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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Darxidius, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Darxidius

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    Here is a link to the spreadsheet format I use to track my PMO / MO relapses:

    You should be able to download it as an Excel spreadsheet, but the formatting of some cells might be buggy. Post here if you run into any problems, and me or someone else will attempt to address it.

    If you save your own copy for personal use, the instructions are quite simple: Just enter the number of times you PMO or MO on a given date, and the spreadsheet will calculate all the totals and other statistics for you.

    NOTE: Do NOT bother to manually enter any number into the "Total O" column. It won't mess anything up if you do, but the spreadsheet is set up to handle this calculation automatically, despite its simplicity.

    Here's how you can incorporate it in your signature IMMEDIATELY:

    Step #1: Log in to your Google account.

    Step #2: Open Darxidius' spreadsheet here.

    Step #3: Go to File->Make a Copy and give it a name

    Step #4: Go to Share in the upper right corner and change it from 'Private' to 'Anyone with a link'.

    Step #5: Add the following code to your forum signature (make sure you replace 'SPREADSHEET_LINK' with your actual spreadsheet link):

    Take a look at my [b]PMO Spreadsheet[/b]: [url=SPREADSHEET_LINK]Click Here[/URL]
    That's it!


    Anytime you need to update your spreadsheet just log in to Google Docs and open it.

    Simple as that.

    Original Post:

    I've started keeping a record of every time I relapse / MO. I hope that by being able to precisely track my masturbation habits, I will be more compelled to resist my cravings. My spreadsheet gives a very useful number: Average Orgasm's Per Day, in a given month. One of my goals during my reboot is to make sure this number decreases every month.

    There are also other numbers that I find kinda useful, namely Days Clean and Days O'd, in a given month (not consecutive days, just total). Even if I continue to relapse from time to time, my total number of Days Clean will continue to increase and never be reset. That will be encouraging. I could probably also consider the ratio between clean days and days O'd, but I'm not sure that it is really a useful number. My focus is on reducing the frequency with which I MO, not lumping all my MO's into the fewest number of days.

    The spreadsheet is also formatted so that I can easily see where my longest clean streaks are, just by locating strings of green cells in the Total O column. Green is zero MO's, which is a successful day. Yellow is one MO, which I consider a small failure but could be worse considering how powerful the Chaser Effect is for me. Red is greater than one MO, which is a full blown total loss of self control; a significant setback in my recovery.

    It ain't a perfect spreadsheet, I think there should be more focus specifically on PORN use rather than just any masturbation, but I'll make adjustments in the future as needed.

    A picture of my current spreadsheet as of October 30 is attached, if anyone is interested. Note that my reboot started on October 9, so I didn't bother including earlier days of October. (yes, I did MO 6 times yesterday; a bunch of terrible stuff happened yesterday that I don't want to talk about)

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  2. joelski

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    Re: Do you keep a spreadsheet?

    That's actually a really good idea. You can always turn those shoes into graphs if you are a more visual person like myself. That can give you an idea into patterns and frequencies so you can learn how to prevent relapses or at least lessen them.
  3. PhoenixReborn

    PhoenixReborn Rising from the ashes, fighting with choice

    Re: Do you keep a spreadsheet?

    I have, but I took a much more simple approach and just set mine up like a color coded calendar. I do like how you set yours up to calculate your PMO, MO stats. I might have to modify mine to do the same.

    I think the spreadsheet is a great tool to quantify your progress and also give you a visual reminder of your recovery, your strength, and your progress. The more tools we give ourselves, the better we can work to dismantle this thing

    Bill's Rebalance Progress-
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  4. TheUnderdog

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    Re: Do you keep a spreadsheet?

    Wow wow wow wow wow!!!

    Your spreadsheet format is absolutely perfect.

    Those getting laid can add a third column for orgasms via sex.

    I'm going to sticky this.

    Advice for everyone:

    Try to reduce your total orgasm frequency to less than 5 times per month. You'll notice a big difference.
  5. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    The only thing I would probably change is to remove the yellow color altogether.

    Or use yellow for MOs and red for PMOs.

    Anyway, the overall format and idea is just perfect.

    Everyone should be doing this.

    Spreadsheets are far superior than counters.

    By the way, nobody is suggesting a "taper off" approach. This is just updating your spreadsheet every time you relapse. This works with basically any approach or method you use.
  6. Stopper

    Stopper IT'S OVER!!!

    Spredsheets give me headaches :( Great idea if it works, but I don't wanna orgasm with the help of my own hand or anything like that so for me it wouldn't be of much use. The goal is to just completely stop PMO right?
  7. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    I don't understand your post.

    Yes, the goal is to quit porn forever.

