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  1. Aussie_lad_23

    Aussie_lad_23 Taking it one day at a time...

    Quickly checking in.

    No major urges over the past few days, I have been keeping busy.

    Feeling a bit foggy in my mind, and tired. I would say this is due to some stresses in my personal life.(Maybe because of the slip up? I'm not sure.)

    On another note, I designated time towards researching the recovery phase. Created a flowchart of it over about a week, the link is here. I think I am done with flowcharts for the time being. This one nearly killed me.

    I'm spending a lot more time on the forums/reddit reading through other people's struggles and am relating to most. I have been commenting on posts as best as I can, and PMing people discussing their problems.

    Interestingly enough, I have found more people keeping a journal on a forum display significantly more accountability compared to some people whom post on reddit. I acknowledge everyone is at different stages of recovery, what they do with information available is up to themselves.

    I wish there was a streamlined method of helping out others with their struggles.
  2. Aussie_lad_23

    Aussie_lad_23 Taking it one day at a time...

    Another check in,

    There have been hardly any urges until today. Some things in my personal life have affected my moods today, leaving me vulnerable.

    Just had a very reportable near-miss. I knew exacrly what I was doing, however had no control over it. Thankfully, before I was overly tempted to the point of taking my pants off, I was disrupted... it pulled me out of the trance. I need to keep on top of this particular trigger. That was too close for my liking.

    On another note, I successfully had relations with my partner last night. Again, the load was massive and it felt really good to do things properly for once.
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  3. Aussie_lad_23

    Aussie_lad_23 Taking it one day at a time...

    Urges are really amping up in the past few days, and as a result my resilience has taken a small hit and letting things slip through the cracks.

    I found myself browsing an ig profile before seeking something soft, I couldn't stop myself from looking for a good 5 minutes. Was simply looking, but managed to snap out of it.

    I feel these small entries are keeping me accountable and on track.
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  4. Aussie_lad_23

    Aussie_lad_23 Taking it one day at a time...

    Struggling. Low moods, depressive and demotivated in general.

    Haven't viewed P for 22 days. In the past week and a bit I have been M'ing once every 3-4 days relying on nothing but imagination.

    This isn't a great excuse. I know it's still reinforcing the pathways. Further to this I have caught myself off guard viewing soft stuff (socials, ect.). I feel my accountability has dropped in the past couple of weeks.

    I'm really not on my game, therefore I have updated my counter from "Days without P & M" to "Days without P" only. I think it is important for me to keep track of that (even though I should not be counting the days, but making the days count).

    To take away, abstaining from P is going great. But tackling the root of the problem has hit a speed-bump. Still, at least I can take away something.

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