suit many of the kitty-licking lesbozos, because the world would be perfect once the bull-dikes are in charge. Get rid of men and then get pretender men to be in charge. :rolleyes: You know who else sucks hard? Anyone who uses the term "science" to support an argument. People, who wouldn't know science if it hit them in the face with a cum-filled hammer, or understand real science even if it was a pair of panties filled with the pussy juice of a thousand porn stars, keep bringing it up to support points of view they have no fucking clue about! I would rather hang out with flat-earthers than academics, because at least their subjective experience feel truthful. Academics on the other hand are just parroting what they've learned at skewl because without their edumacation they don't have real lives, which of course they don't, anyway. Why can't things be simple now like when the local preacher, who put the fear of God into everyone, and taught us about right and wrong, was found sucking cocks in the community bathroom? :eek::p
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    Well my brother, I think you said it all and quite correctly. The older you get the more you realize you have been lied to at every turn and on every level. The" God" of this world is the "Father of Lies!"--- now isn't that amazing!
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    I was a bit hesitant to post this because of my nice guy Syndrom, but to post it is part of my growth and so here it is.
    The feelings you have when someone uses the term science, I have when someone, like it is so common nowadays, uses the term nazi or compares someone with Hitler. The Knowledge most have about Hitler and members of the NSDAP is from Schools you call bullshit yourself and from fake media, fake News and Hollyweird who want to make us believe that a Nazi is a bald, stupid, cruel man full of Tattoos and hate, . I was able to talk to a few who lived back than, members of the party, men who had no reason to lie to me because of their age and they all were retired and what they told me, combined with a few documentaries like the TGSNT one and "Europe the last battle" and others made me Question what I was tought in history class. I know that this is a very hot topic, but recently there was an old women, Ursula Haverbeck, drawn into Prison because she said her opinion about the camps because her husband was an officer in one of the camps. There is deffinitly something fishy about that if they have to drow an old women of nearly 90 years into Prison because she says what she felt was right. We have been lied to in so many ways. Whenever I do for a few days the Meditation and become calm within, I seem to get closer to myself and the truth. I really think more and more that the truth lays within and gets revealed to us when the time is Right for us. Like the saying the teacher appears when the Student is Ready. The forced teachings like in the concentration camps we call School or college go against our nature and curiosity and often against the truth because the Knowledge they teach was mostly not revealed to the teachers and he did not experience it himself, he only learned and repeates and teaches it like a parrot. Like you said, at least a flat earther thinks from all angles about what he is talking about, even he may be wrong in his conclusionso_O, he is real and pasionate and not a shell. Of Course there are also teachers who are passionate about what they teach and really understand their teachings themselfes like often for example in mathematics and Physics.
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    I'm glad you voiced your opinion. :) It's important to say what's in our heads and also not be afraid of issues that are topical. I think the #metoo movement is a crock of shit. But, most women, including my daughters, think it is important. I get that men can be dick heads and worse, but those men will do that anyway. And, I'm willing to talk about the issue and I definitely want to hear what my daughters think about the issue. What I see mostly is that they are swept up in the rhetoric. It doesn't matter whether you are talking about abortion, gun control, vaccines, education, climate change, transgenderism, or #metoo, there is absolutely no dialogue. We all have to keep our mouths shut for fear of offending someone. Since when did everyone get so fucking fragile? I've been wrong about many things in my life. I'm sure I'm still wrong about many things. The difference is now I'm not afraid to just say what I think. And, I only say what I think when I've actually thought a lot about it. On some issues I'm a conservative, while on others I would be aligned with the Green party.

    Obviously the concentration camps were evil places, but democracy is about allowing people to say whatever they want. Many years ago I was in Germany, when it was West Germany. I met a couple of people who had fought on the front lines and they didn't know anything about the Nazis. They were too busy fighting a losing battle and watching their own families get bombed. The Allies firebombed the shit out of Dresden, even after they knew they had won the war. Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s book "Slaughter House Five" reveals just how awful it was. But, let's put an old lady in jail for having a different opinion.

