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  1. HandsomeProblem

    HandsomeProblem positive as fuck

    Today is day 2, im so deep into this addiction that im not even gonna consider that much of a change. i got a longgg way to go and im excited. im never going back to it. imgonna life off the high of being horny lol. seriously. i miss that energy, i use to approach any and every women off of that. now i cant even face them. its time. thank you all!!!!

    heres my story.

    ive read around and have seen that some say not to count days cause its just makes it worse but it makes it easier for myself. maybe ill count weeks. hmmm. i shall=]

    Week 1
    Day1 6/12/12

    Day2 6/13/12

    Day3 6/14/12
    feelings good, woke up horny but thats nothing new. avoided porn with ease but still fantasized a little. my only problem is morning and nighttimes. i shall keep striving

    Day4 6/15/12
    woke up early. feeling great. tiny bit of an urge but its gone now. i can already see a difference in my confidence and the way i talk to others. its a beautiful day outside so itll be no problem staying out of the house.

    Day5 6/16/12
    woke up early. morning wood like crazzyyy. been horny all day but managed not to looked at anything. feeling great!

    Day6 6/17/12
    went well. amazing progess.

    Day7 6/18/12
    ONE WEEK!! i can already feel a difference. more confident with women as i use to be but i still have long ways to go. havnt gone a week before so easily. great greattttt

  2. HandsomeProblem

    HandsomeProblem positive as fuck

    Week 2

    Day 8 6/19/12

    Day9 6/20/12

    Day10 6/21/12

    Day11 6/22/12
    very much have dead dick right now i fantasize a lot but ive always had a high sex drive even before porn but ive never gone this long and im more uninterested in porn than ever. ima keep on goinggg!!! yeeahhhhhh!!!!​
  3. I-AM-A-MAN

    I-AM-A-MAN I Vow to Never Take Another Peek

    great job hansome! You are making great progress. Kepp it going, one day at a time. You can overcome this addiction.

    good luck my friend!
  4. HandsomeProblem

    HandsomeProblem positive as fuck

    Week 2 Continued...

    Day12 6/23/12
    i relapsed=[ had too much time alone on the laptop and i lacked motivation to keep going. im not regretting this. staying positive and staying away from it! reboot again!!

    Day13(Day1) 6/24/12
    clean again and i shall stay this way. no more relapses.


    im back on the sobriety no holds barred!!!

    Day1 6/26/12
    Day2 6/27/12
    Day3 6/28/12
    horny but ignoring. fuck it. im gonna live horny!

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