The Slight Edge Technique Really works !!!!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ejb65, Oct 21, 2016.

  1. ejb65

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    I've found using the Slight Edge approach very helpful

    Instead of just trying to stop using porn and masturbation all at once which works for some, what i did was break it up into smaller steps that i could tackle.
    I found it takes about 2 months to get a new habit established and easy to do.
    The hardest thing is actually figuring out the small step rather than actually doing it. It sometimes has taken me several months to figure out the step.

    1. First steps for me was using meditation and doing daily exercise.

    2. Next step was to stop using porn on my laptop although i still used it on my phone. This reclaimed my laptop as porn-free. I haven't used porn my laptop for over 6 months now and now i can use it and not even think of using porn.

    3. The next step was not using porn at night. It has been over 2 months now since i used porn at night and now i sleep well and have reclaimed my sleep and night as porn free.

    4. Next step is to figure out how to how to stop using it in the day. My desire to use porn is much reduced but i'm still figuring out how to do that step.

    I'm not saying you will have the same steps as me but read the slight edge book and figure out the small steps that work for you. It will probably take a year or 2 to become porn-free or much reduced porn but this way it is permanently establish each small step.

    Hope that's helpful....

    I also noticed that as i made these changes that i stopped using porn addictively about 9 months ago if i used it i didn't want to use it again so the addictive element had started to fall away. Lately i stopped doing it regularly at the same time so the regularity is falling away.
  2. DonLorenzo69

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    So basiclly an excuse to keep using porn. "Two months without porn on PC" "Now two months without porn on tablet" "now take the mobile phone out" "now I cant watch porn in the living room anymore" and there goes a year while still being a porn addict. Sorry but I think just going cold turkey is the fastest, most deepest way to rewire away from porn. Everyone has the willpower to stop, with right methods and motivation.
  3. Universal

    Universal Guest

    "Everyone has the willpower to stop, with right methods and motivation."

    Surely you acknowledge that gradual decline of use (weening) is a method? Weening off could be described as any scheme which gradually lowers total volume of use. Which is exactly what the OP described, therefore it is a method.

    "and there goes a year while still being a porn addict"

    There's an underlying assumption that everyone who tries to go cold turkey does so successfully. Which is just categorically false, I'd estimate cold turkey isn't an efficient method for 90% of this forum. People are more likely to have success weening than cold turkey. Most people stay porn addicts after 1 year of trying to quit with constant small streaks and binging. With gradual reduction you may still be a porn addict but you're far less likely to binge and far more likely to be a more controlled addict.

    My point is there is far more to it than "just an excuse to use p"

    Cold turkey may be the fastest method but it's likely not the most efficient. You could just as easily take a half-way approach. Quit PMO to video - 2 months, then quit all forms of P - 2 months, then quit MO - 2 months. That's a 6 month, semi-tapering approach that I'm willing to bet would work better than most people trying to go cold turkey over and over again.
  4. DonLorenzo69

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    Okay, but I think there is another problem for at least some people doing that technique: if you restrict your porn use to pics only, how many addicts can seriously just watch pics and not just escalate to videos in next minutes? Not to mention that pics can be pretty bad too, there are hardcore fetish pictures as much as there are videos. Novelty is still there. Porn is not like weening from heroin. With heroin, you can take smaller and smaller amounts to reduce the withdrawal symptoms, but with porn, there is no "amount".

    And what if you are in a pics-only phase and you go to videos? I think most people would just rationalize that porn is porn, so whatever, I might just watch one video.
    And if yoy DO have the willpower to just stick with pics, then why not use that same willpower to do something productive?

    Lastly: when you are done with the period where you can use porn, there is the same problem with cold turkey; you go cold turkey from porn. Yep. You have been using porn (even if "just" in gallery form) and now you have to stop. So it really is the same as going cold turkey, but you just make it worse by prolonging the inevitable: stopping porn. You still have the same strong porn pathways, so the "weaning" off doesnt really do anything from neurological perspective. Plus, I have never heard of a succesful rebooter who weaned off like that.

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