    The wife actually wanted to have sex today. WTF! :eek: I rammed her good and used no fantasy. :)
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    I was reading your post with a very serious face, because I am quiet passionate About the Topic and when I came to this part were you suddenly changed the topic:
    I had to LOL and my seriousness went away. Well done for not using Fantasy and for ramming her good. :)
    Have a good week.
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    I think the previous quote says it all! PERIOD!!!!!
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    LOL Yeah, I do too. When one is getting punnani most things don't feel that important. I know I'm not going to change culture or how society is going. Mostly I am apolitical and don't give a shit one way or another. I'm on the journey without a path. :) A lot of people see that as fence sitting, but I think when we're on the fence we have a better view of what's going on, on either side. :D

    Oh, and I when I say slammed I mean fucking hammered my hips into her. Her senior ass was fucking loving it. Yeah, I'm bragging a bit, but it's fun to brag sometimes. :cool:
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    Ain't it though! I know when I pull Heather's hips above bed and she cries out as I slam her and she cums I feel like the king of the mountain! Bragging is ok sometimes a matter of fact who says you have to be humble and retrospective! Fuck that ! " Ooh you feel like somebody when you overpower someone else -- shame on you !" Fuck you it's not overpowering they like it its what they have procreation for dummy!
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    I wrote on @Bobo 's journal how I'd listened to a radio program about toxic masculinity. Wtf! I say I listened, but I actually switched the garbage off after five minutes. It was the same tired stuff. Men are inherently violent and so they must continually appeal to their feminine side so that their inner-ogre doesn't jump out and start raping grannies in the street. It the same bull they pass off at universities saying that there is a rape culture. There is NO rape culture. This is an invention of the feminazis who would be perfectly happy if all universities and colleges were only women, with female professors. They forget of course that they were the ones pushing for dorms to be co-ed. Camille Paglia, a woman whom I admire, said that if you put young men and women together, who are in their sexual primes, and then mix in alcohol and drugs, then you're going to get a lot of fucking. You're also going to get a lot of regret. Duh! And, duh that there are animals out there who prey on women, but saying that there is a rape culture tars every man with an emasculating brush.

    I see a lot of men here who still can't stand up to their woman. I know what that's like, because just three years ago I couldn't either. This isn't about being an alpha male. It's about being a male human who claims his birthright. Being kind and compassionate with ourselves is something that is thrown around a lot on this board. Well, what does that look like? It looks like a man who own's his own journey. Someone who doesn't ask permission to breathe. Yes, at the beginning it is going to make you feel badly, because you (we) have been used to being the good little husband, the guy who doesn't make waves. And, this isn't about making waves, anyway. It's about allowing ourselves to be ourselves.

    When my wife and I started having sex again she would sometimes say "why don't you just use your hand tonight?" This was her way of trying to reassert control in the relationship. I would always reply "then what use are you? When we got married we didn't make vows to be celibate and use our hands for gratification." After three years I would like to say that she doesn't complain, anymore, but she does. She's programmed to make a big deal out of it. So, I'm a pig for wanting something natural, but she's somehow a saint, and in her rights, to refuse me a basic human need? Uhm, I don't think so. My wife now knows it is her job to take care of me. This means she must spread her legs on a regular basis so that I can cum inside her.

    Does the above sound frightening to a "nice" guy? Yes, it does; it did to me. I was terrified of taking charge of my own needs. But, I guess I was more terrified of staying stuck. I was fucking miserable. I really hated my life. So, I gave it the old college try. Wow, it didn't damage me or fuck things up worse. I mean, how much worse can a relationship get if you aren't having sex - if you're afraid to reach out? When we realize that we are PMO addicts and that neurons that fire together, wire together, then we must also realize that this is our moment. Yes, there are moments when we must stand up and be counted. Waiting for the "right" moment is and illusion and represents "same old, same old.

