Toddlers getting addicted to tablets and smart phones

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by rebooting26, Apr 25, 2013.

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    I thought this article was worth sharing. This part I think many of us can relate to:
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    i have had to limit my kids time on the tablets we let them use. I noticed baaaad behaviour problems developing from them using them too much and we cut them back. Result? kids now use them appropriately. I don't let them have them before breakfast is done and over and they only get them for about an hour a night before its bed time. We have homework, baths, and chores to do (i have a huge family - 5 kids so far).

    But when we first got them we let the kids take them to bed on a freaking school night and during Christmas vacation they used them all day and nearly all night. Their behaviour went bad fast. I really am shocked at how now on Saturdays when they have access to their tablets they play for a bit and then leave them to go play together. We still let them have them on one night a week (friday) in bed.

    Everyone else's mileage may vary. My 1 year old who doesn't have one yet is absolutely enamored with them and is constantly trying to get them.

    Oh, we also only let the kids get 1-2 new games a week. They can have all of the pure-educational games they want though so they do have a liking for some of those.
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    their parents need to realise how dangerous spending so much time on the computer are ,social developement,health etc
    its just lazy parenting

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