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    I wouldn't worry about this. I mean, you can work on it. Maybe you can put some thought into it, or ask wise people. But don't be hard on yourself about it. Maybe it'll pop up in your mind after you think of various things you like to do.
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    This is very true for social media, people curating their life's some instead of living it. If you feel like you have been stuck behind a screen too long maybe start an activity that gets you away from it.
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    I'm curious, in your opinion, what is considered a "normal" life in Sweden? I know this is a subjective question, but I'd like to hear your take on it. As a follow-up, in what ways do you think society or the media pressures you to be normal? And what do you mean by society and media? Just asking because I thought it might be interesting/useful for you or other members.

    As an aside, how's your air fryer been treating you? Have you perfected the art of making french fries and chicken nuggets (haha forgive my ignorance here, but you can make these with an air fryer right?)? What about cycling and the field?

    Take care
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    Guess I wasn't ready, had a good week but then I fell again. Am I ready now? I don't know. I get this need to act whenever I come across anything even remotely sexy. Seeing how this is nearly impossible to avoid, it may be better to remove the tools. If I make my laptop inaccessible for a few weeks, it should make it easier to dodge the easiest traps. I got this advice earlier but I didn't listen. I tend to get overconfident, thinking that I can do this without any aid.

    I have grown frustrated, helpless and desperate regarding the climate crisis. I want to do something, but I don't know where to begin. And even if I do something, does it matter when those who need to make changes are too greedy to do so? At least I know that it's something worth my time. I already think I do plenty, but I can do more. I can buy more organic and locally produced food, I can turn down the heating a couple of degrees for winter, I can make it a habit not to leave things on standby. My biggest issue is commuting to work. This is causing me a lot of pain and an electric car is sadly out of reach currently. What I can do is to use the car as little as possible, which means that I only use it when I work. If I need to do shopping, I'll do it on the way home. I have been avoiding this because I don't like to go shopping when it's busy, but if it means I'll only use the car 4 days a week, I can deal with it.

    @NewStart19 It's very focused on having a family. I often get the feeling that living alone is a bad thing. And personally, that's where a lot of the pressure comes from. I often think that my parents must be disappointed in me. I don't think that being outside the norm is encouraged. Nearly everything I do isn't what the average person would do, at least that's what I think. But maybe I need to meet people because it has been almost ten years since I last had normal conversations with people.
    By society and media I mostly mean ads, newspapers and social media. Like I mentioned before I think there's too much focus on perfection. I wish there was more pre-filters material.

    The fryer's great. I tested a chicken leg and it came out very moist. And I think I'm getting there with the fries, but I'm still experimenting with time and size of the fries. I've only tried frozen nuggets, but they came out nice and crispy. It's a wonderful machine, a real fryer is likely much better, but I like not having to deal with the oil.

    Cycling: I just got a turbo trainer and Zwift, so I can no longer use the weather as an excuse for not riding. The loose goal is to build good stamina and strength for next spring and summer, when I want to go on some longer adventures. Cycling at home also makes it possible to test whether I can get through a full day's riding.
    Field: I've spent the past week cutting it for the second time this year. I have to wait for spring now to see if it had any effect. It's looked good in summer, though it's mostly grass and quite some moss. I may have to flip the top layer of soil in the future, and maybe even sow some flower seeds.
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