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  1. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    I got a new phone today, so there's a lot to set up. It's similar to the old one, so I should get used to it soon. I won't install more than I need, though.

    I also bought a ticket to the concert. For some extra money you could get an early entry, which I thought worth it. I'm interested in some merch so it's good to gain access before the masses. Plus it's in the middle of winter, and the less time spent standing still outside, the better.

    Today I feel fully recovered after Sunday's ride. I am now looking forward to part two, but it's also good to know that I don't need an entire week. It was actually the same when I rode Vätternrundan in 2018, I was fine a couple of days after. That bodes well for multi-day adventures.

    @BoughtWithBlood Solo, so far. Even for events I end up solo for most of the time. I'm a bit scared of group rides but if I join a club it's something I should learn. Even then

    @Shady I need to purchase camping gear, etc, which I can't spend money on right now. I'd also like some better fitness to endure back-to-back long days.

    @-Luke- It probably is, since it has fairly open landscapes and is surrounded by water. I went there when I was 14 and have wanted to go back ever since.

    @Living It's nice to finally get somewhere. And it already seems faster than the first week.
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  2. Shady

    Shady Active Member

    Concert. That's nice. And you can meet people over there too.

    Expensive camping gear? Ah I see.
    Fitness will not come on it's own. You need to start working out and it will come little by little.
  3. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    The bike is cleaned and more or less ready for tomorrow. I'm not sure when I will set out, but if possible I'd like to start during the afternoon so I can sleep normal times. It may seem like a huge distance I need to do, but it's not really much further than the last ride.

    The cucumber plants are growing fast. It's easy to tell a difference from day to day. I can't wait to harvest the first one.

    @Shady Sadly, losing weight for equipment costs a lot. If the bike and gear will weigh less than 12kg, I'll be satisfied. I think I'm getting there, and if I don't lose sight of cycling during summer I'll get there. I plan on buying a trainer so I can keep riding indoors when it gets dark and cold.
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  4. Shady

    Shady Active Member

    Who said anything about equipment. I lost 65 pounds just by changing my diet and going for a daily run.
  5. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    I'm already borderline underweight, so that's a no-go for me. Now I'm doomed to pay ridiculous amounts to lose a few grams. Is it worth it? Buying a new bike made a nice difference, but at my level I don't think I'd notice any further decrease. Camping equipment, on the other hand, is a different story. This is also what I'd use for hiking trips, so the lighter, the better.

    This morning I'm going to the recycling center again. I still got a lot of junk to clear out, and the extra space will be nice. I'd like to set up a bike workshop in one of the sheds eventually, but right now there's no room. There's so much I could do, but I'm very lazy and procrastinate a lot. I'm starting to feel more motivated to do things, but I'm not there just yet.
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  6. Shady

    Shady Active Member

    There are lots of bodyweight exercises you can do for now.
  7. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    I didn't sleep too well. I got done with the cycling near midnight and I usually have a hard time to sleep right after exercise. I felt good throughout the whole ride, though. The question is whether I could have done the full 315 km in one ride. I'm not sure, but I know I could have done at least 200 km yesterday, and from there it's just a matter of pressing on. So I think I could have. The weather was nice and I managed to avoid the headwind for most part. It got a little cool towards the end, but summer night riding is great. As a result of the cycling, I'm starting to get a decent tan. I'm usually pale even in summer, so I appreciate that.

    Is this the end of cycling? No, it isn't. Like I said I felt good, and I can take this further. But I probably won't do any rides longer than 100 km for a while.

    It looks like the lawn needs mowing again, which should be good for getting the legs going again.

    @Shady Lots of core can be done but I'm too lazy and uninterested. I should look it up if I'm to train harder. Should.
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  8. Shady

    Shady Active Member

    Glad you're enjoying cycling.

    Yes you're right. You should be exercising.
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  9. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    There's no point in hiding it, last night I fell to curiosity. I thought it would be nice but it just felt boring. I've been considering it again this morning, to blame it on a chaser. If I've learnt anything it is that these things happen. It's just a matter of getting back on track asap. If I can stay clean for another week, I will only have had one short PMO session in the last month. Today may be rough, but I don't feel bad like I normally do. Comparing yesterday and today, it's more or less the same. Perhaps this relapse has affected me, but I can pretend that it hasn't.

    To get something to do this morning I did the unthinkable - I washed the car. I absolutely hate washing the car. I got no pressure washer or even garden hose to use, so I'm limited to water buckets. It looks way better than before, at least, which is what's important. Soon I'm going to go for a walk before it gets too hot.

    I think today calls for some powerful music. What better then than Rhapsody? Say what you want but the early albums are pure gold to me. For many years I didn't like SoEL II as much as I'd liked to, but in recent times I've come to appreciate it a lot more. And I love the fact that they got to work with Christopher Lee.

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  10. BoughtWithBlood

    BoughtWithBlood Active Member

    Good job on staying motivated to push on with your recovery. A short PMO session will probably stagnate your progress a bit, but a full blown binge will set you back much further. So stay on the course and don’t let the chaser effect get you :)
  11. Shady

    Shady Active Member

  12. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    Thanks guys. I think I've done well today, at least until an hour ago... I was about to take a shower, but I wanted a running shirt to put on after. As I went upstairs to get it the laptop was conveniently beside the bed from last night. Well, that was silly.

    On the bright side I got to see two foxes today. I was walking against the wind so one of them didn't notice me until I was a few feet away. Definitely my favourite wild animal around here, alongside the lynx (which is more or less impossible to spot.) I've also begun a project where I'm going to try to plant an oak sapling on the edge of the field. If it takes root it will be a lifelong journey, and it will hopefully stand there for many generations to come.

