The story of Samson

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    Here is my account for those who are trying to beat flatline.

    I'm 20 something. Don't have gf.

    I was never into porn, but was quite dependent on watching some sexy sites.
    I was on flatline many times, many months each.

    What helped me was to cut off from any artificial sexual stimuli -
    M, web portals, youtube, matches streams, google graphics, adds, games, street billboards, lingerie shops
    but above all - continuous scrolling sites with girls pictures.

    I live in a place when there are many pretty girls, so suddenly, when the sun appeared
    and girls lightly dressed went to the streets I was hard and horny 100% of time.

    I like to think about it in terms of the story of Samson:

    Samson was the strongest man ever, however his strenght was bind to the length of his hair.
    When his hair was cut enemies captured him.

    However the hair were slowly growing back and the strength was returning.

    Everybody was dead in the end.

    Avoiding porn needs to be your law of the nazirite.
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    It isn't when girls dress lightly that you think of sex all the time. You think of sex all the time despite what women wear. But, wearing less makes it easy to fantasize. Your issue, my issue an everyone else here isn't just porn addiction, it is sex addiction. You are thinking of sex with any relation to females. Address that problem and porn addiction will subside.

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