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  1. Hey

    So I am 22, started jacking off to porn since I was 14, a friend i been very interested in and I got quite hot and heavy. I was hard until it came to getting a bj then my ED kicked in not even a minute later. First time I haven’t been hard at least to 70%.i was pretty embarrassed(still am) but it started an interesting journey for me cause as you know the feeling of a girl who is very horny in front of you without being able to do anything is a very deprecating feeling. I really didn’t think this would be possible due to porn and masturbation.
    Day 9 of no PMO
    Day 1 of the urges

    An urge to bust a nust but I am still pretty flaccid. The flatline...anyway what’s the average time for the flatline episode?
  2. Day 10
    Nothing really different, oh I had a MW but didn’t last, also started including Kegel & reverse Kegel exercises from yesterday.
  3. I also really think that the more you relapse the longer this PIED is going to be with you.
  4. So today I had minor urges,nothing too strong or overbearing.

    On the random though I just realized I haven’t read a single story of a cold turkey quitter‍♂️

    Everybody keeps relapsing. I feel like this threads also give too much power to the addiction to the point they normalize failure to quit
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  6. Yes they all quit cold turkey but today was the day i saw a first story of a no relapse at all, I am done with PMO permanently. I don’t want and don’t see why I need it if its damaging me, the urges I just toss out of window.
  7. I am aiming for a lifetime
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    That is good. However, the facts are that most of us make several attempts before we get the consistency to stay clean all the time. A complete reboot i.e. recovery is often not a straight line on a graph. If you have lofty expectations, any relapses that do occur can be demoralising and in some cases lead to binging on porn. So, try and take a possible set back into account. To aid you in that endeavour you can set milestones which keep you focused and motivated. For example, every day you reach another full week, or increments of ten, or count each clean month i.e. 30 days (average).
  9. While I do take that into consideration, I feel like I will quit this the same way I did with cigarettes, never look back.
  10. Days restriction makes it easy to relapse, stay on guard permanently, for life.
  11. Feels weird, it feels like I am in a flatline but damn I am full of urges. Wanted to MO but PIED must be cured.
    Here is to beating this.
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    That is not possible. When you are flatlining you have zero libido i.e. no sex drive.
  13. Thanks. I was not aware. is it common to be unaroused and have urges?
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    I am not sure I understand what you are getting at. But when you are flatlining, usually your dick appears to be dead - no feeling, no erections, maybe looks shrunken. It goes along with no interest in sexual things and an inability to get aroused by everyday sexual things. Whatever your experience is, it is only a passing phase. So don't fret.
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  15. Thanks FUBB :)

    So I have an interesting theory. PMO will cure your PIED but I will do absolutely nothing to the pelvic floor muscles you been damaging in your whole entire life. I was checking out successful threads and I noticed there is a lot who advise to do Kegel and reverse Kegels exercises. There is no harm to adding them to my exercise‍♂️
  16. Wanted to update

    No PMO still going strong but I think I maybe starting to feel different. No urges to PMO, but no libido now, but I think it’s cause I was very busy.

    Kegel exercises making me adamant that pc muscles are the cause of PIED
  17. Urges are always here, have never experienced flatlines and it got me worrying that I haven’t progressed. Kegels&reverse kegels made me realize how much tension we hold in our pelvic floor due to anxiety or fear.
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    You are contradicting yourself - "no urges to PMO/urges are always here". :confused:

    Also, "no libido now/have never experienced flatlines". But no libido occurs when you are flatlining.
  19. I have moments where I feel like I have no libido but they tend to be very short(maximum is 4-8hours).

    When I mean no urges to PMO, I mean it hasn’t passed my mind.
  20. I am only going to post once a week from now, kegels seem to negate the flatline as I haven’t experienced anything but feeling like a constant tense nerve. Also I can’t believe how I was used to touching my package :0

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