    I'm going to look into cycling to work. It will take at least 2 hours single trip, but I'm thinking that I can do it on a Friday. The problem is that I need to go straight through a large city so that's what I'm going to look at.
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  13. NewStart19

    NewStart19 Well-Known Member


    Have you ever thought about turning off all IADs (internet accessible devices) by a certain point in the day and putting them somewhere that is difficult to access?

    This is something I have been doing consistently as of late, and I think it really helps. At around 7:00 PM, I turn off my phone and computer, go to the basement, and put them in a plastic bin in the back. I made sure some other things are sprawled out on the floor leading to the bin so that it is even harder to access. I wanted to make it as difficult as possible because from time to time I wake up in the middle of the night half-asleep immediately aroused and wanting to look at porn.

    Anyway, not sure if you have ever considered or tried something like this, but if you haven't, I recommend thinking up an approach that works best for you. Increasing the amount of time and effort it takes to get to your devices will give you that much more time to snap out of your zombified state when the urges are just too powerful.

    Good luck with your planting endeavor.

    Take care
  14. Gil79

    Gil79 Seize the day

    Somehow it sounds logical to me to relapse after the bike ride. I think I have been in such situation of having a feeling of accomplishment. As if deserving a fix. Maybe I am just projecting (sorry, that's what I do all the time on this board :D). Anyway, I hope you can find out which emotions have triggered you here, that really benefits you on the long run, and keep going! The cycling really seems nice, also the holiday you are planning. I have been cycling/ camping in the UK once and really enjoyed (at least the days it was not raining .... :rolleyes:)
  15. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    So, let's call this day one, just for motivation's sake. I didn't have the best of days, but whether it's due to the relapse or a brutal hay fever, I don't know. The latter surely didn't help, at least. I'm going to stay mostly indoors tonight, just to be safe. The farmers are cutting their grass fields now, and with the recent heavy wind I'm positive that's the reason.

    @NewStart19 Thanks. That's sort of what I've done on Fridays. I also disabled my old laptop, but now the new one is a problem. I could go put it in the guest house, or a shed. I might do it this weekend (it's midsummer weekend, so it's three days long) if I deem it necessary.

    @Gil79 I think it came down to boredom again. I was going to watch a streamed concert, but I had trouble accessing it and gave up on it. That's when I started to entertain the idea of updating myself.
    I think I'm beginning to enjoy the longer rides more than ever. It's a great way to escape which isn't detrimental. During summer it would be great to do some gravel rides, but I'm not that interested in buying another bike just for that. I think a road bike is fine as long as the surface isn't terrible. Maybe I'll set up a second wheelset with more offroadish tyres.
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  16. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    Day two. It's raining. It's been going on for a few hours and hopefully continues into the night. It's become very dry again, so it is welcome. I decided not to go for a run due to it, though. Which is okay, I'm still in a bit of a recovery period after the long ride. With that done, I'm going to start running again a little. I'm not replacing cycling, but sometimes a change is good. I want to work towards running 10k. It's not a lot, but it's roughly an hour's exercise for me, and running in the woods is difficult to top.

    I looked into what I'd need to convert the bike to gravel. I already got a good spare wheelset, so I'd need tyres (~35mm wide should fit), brake discs, and a cassette. With this I'd just have to swap wheels which takes about two minutes. It'd cost about 200€, at most, which isn't bad at all. Way better than a completely new bike.
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  17. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    Day three. I think I have found my next cycling challenge. More on it at a later point when I know for sure. That means I won't do any running, though. I need to spend a lot of time at the local hill doing reps, and try to improve my power so that I can take on some (relatively) big climbs. And no, the challenge is not Everesting.

    Tomorrow it's weekend again. I don't know what will happen, but I'll try to treat it as just another evening. I should go for a ride, too. Enough with the recovery now.

    Strava's got a free trial going now, and since it's going to have mostly paid content in the future, I thought I'd give it a go. I've never been a Strava addict, but I think it can become a good tool for the future.
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  18. Eternity

    Eternity Patience

    I'm afraid that I'm back to day one. There was a roadside ad that I was unable to get out of my head. Excellent, now even the work commute is a potential trigger.

    I was able to do some training yesterday, at least. I tried to go full gas up a climb, but I didn't last all the way. It is several kilometers long, though, and I didn't expect that I could. I need to more of these shorter sessions where I go hard.

    Today I'm going to begin cutting the field. I don't know how much I'll do, it depends on how bad the blisters get, I suppose. Tonight I'll have homemade pizza, and hopefully I can work up a good appetite. Later tonight I'm going for an evening walk in the woods. That should eliminate the risk of another relapse.

    I need to start thinking about goals and plans for my life. I think that's partially why I struggle, there's no true reason to reboot.
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  19. Shady

    Shady Active Member

    Keep going...
    And yes it's important to set goals.
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  20. NewStart19

    NewStart19 Well-Known Member


    Sorry to hear about the relapse. I know from experience how frustrating it is to be pulled toward one by something that was completely out of your control.

    You mentioned going for a walk in the woods. I hope you enjoy it. I haven't been spending much time in nature as of late, what with the pandemic and the fact that I have a pollen allergy. I did try a few days ago, but this made my eyes itch for the next day or two.

    Not sure if you have mentioned this at some point in your journal, and I totally understand if you are not comfortable answering, but whereabouts do you live? I'm curious because I'd like to paint a mental picture of what type of natural scenery surrounds you.

    I really relate with the last sentence of your post. It is something that I am slowly working on. I hope you make progress figuring out what they are at a pace that isn't overwhelming to you.

    Lastly, would you mind letting me know what your profile picture is from? It feels like a mix between Neil Gaiman's Sandman and something from Tolkien.

    Take care
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