    What defines recovery is action! Healing oneself is following a protocol that involves doing something different with ones life. But, it is action on all fronts. It isn't just working out more, dieting, or writing in your journal. What I've learned here on YBR over the past three years is that I'm preaching to the choir. Most people simply don't want to get better...or they would. Words from me, some anonymous internet dude will not sway anyone. I know, I've tried.

    There are lots of men on here who are smarter than me, but they are just stuck on repeat. Why is that? It's because they want to be stuck. It doesn't take intelligence to break free of our bonds, it takes a little bit of courage, and a lot of stick-to-it-ness.

    The pressure on men are fucking huge these days. We are considered toxic. We are considered entitled. Establishing ourselves as independent beings is not going to be easy, because it requires a rebirth. The alternative, though, imo, is a slow and unbearable death.
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    Saville, another great post from you! We need more men everywhere who are not afraid to speak up about men issues. What you wrote rings so much truth about many things that are wrong in today's feminized society.
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    Thanks, Titan! :)

    Had sex with the wife last night. I was dog tired, but I never turn down sex when wifey's in the mood.

    When I first stopped fapping and PMO, my body rewired to my wife's body and cumming was pretty easy. My erections were good and sex was fun. But, after the first year I began a bit of fapping now and again. I figured it wouldn't hurt to fap right after having sex, because I would probably have six days to rest before being with the wife again. Well, that turned into fapping four or five times. Guess what? My erections got weaker and the wife had to beat me off, while I fantasized in my head. Not a good scenario! Since giving up altogether on MO I've had sex with the wife three times and my erections are strong and I cum easily inside her.

    Neurons that fire together, wire together. It's that simple. If the penis is wired to the hand (or anything other than a pussy) then failure will be the result. I'm 60, overweight (though it's better :) ), in OK shape, but not great, and I have no trouble getting an erection, sustaining it, and then filling the wife with splooge. Age has very little to do with how successful we are in the bed. I'm just a regular dude who is on the older side of things and my body works just fine.

    There is WAY too much talk about how guys lose their testosterone as they age and then can't perform. @Bobo and I are living proof that sex is satisfying and no problem when we get older. Maybe in 5 years I'll have something different to report, but I actually don't think so. There is no reason why our bodies shouldn't be able to respond sexually as we age. Is it the same as when I was in my 20's? Obviously not, but it doesn't need to be. I'm capable of much more intimacy now and actually understand my own body.

    When I was having ED issues I scoured the internet looking for information that would help my pecker. It was all depressing news. From psychologists to sport's gurus, they all said "some men have issues when they hit their late 40's. The usual formula to help was diet and exercise. That's a pile of bullshit! It's all in our heads. When I found this place and read the above statement: neurons that fire together, wire together, it was a light bulb moment. That is really the only information we need.

    Here's something for you guys who are not having sex with anyone. Go get a woman! Drop your standards. Instead of looking for someone who is hot and has a good body, how about start looking at the women who's asses are huge and are just OK to look at. You might just find someone who is kind and fun. My wife is still a good looking woman and she's 63. She can be fun, but she was never really kind. The struggles we had were because she always had to be right, always had to have the last word, and always wanted her way, were not worth it. I'm stuck with her now and my transformation has changed her, but if I had to do it all over again she would have just been a fling. Yes, my children are precious and I'm so glad they are in my life, but I'm just looking at this as a former nice guy. I don't regret what happened, only highlighting how much better it is to be with someone who really appreciates you for who you are. Kindness is a better quality than beauty, any day!
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    Thanks for this @Saville . Your story very closely aligns with mine. My wife is also a ball-buster who needs to be right and in control. I've always fought it, though, which has almost led to us getting divorced numerous times. I wouldn't and I'm quite sure she would not say I have nice guy syndrome. And I don't put her on a pedestal. I never have. Despite that, our marriage has been somewhat turbulent. Sometimes, because, she complains I don't put her on a pedestal! It's good that you've overcome NGS and your marriage is better, but I'm here to tell you that marriage, especially marriage to women like our wives, is guaranteed to be tough no matter how you are. Heck, I think marriage is probably hard period. Men and women are designed to have sex and make babies with each other. Living together is a whole other thing.