    Spreadsheets are just a way to keep track of how many times you relapse per month. They are far superior to counters in pretty much every way, yet everyone has a counter and few have a spreadsheet.

    And how can they give you headaches? Did you see the format posted above? It's incredibly simple.

    You won't be updating the spreadsheet frequently anyways, unless you're fapping a lot...
  8. Stopper

    Stopper IT'S OVER!!!

    I feel I would allow myself to relapse if it is something I would document in a spreadsheet. The goal for me personally now is to go and not stop. To start a spreadsheet would for me be like looking back or for me to ''fall back on'' in case of a relapse. I think the same goes for rebooters who are further in their reboot, as opposed to rebooters who relapse and relapse. Maybe it is just my personal preference. But I don't want any reason to be there for me to relapse, not to analyze, not to nothing...I just wanna stop. But for the threadstarter this worked, I never tried this before. Maybe I would have if I knew earlier on. :)
  9. beatsmode31

    beatsmode31 Member

    Great idea thanks, too bad I didn't use it since the beginning. Plus it will be useful to attach it to the signature once in a while, so the people who read your journal for the first time will see more easily where you at. Between relapses, the no O streak, the no MO streaks, the O from sex, it gets complicated to summarize it in the title. Would give a good snapshot.
  10. TheUnderdog

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    I would say that for most people here, if they have neither a spreadsheet nor a counter, they are more likely to indulge and binge.

    I think having both a counter and a spreadsheet is great. They compliment each other pretty well.

    There's nothing complicated about it either. Updating a spreadsheet takes as much work as reseting your counter, probably less than 10 seconds.

    But yeah, those who have long streaks and are further into a reboot probably won't find it very useful.
  11. better_reward

    better_reward High-speed connection is an oxymoron.™

    Nice! I agree with your mentality Underdog. I often negate all the progress I have made after a slip.

    Darxidius, is it possible to attach a blank native spreadsheet doc? For those of us who embarrassingly have never made a spreadsheet before. I'm sure I could make my own in Excel, but I will probably put it off since I am real busy these days. Or did you just use Google Docs?
  12. TheUnderdog

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  13. Stopper

    Stopper IT'S OVER!!!

    Yeah I only work with a counter really, I think if I used this way before it would've been way more of an eye opener.

    Imagine seeing ''5 pmo's'' every day or every 2 days, then the next day 3 pmo's and so forth............that should be an amazing motivation to just have a blank empty sheet going after it...

    Seriously, when we binge, we literally shut our heads off and try to ''reboot'' and pretend like nothing happened, oh yeah a new reboot let's go...we forget how many times we PMO'd and really we don't document it well. This gives you the option to reflect during moments of clarity. I had some trouble seeing the purpose first, thought it may be counter productive, but I see benefits; Great initiative.
  14. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    Here you go.

    I made one for you.

    Can't get any prettier than this.

    By the way, Google Docs would be ideal I believe, since you can share it with other people or even have it on your signature.

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  15. beatsmode31

    beatsmode31 Member

    And maybe we can finally get some science out of it. Spreadsheets put together will be quantitative datas, combined with journals which will give qualitatives informations. If a good amount of new guys on the board do it, it will give a priceless amount of datas in like two years. For the sake of future generations.
  16. Stopper

    Stopper IT'S OVER!!!

    Yes. Gary Wilson would love this.
  17. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

  18. PhoenixReborn

    PhoenixReborn Rising from the ashes, fighting with choice

    Updated mine to track stats. Psyched to quantify my progress!!
  19. Darxidius

    Darxidius New Member

    Wow I'm glad this spreadsheet went over well. A few things I'll just expand on:

    The reason I have the yellow in my spreadsheet is because, for me personally, it is incredibly difficult to resist MOing multiple times in a row. I like to be able to look back on all the times that I relapsed once and then stopped. It can give me the confidence I need to resist the horrible Chaser Effect. Other people might be different, so there might be no need for them to distinguish a once-relapse from a full blown relapse "session".

    Since this spreadsheet is getting quite a bit of attention (thanks for the sticky), then I am going to create a blank template for the rest of the year 2013 starting November 1. And then another sheet prepared for the entirety of 2014. All a person simply must do is input the number of times they MO and PMO on a given day, and the spreadsheet will automatically calculate all the totals/stats. It should be ready by tomorrow. Assuming that Google Drive spreadsheets are similar to the Excel spreadsheets I'm used to, it will be in Google form.
  20. better_reward

    better_reward High-speed connection is an oxymoron.™

    Great! Thanks Underdog for putting together the Excel doc. I did download it.
    And thanks Darxidius. I'll be looking out for your yearly templates!

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