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    Deathgrip syndrome is a misnomar. DE isn't caused by how hard you clutch onto your penis when masturbating. It is caused by the rapid stroking. So, when we make the association between pleasure and rapid strokes. The only way to achieve orgasm is through rapid strokes. That is the real cause of DE. Of course, real sex can never reach that frequency.

    Lastly, what causes rapid stroking to occur? There are three causes of rapid stroking. 1.) Frustration. A desire to fulfill the porn fantasies we generate as a result of watching porn. However, the girl is only virtual and due the frustration of not being able to perform with her, we stroke rapidly. 2.) Escalation - When we can't seem to get the high we want because the porn material has been to normalized and therefore, sensitized, we look for more shock inducing genres that make us all energetic and we expend that energy on our manhood. 3.) Intense fantasy. Sometimes even when there is no girl. The erotic feeling induced by fantasy is so intense that we beat our meat too aggressively.

    Therefore, the cure is simply to not edge. When we do not edge, we are disassociating the pleasure of orgasm with the fantasy/masturbation. Then our bodies will normalize and no longer need that aggressiveness to complete the orgasm. So, DE is all a mental symptom. Penis sensitivity will be coupled with soft touches of the female counterpart once again.
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    Interesting theory.
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    Yes, makes sense to me. Where did you come up with that?
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    I've said it before and I'll say it again, edging is worse than MOing.

    It causes ED in the form of fading erections and needing constant manual stimulation.
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    Lot's of failure and questioning why I did and what is happening to me.

    I went a fairly long streak 7 days no MO/ edging just now. I MO'd and let me tell you the slightest touch made me feel extreme pleasure. It was hard to stop.

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