The realisation, that took me 1.5 years of struggling to learn [LONG THREAD]

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by TonyG, Sep 12, 2020.

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    Yeah, you said it.
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    very good post, with a great summary in the end. for alot of us, and certainly for me as an internet / P addict, our brain has been tricked by easy dopamine from the internet / P into thinking that that kind of easy, sweet reward is something we're supposed to be striving for. when in reality it's the achievements in real life , and the connections with others, that really make life worth living. our plight is that our drug is so easily and readily available, everywhere. we must contain it by taking our own measures. only then, when you have yourself in a headlock focused away from P, mindlessly browsing the internet hoping for something to shock you, and other easy dopamine, can other perspectives on life start to grow.
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    There’s a lot there and I need to read it a few more times to absorb it all. But I have to disagree with your proposition that no on craves masturbation (without porn). Of course the do. I masturbated for probably thirty some years before I started watching porn. I haven’t seen any for the past month or so and still have the urge at times. I have to admit that sometimes I have masturbated out of boredom, but it definitely is not detached from sexual arousal. The link between porn and sexual arousal is not a learned response. Some very interesting stuff there, maybe I’ll have more reactions later. Nice job.

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