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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by EFDE, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. EFDE

    EFDE New Member

    Hi guys, i want to keep this short! Writing a success story is my way to thank Gary Wilson and everybody in this forum and all the other successful guys that gave me hope in the past.

    Back in june 2012 i couldn't even get it up for porn. In this time i fall in love with my beautiful now-girlfriend. After noticing that i couldn't get it up for her i got depressions and also thought about suicide. Can't having sex with the girl i love was one of the hardest things i was confrontated with in my life. especially when she wants it so much.
    After 11 months of rebooting i was finally ready to have sex. It was an amazing feeling and the depressions disappeared. Thank God that she was by my side this 11 terrible months.
    Now things get better and better and my libido gets stronger everytime i meet her. Finally she had an orgasm last week whats the most success for me and furthermore I can have sex 3 times in a row now. Im definately not completely healed yet but i can feel the improvement. the longer i stay away from porn my brain alters back to the real deal. i have seen a lot of improvements after the 11 months when i started to have sex again and i still see improvements everytime after having sex with her so i think rewiring is very important. So dont give up hope! For me it took 11 months and now after 16 months i am still not completely cured. 6 years of internet high speed porn needs some years to heal i think.
    nevertheless there is light at the end of the tunnel. if you have questions u can text me. Sorry for my bad english.

    much love,
  2. Cbeet310

    Cbeet310 New Member

    Congratulations man. Thanks for sharing your story to give the rest of us hope! Good luck and keep improving bro.
  3. Ape.Rising

    Ape.Rising New Member

    Thank you for the inspiration!
  4. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Hey man i couldn't get it up with porn either. Love reading storys like this cause im still not were your at yet.

    Did you relapse at all?
  5. KingSlayer

    KingSlayer New Member

    Thanks for the post EFDE!! Going through a rough patch at the moment, so stories like this really help.
  6. EFDE

    EFDE New Member

    I relapsed due cam masturbation and masturbation without porn a few times but i did not watch any porn and masturbate to that since i started rebooting.
  7. Big Lebowski

    Big Lebowski Member

    I thought I was in a rare variety seems like a few dudes have this. Anyway congrats op
  8. Universal

    Universal Guest

    Can't get hard to anything including porn crew checking in

    Great job OP, how much of a difference has there been with confidence, motivation and aggression?
  9. Fencepost

    Fencepost Member

    Roughly how old are you? (We try to keep track on YBOP.)
  10. geniussy

    geniussy Guest

    That's why it took so long. Masturbation might be counter-productive during the reboot (I believe it is). It might set you back according to my experience and what rebooters are living (I believe it does).
  11. EFDE

    EFDE New Member

    i am 23.

    i am much more confident since i started rebbooting, i can better focus on things and concentrating is easier.
  12. 40New30

    40New30 Keep going

    Great job! Be sure to keep clean, and improvements will keep coming!

    Your experience matches mine, I'm 15 months into the process with lots of improvements but I relapsed too much, binged, orgasmed with a g/f, etc. This stalled things out, and even erased some progress (over this past summer, major binges for 5 straight weekends...ouch!).

    Once you get your head around the fact that you will get results, that you have no control over when they come, and that you're in this for life...then you're firmly on the path. It takes time for many to even get on the path.

    Now, go be in love and enjoy!
  13. grzeg12

    grzeg12 New Member

    Hi I have few standard questions.

    1 )"few masturbations" means 1-10 for 11 months ??/

    2) Your Morning wood appear ? if yes when ?
  14. EFDE

    EFDE New Member

    1) i masturbated 3-5 times on my own and every 4 or 5 weeks i got a handjob or blowjob by my girl. my longest streek without any orgasm was 8 weeks.

    2) my morning would appeared after 4 or 5 months when i was abstinend for some time. after orgasming it dissapeared. Since i have sex and the depression is gone i have it more regulary maybe 3 times a week. i think the problem about morning wood is when you always think about it and care about your morning would it wont be there. after i had sex i did not care about it anymore.
  15. hollow

    hollow Lost & Found

    Your story should be set on main page as a clue for anybody who still dont believe in rebooting

    You are the one :D

    Congratulations man :)
  16. EFDE

    EFDE New Member

    short update: Saw my girlfriend 4 days this week. Had sex 10 times in 4 days. things are still improving
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  17. hollow

    hollow Lost & Found

    man .. i wanna set ur post on my home page to read it daily :D .. i would never relapse then !

    extremely happy for u
  18. Blufalco

    Blufalco Member

    Congrats EFDE! Quick question if I may, what were your MO habits like prior (specifically how many times a day did you MO?) Happy for you man!
  19. 10 times in 4 days?! I am jealous. Hahaha. Good job ;D
  20. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Sounds great mate. Got to be happy with that.

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