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    Hey, my name is TheTimeIsNight! I'm 22 right now (almost 23) and I pretty much have ED, I generally fap anything from 3 - 5 times a day (usually watching porn), sometimes more if I've got a lot going on with uni (procrastination). I'll give a little back story;

    I started masturbating when I was around 7 or 8 (not quite sure what age...long before I could ejaculate anyway!), and I started watching porn when I was around 13. Since then, my porn use has gradually gone from pretty mild, to quite hardcore! To a point where normal sex seems dull and uninteresting, and generally the only way I can become erect, or reach orgasm, is by fantasising about porn. A few times I've tried to "recreate" these porn scenes in real life; they were horrible! Uncomfortable, degrading, painful etc. They never turn out to be the "fantasy" you think they're going to be! However, oddly enough, even though I dont enjoy that at the time, I'll fantasise about it later on!

    Also, this might be relevant; I'm gay. And when I was a teenager, I went through a pretty hard time discovering, and admitting that to myself. Whilst "normal" kids were off exploring their sexuality in real life, I was exploring myself to a computer screen, leaving a pretty reprehensible "history" (Sorry, mum!). So, here are the main reasons I want to stop fapping, and stop watching porn;

    • Attempt to "reboot" my brain and possible cure my ED!
    • Increase confidence! (I really feel that my 'bedroom issues' vastly decrease my confidence with guys)
    • Because porn gives you unrealistic expectations of what people are like in bed. Also, what their body looks like etc.
    • Porn can be a pretty cruel industry towards women and I don't want to support it.

    I already stopped for one week, but then ruined it by fapping! So this time I'm going to go all the way...I don't particularly want to focus too much on a specific amount of days, but I guess I'd roughly like to make 120. However, ideally I'll feel like stopping fapping forever. Anyway, please say "hello"! Ask questions! let me know if I've missed out any necessary information!

    The last time I fapped was last night, so this is me approaching the end of day one!
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    Hello! Yeah, I've recently added the fact that porn is an immoral industry to my list of reasons why I'm quitting it. Girls, and I say girls because they get them young, are duped into the industry and are abused, mistreated and arguably even raped on video. It's filmed prostitution, really. Good to have you, man!

    Some straight men who have a porn addiction find their tastes in porn warp to the point where they defy their sexual orientation. Just wondering, have you found that at all? That you've watched porn of women for the novelty, despite not being attracted to them in real life?
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    You're too right man! I wonder if you've seen this video which shows some quite horrible footage from porn sets? All the body parts have been blurred out, however if you're at all turned on by girls being abused/degraded/humiliated then do not watch it! And I'd argue that porn is infinitely worse than prostitution. It's odd, essentially if I paid for someone to come and have sex with me, then it would be illegal. If I filmed it and released it etc. then it would be legal. It simply doesn't add up!

    I suppose it might have warped it a bit! I have always watched porn which has women in it. However, I'm not sure if that's defying sexual orientation, or simply because there's are certain related aspects which you can easily switch over to whatever you would normally do/watch/fantasise about. But, it's hard for me to say...I started watching porn when I was in denial about being gay anyway, which meant I watched porn that defied my sexuality from the start.

    I think for me, the ultimate clincher with porn is to ask yourself (or anyone else); "would I want my daughter/sister to be her?" The answer is usually no.
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    If people answer 'yes' to that question, they're probably beyond the point of rebooting. ;D

    Thank you for the video... it was really something to see it in that way. I actually saw a video with the same woman in it, Shelly Lubben, recently. It's 30 mins long but check it out if you find the time. She basically talks to an ex-porn star about her experience in the industry, it's really quite enlightening. Totally SFW, no nudity, just two people talking to a webcam. She actually talks about porn addicts a bit. I remember a few years ago a video was circulating around porn sites of Lucy Lee freaking out on some camera man. At the time I thought she was just crazy but looking back, it's surprising there weren't more videos like that.

    Yeah, I guess the warping of tastes is complicated in your situation, since in a way you had already warped your tastes to be interested in women from the off.

    Let us know how day two goes!

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