    It's encouraging to read about your journey with ED. I don't know why I'm worried.... Just Sunday night I had wood 3 different times I woke up. I guess it's just that it's not a full erection. And that I'm not getting that every night that I'm aware of and that as soon as I get up, usually, it disappears. I'm always able to climax with my wife almost always with a 90% erection or better. So, it's not physical. I guess.....

    Anyway, that's good advice about finding a partner, both sexual and life, too. Unfortunately, especially when we're young, we're much more apt to follow our hormones than our common sense. Biology trumps all, at least most of the time. It's why this is a tough addiction to beat.

    Thanks for being here.
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    I like this advice a lot. I'll see if I can pursue it somehow. I also really like big asses lol.

    What exactly does this mean ? Is it that if we (only) PMO we basically train our neurons to only be aroused by Porn ? That we wire "sex" and porn together as the only way of .... "having sex" ?

    So basically by having actual sex with a woman we rewire the neurons of "sex" with ... actual sex ?

    EDIT : my bad, I re-read your whole post and you explained it ! :)
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    You have a good point in here. With a kind woman, it would give a rise to our confidence and also give a good energy to man's life. To P influenced addict, its not so easy to follow. We, especially us P addicts have conditioned for looks in woman, perfect body etc. Same time, we have become pussy worshipers, especially those of us who have nice guy qualities in us. We adore, crave and fear (especially good looking) women, many times imagining them naked right away. Of course its normal for healthy male to do that, but I think that P has twisted its user to do much more that craving/worshiping than its natural to do.

    This same happened recently to good friend of mine. Im not saying that he is an P addict, but definitely he has strong nice guy qualities in him. He met one woman who is much younger than his age, very good looking, princess like woman. There was many red flags about the woman's difficult,demanding nature right away. My friend ignored them all blindly, just telling me that now he met "the right one" and will marry her.. Woman is unabashedly using my friend financially, demanding all kinds of precious gifts to "show that he truly love her". She is also right away bashing him mentally, telling he is an idiot, impotent and so on.. My friend is catering that witches every whim and wish, cleaning, doing food, taking care of her dogs. Sound familiar? I fear that my friend is on his way to financial and mental ruin. All for good looks in woman. :(
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    Yes. Heather is 27 years younger than me. I am 59 shes 32. Like Saville said I am just a normal older guy. I still fuck her silly and fill her with splooge. She is like but "you are almost 60 years old! You're like my dad." ( which my mom complains ) I am in pretty good shape, lost 50 lbs, do core exercises every day, weights 3 days a week and walk 3 days a week for 3 miles barefoot in deep sand. ŤTestosterone reduction-- bullshit! Cholesterol is the basis of all hormones and your brain is made of it. If you take statins ( cholesterol lowering drugs) your hormone count is by definition going to be down so guess where you will see that ?=
    That says it all! Like Saville said its really very simple and if pecker is used to pussy and that's what it wants give it your hand it will get used to it but go back to pussy you will have a problem for a long while. Its like you cut a new path for the river going back to old path ain't gonna be too easy, its gonna be hell!

    Ok, so this is not going to be nice and politically correct. If you want to stop pmo JUST DO IT! Not only today but all days or you're gonna repeat! NO EXCUSE NO THINKING AROUND IT NO " BUT I HAVE TO BLAH BLAH!IF ONLY SHE WOULD BLAH BLAH! Pmo DESTROYS YOU MAKES YOU LESS OF A MAN! It may leave you temporarily satisfied but not really totally satisfied, you feel like a usurper!

    We all need to be kind to ourselves, cautious yes but kind for sure. This is where we need to think !
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    Yes this!
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