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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by forlorn, Nov 28, 2018.

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    Last weekend we had a celebration with friends. It’s been a while since we got to socialise with other people and I overdid it in terms of drinking. No real harm was done but I said a few silly things, some of which I can remember and some which I was reminded of the next day. My hangover was so bad it lasted for 48 hours. Lesson learned - never to allow myself to get so drunk/hungover again.

    Yesterday was a real low, I felt like hiding from the real world. As I sat in my home office, I had a few peeks at adult profiles. At one point the wife walked past and started a lengthy conversation which interrupted my dopamine flow. I was mildly irritated at her for disturbing me - I know that makes me sound selfish and ridiculous. It eventually resulted in FMO.

    Today, I am getting back on track. Focus for the week ahead is to continue building good habits. Maintaining an upright posture, acts of self care, staying on top of financial matters, continuing to work on projects in/around the home.
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    We all say silly things, it is part of being human. I say silly things often and I don't even have booze as an excuse. lol I DO remember hangovers though and they are definitely not fun. Since ditching booze entirely about 3 months ago I feel better for it. One night of just a few drinks would make me feel down for two days. For some people it's more of a depressive than for others. Your resolve is impressive, forlorn.
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    Stumbled across this video which I think offers a good explanation for addiction. It's mainly from the perspective of drugs but can be applied to addiction in general.

    "Addiction is the result of people trying to escape pain and suffering". He goes on to suggest that addicts are suffering from deep emotional pain which they didn't know how to deal with. They turned to the addiction because, at the time they didn't have the internal resources to deal with that pain in a more creative, forward-looking way that would help you resolve the pain. The addiction came along to help you solve a problem for which you had no other solutions for at the time.

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    iron to be mended needs to go through intense fire.
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    for me, no peeks, no "accidental" viewing questionable provocative youtube videos. not easy but i keep at it. my relapse, starts way before the actual PMO. may be days or hours before. it usually starts with this peeking or fantasizing after seeing a scantily dressed woman at Walmart. in AA they call it stinking thinking. romancing the drink. then it just snowballs after that until i find myself with my pecker in my hand and asking "how did i fall again?" i need to redirect as soon as this process begins.
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