Thinking of getting rid of my computer, television and apple products

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by StopThePorno, Nov 7, 2012.

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    The idea of having no computer to browse the internet for hours with is real attractive to me. Think about how much more time you can have to spend on doing productive shit.

    I got a bunch of books that I haven't read as much as I should because of the internet. I'm on it the whole fucking day. For hours.

    I have a TV in my room that I only use for playing PS3 games and watching netflix movies once in a while. Fuck those too. Waste of time.

    Does anyone else feel like this? Not having those things will FORCE you to go out and socialize, and be 200 percent more productive.

    I didn't get a chance to make a bunch of loyal friends in middle and high school since I have ( getting much better) social anxiety and just acted mean and rude to everyone. I'm all alone in my room all day but looking for a job, so that'll help.

    I was so in need of contact with people today that I went to a store for no reason, just to see and talk to people. I feel like a convict who was thrown into an isolated cell for weeks and is desperate to see other people.

    Obviously, some guys here have to use a computer for work/school reasons. I'm not talking about them.
  2. WaveRace

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    I have posted about something similar except it's no desktop home based internet. Libraries and smartphone are okay.

    One of the main issues people have with these dependencies is that they are often right next to us and easily accessible.

    I live in a room, sharing a house with roommates. Having the PC wireless and the desk being right there, its very tempting when you can always see it. I have made a point of eating and reading out of my room.

    I think you can give this a shot. Thanks for sharing.
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    I got rid of my TV for a four-year period back before the internet was wide-spread. I did not miss it and it really got me to think outside the "matrix". I read books and got out on my bike a lot during this period. I caved and got a new TV after 2001. At first I was actually shocked at how crazy the news and commercials had "evolved", but within a few weeks I was asimilated. I think most people are unaware of how much control the TV and its content has over us. I commend your efforts and you have inspired me to at least cut ties with the "idiot box".

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