tips from successful rebooters please

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by dig deep, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. dig deep

    dig deep must stop wasting my life on porn

    Im struggling with my PMO problem,so could anyone give me some tips or advice that have worked for them
  2. Alienship

    Alienship Guest

    I first started my reboot when I had my first proper girlfriend last year. This was a huge incentive for me rather than just stopping because I knew it was negative. I didn't have to worry about ED issues when I PMO'd but did with a girlfriend.

    Find that incentive, replace the above 'girlfriend' with working harder, feeling better, better future erections, sex, success, better Life etc.
  3. wilder

    wilder Member

    Some tips (from my experience):

    - Don't worry about the flatline
    - Work on changing your lifestyle rather than just saying "I'm done masturbating"
    - Don't be afraid to start rewiring! Seriously, even if you cannot produce an erection, being around whatever sex you are attracted to can help the healing process
    - Exercise
    - TRY NEW THINGS. Seriously, if you ever felt uncomfortable doing something, try it out! Maybe you might learn something about yourself and in the process loose sight of your masturbation habbits
    - Don't give up. If there is one thing I have learned from this experience is that the will-power you eventually develop will be incredible. In the long term, this habbit has helped me kick SEVERAL addictions, not just porn

    Hope some of these tips help :) Obviously there are other things out there but I feel these to be important. You got this!
  4. IcyEyes

    IcyEyes Member

    My tips (I successfully rebooted months ago):

    -meditation helps a lot, it trains your willpower and manage your istincts
    -stay away from internet, use it only for very important things
    -install a porn blocker (k9 for pc, comvigo browser who I reccomend for android)
    -focus yourself on other things, go out from home, socialize, hang out with girls, friends, anyone, do sports

    and especially... don't overcomplicate things. Rebooting is simple... just no porn ever again.
  5. A New Man

    A New Man White Knuckle Brigade 2013

    A few things that helped me-

    1. Realizing i make lots of assumptions about myself that limit my potential, eg. "i'm an introvert", "i'm old", "i can't live without porn" etc. They're just stories- write a new one.

    2. Be really strict. No fantasizing (distract yourself somehow) and no looking twice at attractive women in public. In other words, starve the bad wolf.

    3. Have a high-alert mode for when life gets extra stressful. Simply being aware of the connection between stress and urges is a big help, but on bad days steer clear of the internet and keep busy somehow, go out of the house, throw yourself into a project.

    Before the reboot my mood was always 4/10. PMO-ing would make me feel 8/10 for a while, then back down to 4/10. These days i feel 6 or 7/10 most days and 10/10 on days i have sex.
  6. Ablaze

    Ablaze New Member

    I'm by no means a success yet, but I'm on my way and intend to make it this time. These are the things that have impacted me this time more than ever before.

    1. Write your goal down and the reasons why you want to quit - I'm going to admit, I haven't been as dedicated to this step, but it really helped get me off the ground. I don't recommend setting a counter to 90 days. The human mind has difficulty digesting large timeframes. Break it up into smaller milestones. Start with 7, than 14, 30, etc. Some reccommend not using a counter at all, find what works and motivates you.

    2. Exercise/Lift weights - Healthy body = Happy mind. Enough said.

    3. Reading - Pick up a book, a newspaper, I don't care. Read something positive. Right now I'm reading a self-development book called "Outwitting the Devil" by Napoleon Hill, and I've literally struggled to put the book down because of how insightful it is to so many areas of my life. Another great one is "Think And Grow Rich" by the same author. This book focuses alot on changing your mindset for success.

    4. Prayer - I don't know if you believe in God, but this really should be #1. Keep your faith that you will overcome and pray every day that He was help you resist temptation.

    We're all gonna make it brah.
  7. chocpretzel

    chocpretzel New Member

    I personally find that controlling your thoughts is the key to success. Thoughts leads to desire, and desire leads to action. Keep yourself busy and do not give into lustful thoughts. You must snap yourself right out of it.
  8. Red_Raja

    Red_Raja New Member

    Trusting the process is the ultimate thing.

    Place faith in the restorative nature of your body, it's chemicals, atoms, and the universal body of life and energy - nature sorts itself out so long as you don't fight it. You WILL feel like shit and on the edge of unavoidable temptation, but the more you deregulate this, you will find success.

    When you feel like shit, trust the process.
    When you feel great, trust the process.

    Don't over analyze anything.
  9. ls558

    ls558 Member

    Just tell yourself to stop when it happens. Follow through with it every time.

    It's really just a conscious choice you make, to start controlling yourself.

    Stop lying to yourself and saying it's okay to do it just this once. Your body will trick your mind, so be wary of it.
  10. Mart71

    Mart71 Guest

    No porn and rewire - and place the most focus on rewiring. Don't obsess about "rebooting correctly" or details, just try to live a better life without porn.
  11. wilder

    wilder Member

  12. sherokasher

    sherokasher New Member

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