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Discussion in 'Ages 20-24' started by thefinisher, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. thefinisher

    thefinisher New Member

    Just got back from a visit to a heath clinic, and it seems like I'm suffering from acute bronchitis. Not a big deal, but if I keep smoking I'm going to damage the cilias in my lungs and make it worst. Therefore, I'm quitting smoking and sticking to my ecig. Whats one more addiction to kick to the curb, eh guys?
  2. ryder9090

    ryder9090 " Its what you want most , not what you want now!!

    Faking smiles makes your brain think you are happy so it will change your mood to better :)
  3. thefinisher

    thefinisher New Member

    Haha ryder that was completely random, but good advice nonetheless. I don't feel so depressed/down anymore, so I'm in a good place emotionally; but I'll keep your advice in mind when the time comes when I need it.

    Thanks for posting, having an audience to my journal really gives me the push to overcome my urges. Was very frustrated today and nearly got myself to PMO. I guess the combination of quitting cigarettes, being sick & on all these prescription pills including muscle relaxants, is wearing me out mentally. But I'm super dead set on overcoming my PIED. It's basically the only thing keeping me from pursuing potential mates atm, so it has to go a.s.a.p. Your comment snapped me out of my trance and got me back to my original objective, so I'm very grateful ^^. Thanks man.
  4. ryder9090

    ryder9090 " Its what you want most , not what you want now!!

    glad it helped :)

    its just i found it useful for me and worked so i tried sharing.

    best of luck and never lose hope ;)
  5. thefinisher

    thefinisher New Member

    Well, bad news. I totally slipped and relapsed. Will be resetting my counter now.
    I should've avoided so much triggers and getting high while on medication. But no excuses, it was a totally conscious choice. I expected to feel depressed but I actually feel a bit more clear headed. I will learn from this mistake.
  6. Apeman

    Apeman It means you're a baboon... And I'm not

    I really like this. No beating yourself up or wallowing, just a quick return to the fight with a desire to learn.

    Relapse is tough, but you're doing it right. Take the lessons from this lapse. Use them well once the duels begin! Until then, use the next days to build momentum for the duels!
  7. Ahermit

    Ahermit New Member

    Hej! If relapse is not a binge you are still a winner! Stay strong!
  8. thefinisher

    thefinisher New Member

    Thanks for the words of encouragement you guys. Had a great night sleep, pretty cool epic adventure style dream. I feel less sick overall and well rested.
    PMO'd about three times yesterday, not consecutively but not unlike a binge; so not proud of that. Only perk is all urges are gone. Anyways, here I am starting day 1 fresher and more motivated than ever. The dreaded feeling of hopelessness is gone. I going to FINISH this.
  9. thefinisher

    thefinisher New Member

    Hey ya'lls, it's been a while and I haven't been updating. However, I haven't given up. During the past months, I've been struggling with relapse and following each relapses it's a week's binge. I've always picked myself back up, and so far I've made it into day 13th. My longest streak yet, and surprisingly with very little urges. They only come when I think about PMO and so far I've had success with just ignoring them. I'm pretty sure I'm beginning to fall into a flat line as I haven't been able to give myself a stimulated response hard-on from touch, yet I'm also starting to get regular sexual related dreams. I don't know exactly where I am at in the process at the moment, but I know I must keep going.

    The good news is that I'm definitely more sensitive, my brain fog has cleared to a noticeable extent, and I've been finding myself dealing with stress more easily. My standards on girls are still high, but I'm sure that's just my natural preference. I'm no longer at the point where I only get aroused by pornography, because one of my past relapse has been because of pictures of beautiful women and I was able to MO to that alone. I'm not quite at the point of MO'ing by fantasy or touch yet, though I was really close to MO'ing to touch alone during one of my other past relapse in the past months also (I was edging, and that lead to a relapse and eventually a binge, so not trying that again.

    And that's everything I could think of updating you guys with. Feel free to comment, and I wish everyone luck with their process also.

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