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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Get ‘er Done, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Get ‘er Done

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    thanks for sharing MSC.. it is a battle. I need to get practice getting away from any device I'm on immediately and distract myself the moment any little thought of doing porn comes in my broken brain.

    fell again. p&m. blah blah blah Another reset
  2. Get ‘er Done

    Get ‘er Done New Member

    Thanks. Yes any block or bump in the road will help. Just need to quit being lazy about it.
  3. MissingSelfCompassion

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    For me this was a necessary step in the beginning. An addictions counselor helped me to realize that I needed to face my urges. He told me to search "urge surfing" because I was still having issues after using distractions. So, I took this to heart and then failed a lot. I think there's a balance that I have been working towards. Sometimes, I don't have the strength to fight the old patterns. I need to walk away and distract myself. Other times, I can sit with the natural urges and have compassion for myself. I was sort of stuck in a black and white world where I was doing one or the other instead of both.

    Good luck, friend.
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  4. Get ‘er Done

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    Thanks for the info MSC. Will keep that in mind. I did give into masturbation last week after allowing myself to fantasize in my head. I need to distract myself when this happens also.
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