Time to start another self-discovery journal!

Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by selfdiscovery, Jun 14, 2019.

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    SOOO glad I found this place. I had a journal at the no-porn website for the past 14 years or so...was sad to see that the website apparently went down, so this is just what I needed. Not much time to write tonight anymore but I'm just here to be thankful for once again getting to read and share thoughts with others who are going through the same struggles. The important thing I need to remember is that our recovery 'toolbox' needs to change and adapt as we move forward. We can never be complacent, since the inner addict thrives on the times when we are. If one tool no longer serves us, much like any other job, we need to seek out the proper tool that works for the job. My job is to seek recovery, not continue to work addiction. I don't want this journal to be an echo of what I wrote before - there was reams of stuff - some of it good, some of it just trying to sound good and to convince myself that I was getting it all together. It is so important to try to distinguish between what is real and what isn't, within our own minds. What sometimes appears to be the right direction can turn out to be the wrong way. The inner addict (sort of getting tired of that phrase now after so many years...have to find a different description) has a way of twisting our thoughts and actions into those that deviously are moving us towards the 'slippery slope' (another probably overused conceptualization but nonetheless valid). OK..enough for now....

    Stay strong, stay sober......
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    One more thought...easily said, not easily adhered to....if it feels wrong in some way, it probably is. ACTION...NOT WORDS is the key. Be careful of this journal merely becoming a means of adding more words to the recovery effort. I've written thousands of words and yet here I still am. Let's find some new approach...not sure what that is yet.
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    How has your recovering been going since you started? I am also still here after 7 years or so. Have been struggling so much, but looking back (also literally in my old journal) I can see how I have grown.

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