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Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by geeknoid, May 22, 2014.

  1. Bobs3310

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    Dude don't give up, it sounds like you need something else in your life that gives your life meaning and purpose. Your a good human being try not to be so hard on yourself. Pick yourself up dust yourself off and keep moving forward. It's time to start building the new instead of focusing on destroying the old. Get something going that you can look forward to. We've all been there keep up the good work
  2. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    Hey thanks man! I really needed this. I will try to build something new. :)
  3. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    It turns out that I have addictive type personality. It's really depressing. :( I should have figured out earlier after knowing about family history. I'm having bouts of depression after relapsing. I'm not living fully-just trying to deal with life. :-\
  4. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    Day 1
    I am feeling lot better after talking with dad about problem I'm facing with net addiction and depression that follows. I guess I was trying too hard. Taking things too seriously.
  5. Cozmo

    Cozmo Member

  6. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    thanks for encouragement! :) I'll be starting fresh internet reboot soon. Stay tuned!
  7. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    I have deactivated my facebook account on 15th June 2014. Let's see how long I can stay without facebook.
  8. freemason

    freemason Master of mankind. Reaching all I desire.

    I have also been thinking of deleting my facebook account.
    The thing that stops me is that facebook may give you quite the benefits.
    You can meet people there, girls if you are lucky.
    And you don`t have to log in all the time.
    Fight the urges and log only 5 mins a day before you lay in your bed.

    Keep the good work, friend! :)
  9. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    My opinion is that there are no real benefits. You might say you get to stay in touch with old friends/friends who are far away. But I have realized talking with people in person/or on call is much better. Much relaxing afterward. And for that "lucky" part I don't want to do it online. I would have to say after using facebook for about 5 years I would want to meet girls in person. If it's not real don't do it.
  10. freemason

    freemason Master of mankind. Reaching all I desire.

    And you know what? You are absolutely correct, my friend. Not to mention that there are no real benefits, but today I realised that Facebook actually makes your social status worse. How? Well, imagine that you see someone across the street and you want to talk to him. What would I tell myself? "Hey, why should I scream across the street like a redneck, I`ll just contact him on Facebook". You see, this is how we destroy piece by piece of the everyday normal chit-chat between fellow folks.

    I actually deactivated my Facebook and also made a No facebook challenge July. Here is the link

    If you want to, you can just PM/reply to me and I will count you in :)

    Hope I will be hearing from you, later!
  11. kopp

    kopp Member

    Give us some news :)
  12. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    I will be starting my fresh reboot from tomorrow. I won't be posting daily report Just at end of week to tell you guys how the week went. So next post will be on 13 July 2014. Till then stay clean.
  13. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    Week 1

    This my fresh internet addiction reboot. I wasn't that hard on myself this time. Weekdays went really smooth. I had study and other important things to do. But things got bit difficult on saturday and sunday. I had nothing to do. Lot of free time. I got really bored. I didn't even wanted to use internet. I am not getting high by using internet. And if I use internet for useless things like surfing it's making me depressed afterwards. I will have to find some replacement activities for weekends.
  14. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    Week 2

    Boring. I couldn't even study properly this week. There were too many ups and downs of mood this week. I am becoming anxious while thinking about going to college. But weekends were much better I would say. I found some goals-which could be my major life goals. I am feeling really good after last two days. :D
  15. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    Week 3

    Same things happened this week as well. Boring at beginning. Better in weekends. Couldn't study much. Couldn't even go to college due to anxiety. In weekends I had an insight- of taking one day at a time. :)
  16. spyrol

    spyrol Guest

    Here is a short video on the effects of internet on our brain. Main issues they mentionned are difficulties to focus and create long term memories.
    My past job was consisting in researching and analyzing a lot of information from the internet. Because of this intense use of internet everyday, I remember that at that time I had more and more difficulties to focus on what I was doing (in and outside work), all the time shifting to another subject and not having the hability to control my self to focus on one subject at a time...this is also why I decided to quit...
    I guess we may somehow have the same problem to avoid PMO, we have difficulties to focus our energy and attention, then suddently we are relapsing before realising it.
    Use internet wisely and only when requiered is then a good habit to develop ! I like your challenge geeknoid
  17. geeknoid

    geeknoid Guest

    Really felt nice to see the video again and to know that you liked what I've been doing. I have been trying to reboot my brain from effects of internet and porn since few months. I am over porn now but haven't rewired yet. But internet-that's something I have not been yet able to kick-off.
    The problem I am having currently is that I have nothing to fill free time which used to be taken by internet. Umm..there is college and socializing but there is social anxiety also.
    Anyway, Hope you go on to venture something like I am or something even better! Good Luck! :D
  18. spyrol

    spyrol Guest

    Good luck to you to :).
    As for PMO I guess you have to replace your urge to use internet by something else (sport, music, read a book, meet friends...). I understand that it is very diffcult to overcome this addiction as today we need internet for plenty of meaningful things (studies, job, get in contact with people). I think I read that it is normal to the brain to shift away from what you are doing. In the past, it was probably more easy to get back but with internet the main problem is that you totally forget what you were doing a few minutes ago. What is important is to be able to notice that you went away, then focus again.

    I am currently spending a lot of time on internet, I'm currently looking for a new job, not that I can't find one but I'm researching information as I don't know 100% what I want now but I do understand your problem as me too I often drift...and a lot of people probably do. To avoid driffting, I often block my facebook during the day, I'm allowed to go once in the morning and once at night. I also removed the browser from my smartphone...I then now use it only for SMS, whatapp or emails.

    As part of my PMO recovery, I also do practice meditation everyday. In what they teach you in mindfullness meditation is that you must be in what you are doing.'re brain, you're mind will drift but what is important is to be able to notice it then come back to what you were doing.

    I have seen that you read the book "The Shallows - what the internet is doing to our brains". What is your opinion on this book. Is there much than in the video ?
  19. GoingPrimal

    GoingPrimal Age 20. A New Life

    Wow 219 days without porn! That's mad!
  20. yearofchange

    yearofchange Your actions matter.

    Yea geeknoid, I commend your no-PMO journey. Hella inspiring that is.

    If you don't see any benefits of facebook, I totally support you. Deep down, I know that facebook is bad, but it is also convenient to feel like you're keeping in touch with old friends and family. At the same time, the connection doesn't feel quite right. But in order for me to make the transition I would have to expend a large energy in the beginning to set an alternative way of meeting my needs for talking to the people I do talk to, but I don't feel up to it yet. I know that it will happen later, just not right now. But I still totally encourage and support you because it seems you have reached that threshold already.

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