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    Three weeks is good and, yeah, avoid playing with yourself even a little bit.
  2. Yello, so I been on hiatus from this website and anything media related, got a new job keeping me busy and pretty much stopped smoking weed. Anyway last night I drank and for the first time in a long time I had a wet dream.

    Haven’t been doing kegels as much and I will be back to focusing on it from today, my MW were much stronger, even though they were rare, when I was doing kegels.
  3. Hey Guys update: still going strong, a little bit of monk mode added, I had another wet dream yesterday and have been casual waking up with MW even though it’s not that strong yet.

    Still doing kegels
  4. Day 85: I can literally feel that I am still fighting an addiction. A month later update and still going strong,sexual thoughts are very persistent in the last month or so, I am trying the approach of no fantasizing. Still doing levels just less often.
  5. Day 92: sexual thoughts only get in my head due to being in my bed which I often just blank out and while with girls. I don't really blank those out.
  6. Day 143, it's been rather been interesting. I will patiently wait
    Few changes, less sexual thoughts and more solid
  7. Day 162: I can't believe that I been breathing wrong cause my whole pelvic area is tense . Anyway today I have a girl coming over and I been rewiring with her, so hopefully soon I will be testing whether this all behind me or i have to go on a bit longer.
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  8. Day 165: so two days ago was a very funny day, so She visited and we were drinking and managed to escalate it, only for me to be told to wait as she is on her period, so she gave me a BJ and I don't know if its cause its been a while or I might be facing PE, either I will take that problem any day.
  9. Day 180: This has been the best decision I ever made, the things you hear about no PMO are true. You feel more confident, outgoing and in control...on good days, if you hit a flatline its the exact opposite but at least it buries any sexual urges and they barely last. I believe I am pretty much done with porn. I haven't even peeked since then. I have a new girl I am interested in purely on personality and character as she is a very sweet person. I am tired of not chasing my interests so I will go for it and see, whatever happens happens.
  10. Day 205: experienced a flatline after an orgasm with this friend with benefits and we ended things. I been pursuing the girl whom I am genuinely interested in so ya we will see what happens and to my luck, she wants to take things slow as she is very Innocent. Hopefully we will be good for each other.
  11. Day 0:
    So after 230 Days I have relapsed, Mo to sensation alone but it set a chaser effect with Mo to fantasy. I am disappointed in myself. After so many times I couldn't understand why people will do this to themselves, I have done the same. Anyway on is all you can do. I will be more stricter with myself.

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